Cardinals Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Arizona Fans

Updated on August 25th, 2021 by David Sharp
Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names

Kyler Murray has made the leap from potential star to actual star. DeAndre Hopkins is a perennial first-rounder.

The Cardinals roster is stocked with players you’ve probably heard of, like AJ Green, James Connor, and JJ Watt. Pretty impressive group of names.

Now, the next step would be to go from names to winners.

Here are our best Arizona Cardinals fantasy football names to help the team finally get over that hump.

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Names for 2021

After that intro, you may be wondering how funny Cardinals fantasy team names could potentially translate into team success. My response to that would be stop worrying and trust the process.

Kyler, the Creator

Murray of Hope

I’m not saying Kyler Murray is under a lot of pressure. Sure, the entire direction of the franchise may be in his hands. And if he fails, it dooms all of Arizona for years to come.

But yeah, no pressure.

Giving you Fitz

DeAndre the Giant

Conner Honor

Greener Pastures

Chip and Rondale

Or Rondale’s Rescue Rangers, but I like getting the ‘chip in there.

Rondale Burgundy


Prater Box

You’re free to use words spicier than box if that’s more you’re cup of tea. Also, if that’s what you’re looking for we have a whole article of just inappropriate fantasy team names.

High Wattage

Swing from the Chandlers

The Budda, the Baker, the Football Taker

Baking With Budda

Kingsbury Me at Wounded ACL

It’s Good to Be the Kingsbury 

Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names

Did Kyler Murray make the right choice picking football over baseball? Well, if he chose baseball, he’d still be riding the bus in the Texas League for the Midland RockHounds.

So yeah, I think he did pretty good.


It’s like the Cards did a superhero-style reboot for the entire franchise.

Ky’s Guys

Kyler Ren

Read this Star Wars Fantasy Team Names article if you want more high-midichlorian team name ideas.

Tippecanoe and Kyler Too

This Cardinals fantasy football name is for the true history buffs out there.

Kylord of the Ring


This name is more aspirational. Someday, Kyler will get that hardware.

D. Hopkins Fantasy Football Names

Check our whole article of DeAndre Hopkins fantasy football names, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hopkins, Skipkins, and a Jumpkins

Dr. DeAndre

Kith and HopKins

A.J. Green Fantasy Football Team Names

Sure, AJ Green is on the wrong side of 30 and he’s been banged up the last few years. He’s also a 7-time All-Star in a new offense with a star quarterback throwing to him.

He’s the ultimate lottery ticket – just bear in mind that most lottery tickets are totally worthless.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

For example, the poor guy had to spend most of his career on the Bengals.

Green Machine

The Big Green

J.J. Watt Fantasy Football Team Names

It’s rare that you can acquire a 5-time All-Pro, 3-time DPOY, SNL host, and professional Tag analyst.

Watter Under the Bridge

Jay-Jay Walking

WatsOn, Watt’s Off

This Houston Texans fantasy team name works because Deshaun is still here (for now) and J.J. is gone. And also, because of Karate Kid.

Naked as a J.J. Bird

What, Watt, Watson?

Kliff Kingsbury Fantasy Football Names

Kliff Kingsbury has already spent way more time as an NFL coach than an NFL player. Kingsbury’s career stats:

  • 1 Game
  • 2 Passing Attempts
  • 1 Completion



I think it’s the ALL CAPS that sells it.

Kliff’s Kings Bury Your Queens

I don’t care for the sexist language, frankly, but you do what you gotta do for the pun.

The Kingsbury of Queensbury

Kingsburried Alive

Kingsbury Rules

This Cardinals fantasy team name is a boxing joke, if you could call it that.

Kingsburrito Grande

Historic Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names

Twenty-two NFL Hall of Famers have played for the Cardinals. Twenty-three if you add Larry Fitzgerald, because something tells me he’s got a pretty good chance.

Fitzgerry Rice

I predict Larry Fitzgerald will only retire when his age is higher than his total receptions.

Werner Herzog’s Fitzgeraldo


Warner for Your Arrest

Take Aeneas


Trippi, Dude

Or The Trippi Dudes.


Nevers Say Nevers

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

These Cardinals fantasy team names are the equivalent of the Cardinals swiping DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans. I saw something I liked, I took it, and I feel pretty good about it.

House of Cards

Raising Arizona

Cards Against Humanity

Kyler Instincts

Murray Up and Wait

Fitz Like a Glove

Hail Larry

The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald

Green With Envy

Eat Your Greens

More Fantasy Football Team Names for NFL Clubs

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