New York Jets Fantasy Football Names – 2020 Team Name Ideas

Updated on July 20th, 2020 by David Sharp
New York Jets Fantasy Football Names

Saying the Jets have been unlucky doesn’t fully capture the magnitude of their futility this last half-century.

Sorry Jets fans, but plays like the butt fumble are not the product of pre bad luck. That’s poor planning, poor execution, and most likely some kind of witch’s curse.

To that end, here are some New York Jets fantasy football team names to help appease whatever vengeful spirit you offended.

Funny Jets Fantasy Football Team Names

Most fantasy team owners like to conjure-up fantasy team names based on the obvious QBs and RB1s. But here are some niche fantasy name ideas for the more discerning New York Jets fan.

Breshaddy Workmanship

Perriman Coverage

Bect on the Jets

Lac of Sleep

Ficken Jets

God, I hope somebody uses this name.

Sam Darnold Fantasy Football Team Names

This year we find out if Sam Darnold is a true QB1, or just a Trubisky.

Hey Darnold!

This Jets fantasy name makes sense because Arnold’s head was already shaped like a football.

‘Noldy Peaches

Samwise Ganggreen

This is the perfect Jets fantasy football name for the nerd who loves both Lord of the Rings and the Jets. For you Rings fans, check out our complete list of Lord of the Rings fantasy names.


Benedict Darnold

He hasn’t done anything wrong, yet. I’m just getting this ready in case he leaves in free agency or something.

Le’Veon Bell Fantasy Football Team Names

There’s a nation of fantasy players that are still miffed at Le’Veon Bell for sitting out 2018. Twelve-hundred yards from scrimmage still plays in any league, but it won’t erase the hurt of losing a top-5 pick.

Le’Veon a Jet Plane

For Whom Le Bell Tolls

Le’Veon In a Van Down by the River

You could even go Le’vin in a Veon Down by the River if you really want to get nuts.

Championship Bellt

Bell Grande

Jamison Crowder Fantasy Team Names

Every season I end up adding Jamison Crowder off the waiver wire, holding him on the bench for two weeks, then dropping him. Am I the only one with this problem?


Crowdered Field

Crowdered Out

Three’s a Crowder

Jamison Rocks

This Jets fantasy football name could be a fun complement, and one of the five perfect drink orders.

Jamison Rocks - Jets fantasy football name

Adam Gase Fantasy Football Names

For a guy with a name that sounds an awful lot like gaze, you’d think he’d go out of his way not to make weird, bug-eyed faces. But you would be very wrong.

Murder Was the Gase That They Gave Me

The Male Gase


All About that Gase

Gased on a True Story

Satin and Gace

Defense Fantasy Football Team Names

For the record, I think that Gang Green is one of the better team nicknames out there. It’s so good, in fact, that Eagles fans try to use it too.

Gang Green Book

Jamal Up In Yo Business

Jamall of America

Cheese Burgess in Paradise

Marcus Maye But Quinnen Will

Historical Fantasy Football Team Names

There are critics that say that the Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl since Namath. And those critics are 100% correct.


Eubank Shot

The Byrds and the Weebs

The Geico Klecko

MayNard Dogs

That’s a Don Maynard and an Andy Bernard reference. There’s more where that came from in our list of The Office fantasy football names.

Butt Fumble Football Team Names

This is Mark Sanchez’ legacy, whether he likes it or not. And I’m guessing he does not.

Call Me Butt Fumble

…and I’ll be new baptized. It’s a Shakespeare reference, ya dummees.

Butt Fumbling Dice

Imagine it in Mick Jagger’s voice: That’s why they call me butt fumblin’ di-ice.

Fumble Pie

Jets Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

Because I’m not the only writer out there that thinks that the only way to lift a curse is with a pun so stupid the curse just breaks itself.

New York Sack Exchange

Sam’s Club

Green Jets and Sam

Sam Darn Old Jets

Darnold Schwarzenegger

Saved by Le’Bell

Don’t Stop BeLe’veon

Le’Veon Let Die

Le’veon Dangerously

There are tons of other Le’Veon/Living puns out there:

  • Le’Veon a Prayer
  • Le’Veon Large
  • Le’Veon la Vida Loca

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