New York Jets Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas

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New York Jets Fantasy Football Names
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Saying the Jets have been unlucky doesn’t fully capture the magnitude of their futility this last half-century.

Sorry Jets fans, but plays like the butt fumble are not the product of pure bad luck. That’s poor planning, poor execution, and most likely some kind of witch’s curse.

To that end, here are some New York Jets fantasy football names to help appease whatever vengeful spirit you offended.

The Best New York Jets Fantasy Football Names

  1. It Was Saleh Dream
  2. Breece's Pieces
  3. Big Lazard in my backyard
  4. Turn On The Jets
  5. A-a-a Aaron & The Jets
  6. The Jumbo Jets
  7. Garrett Cake
  8. Jets Not
  9. Turn on the Jets
  10. Zach Attack
  11. Breece Hall of Fame
  12. The Lazard Kings
  13. Dalvengence is Mine
  14. Happy Zaccidents
  15. Breecy Street
  16. Aaron the Jewels
  17. Discount Double-Checkdown
  18. Awesome Sauce
  19. On the Sauce
  20. Breece Through Strength

New York Jets Fantasy Football Names From Readers

It Was Saleh Dream

Submitted by Gil G
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Breece's Pieces

Submitted by Brett Miller
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Big Lazard in my backyard

Submitted by Sharky McStevens
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Turn On The Jets

Submitted by Stephen Vigs
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

A-a-a Aaron & The Jets

Submitted by Elton John
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

The Jumbo Jets

Submitted by Ken M
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Garrett Cake

Submitted by Milo
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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New York Jets Fantasy Names for 2024

Although the Jets have struggled lately, there is always optimism heading into the new season. Use your Jets fantasy team names now to beat the bandwagon.

Jets Not

Turn on the Jets

This New York Jets fantasy football name comes with a logo.

New York Jets Fantasy Football Names - Turn on the Jets

Zach Attack

Use it now before it becomes too generic.

Breece Hall of Fame

The Lazard Kings

This Allen Lazard fantasy football name is an homage to the true Lizard King.

New York Jets Fantasy Names - The Lazard Kings

Dalvengence is Mine

Happy Zaccidents

Breecy Street

Aaron the Jewels

Or should it be AaRun the Jewels? Either way, this team name is as tight as Nobody Speak.

Discount Double-Checkdown

Awesome Sauce

On the Sauce

Breece Through Strength


Start a Ruckert

Dalvin Miss Daisy

New York Jets Fantasy Names - Dalvin Mrs. Daisy

Lot Lazards

I Wanna Kiss You

Lazard of Oz

Gang Green Acres

Lazard People

Gang Green Book

For the record, I think that Gang Green is one of the better team nicknames out there. It’s so good, in fact, that Eagles fans try to use it too.

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Breece Hall Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Breece Hall was a 2-time All-American at Iowa State. In three seasons for the Cyclines, he rushed for over 50 touchdowns!

These Breece Hall fantasy football names are the first of many for this promising young player.

Breeze Lightning

War and Breece

Like a Wrecking Hall

Jets Fantasy Team Name Idea - Like a Wrecking Hall

Hall-owed Ground

Justice of the Breece

Breece and Desist

Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Football Names

When a guy’s been as good for as long as Aaron Rodgers, you’d think all the best fantasy team names would’ve been used. But you’d be wrong!

Enjoy these names, and we’ve got many more fantasy football names for Aaron Rodgers.


AR Glasses

Get ready for Augmented Reality, people. It’s the thing your kids will love, but you’ll think is foreign and strange.

Praise Godgers

Rodgers and Hammering You

An Aaron Rodgers team name those that love fantasy football and musical theater.

Rodgersy Boys

This Rodgers fantasy name is for those that love fantasy football and musical theater but want options.

New York Jets Fantasy Football Name Generator

New York Jets Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Names

Dalvin Cook is good. So good, in fact, that we dedicated an entire article to just Dalvin Cook fantasy team names. Here’s a sample.

Sunday Cook Out

Dalv-in Movies

Dalvin Me Crazy

Or Dalv Me Crazy for those of you that still remember the Fine Young Cannibals.

Dalvfense Wins Championships

Zach Wilson Fantasy Team Names

Zach Wilson is the future! There’s no way he can fail!

Just like Sam Darnold! And Geno Smith! And Matt Sanchez!

Wilsons of Anarchy

Where There’s Z-Will There’s Z Way

Z Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Coalition of Z Willing


Zaccidentally In Love

City of Z

For the cynical minded among you, the full title is The Lost City of Z.

New York Jets Fantasy Football Names for Former Players

There are critics that say that the Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl since Namath. And those critics are 100% correct.

Hey Darnold!

This Jets fantasy name makes sense because Arnold’s head was already shaped like a football.

Eubank Shot


Broadway Jokers

The Byrds and the Weebs

The Geico Klecko

MayNard Dogs

That’s a Don Maynard and an Andy Bernard reference. There’s more where that came from in our list of The Office fantasy football names.

Le’Veon a Jet Plane

For Whom Le Bell Tolls

Le’Veon In a Van Down by the River

You could even go Le’vin in a Veon Down by the River if you really want to get nuts.

The Male Gase

For a guy with a name that sounds an awful lot like gaze, you’d think he’d go out of his way not to make weird, bug-eyed faces. But you would be very wrong.

Murder Was the Gase That They Gave Me

Butt Fumble Football Team Names

This is Mark Sanchez’ legacy, whether he likes it or not. And I’m guessing he does not.

Call Me Butt Fumble

…and I’ll be new baptized. It’s a Shakespeare reference, ya dummees.

Butt Fumbling Dice

Imagine it in Mick Jagger’s voice: That’s why they call me butt fumblin’ di-ee-ice.

Fumble Pie

Revis and Buttfumble


We keep coughing it up.

Jets Fantasy Team Names from Around the Internet

These are Jets fantasy team names from other sites and writers. Because the only way to lift a curse is with a pun so stupid the curse just breaks itself.

New York Sack Exchange

The JETSons

The Lone Rodgers

Aaron it Out

Dalvin and the Chipmunks

Armed Rodgery

Cops and Rodgers

Greener Pastures

Jolly Rodgers

A Team Has No Namath

D’Brickashaw Ferguson

More Fantasy Team Names for NFL Teams

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