Cardinals Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Arizona Fans

Updated on June 2nd, 2021 by David Sharp
Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names

Fun fact: the Arizona Cardinals are the oldest continuously operating professional football franchise! Cool!

Less fun fact: their last championship season came in 1947, with zero Super Bowls and zero championships since moving to Arizona. Not cool!

But they do have a budding star at QB in Kyler Murray, and a hot young coach that looks very trendy in his snazzy practice duds.

To commemorate this exciting new era, here are some bold new Arizona Cardinals fantasy football names for your 2021 season.

Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names

Did Kyler Murray make the right choice picking football over baseball? Well, if he were playing baseball now, he’d be riding the bus in the Texas League for the Midland RockHounds.

So yeah, I think he did pretty good.


It’s like the Cards did a superhero-style reboot for the entire franchise.

Kyler, the Creator

Tippecanoe and Kyler Too

This Cardinals fantasy football name is for the true history buffs out there.

Kylord of the Ring

This name is more aspirational. Someday, Kyler will get that hardware.


Ky’s Guys

MurRay of Hope

I’m not saying Kyler Murray is under a lot of pressure. Sure, the entire direction of the franchise may be in his hands. And if he fails, it dooms all of Arizona for years to come.

But yeah, no pressure.

Kyler Ren

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Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Football Names

Sure, Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver in NFL history. But Rice also had Joe Montana, Steve Young, Pro-Bowl era Jeff Garcia, and MVP-era Rich Gannon throwing to him.

Larry Fitzgerald is second in career receptions and yards with Josh McCown, Matt Leinart, and John Skelton as quarterbacks. Hmm.

Fitzgerry Rice

I predict Larry Fitzgerald will only retire when his age is higher than his total receptions.

Giving you Fitz

Werner Herzog’s Fitzgeraldo

This Cardinals fantasy name isn’t a reference for everyone. But if it’s a reference for you, then we should probably be best friends.

Larry RedBird


Larry Fitzgerald - Cardinals Fantasy Football Team Names

D. Hopkins Fantasy Football Names

Cardinals fans are excited because they haven’t had a receiver of DeAndre Hopkin’s caliber since Larry Fitzgerald was a force. I know, I know, that’s a low-blow, and right after I just said just lovely things about the guy!

Check out our DeAndre Hopkins fantasy football names article for a more detailed list.

DeAndre the Giant

Hopkins, Skipkins, and a Jumpkins

Dr. DeAndre

Kith and HopKins

Kenyan Drake Fantasy Team Names

Kenyan Drake was a rejuvenating force after coming over from Miami. He was so good that the Cards were finally able to exorcise the ghost of David Johnson.

Kenyan Runner

Drake Malfoy

Kenyonder Mountain String Band

Kenyan Dig It?

Kenyan and Barbie

(Kenyan) Drake and Josh (Miles)

There’s something special about the relationship between a back and his OT.

Kliff Kingsbury Fantasy Football Names

Kliff Kingsbury has already spent way more time as an NFL coach than an NFL player. Kingsbury’s career stats:

  • 1 Game
  • 2 Passing Attempts
  • 1 Completion
  • 17 Yards



I think it’s the ALL CAPS that sells it.

Kliff’s Kings Bury Your Queens

I don’t care for the sexist language, frankly. But you do what you gotta do for the pun.

The Kingsbury of Queensbury

Kingsbury Me at Wounded ACL

Kingsburried Alive

Kingsbury Rules

This Cardinals fantasy team name is a boxing joke, if you could call it that.

Kingsburrito Grande

It’s Good to Be the Kingsbury 

Kliff Kingsbury - Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Team Names

Cardinals Defense Fantasy Names

The Cardinals have a lot of talent on defense. They’re not good, per se. But they do have a lot of talent.

Swing from the Chandlers

The Budda, the Baker, the Football Taker

Baking With Budda


I’m just talking about Budda Baker and Patrick Peterson – nothing else.

Mr. Peterson’s Corner

Historic Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Name Ideas

Twenty-two NFL Hall of Famers played for the Cardinals. And who knows, maybe one day Kyler Murray joins them?

Warner for Your Arrest

Take Aeneas


Trippi, Dude

Or The Trippi Dudes


Nevers Say Nevers

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

It’s like I drafted a fantasy team of fantasy team names.

House of Cards

Raising Arizona

Cards Against Humanity

Kyler Instincts

Murray Up and Wait

Fitz Like a Glove

Hail Larry

The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald

Is that another shot at Larry Legend?!? The guy had 75 catches in 2019, which is pretty good for a senior citizen!

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