Fantasy Football Draft Software – The Best Draft Prep Programs for 2022

Updated on August 10th, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Best Fantasy Football Draft Software

If you’re looking for cutting-edge software that provides true expert guidance during your fantasy football draft, you’re in the right place. Today I’m breaking down the most critical features of an effective draft assistant, functionality that will help you win more championships.

Let’s start by looking at the best fantasy football draft software for 2022.

Draft SoftwareLeague SyncAuction SupportIDP SupportDevicesPricing
YesYesYesWeb, App$3.99-$11.99/monthreview
YesYesNoWeb, AppFree (for now)review

The Best Fantasy Football Draft Software for 2022

Every season I see new drafting programs enter the market while others go by the wayside. I’ve noticed that the best fantasy football software packages have staying power.

That’s why all the products I review below are industry staples with a proven record of providing value when you’re drafting online or in-person at the draft party. Let’s get started.

Draft Assistant – GM Software in the Draft Wizard Toolkit

FantasyPros has a fantasy football tool for every phase of the game, and drafting is no exception. In addition to having excellent draft tools, I think they’re one of the top fantasy football advice sites on the web.

Their Fantasy Football Draft Assistant syncs with your league and automatically updates during your drafts. It offers player pick suggestions, relevant statistics, and insightful player comparisons.

This draft pick software comes as part of FantasyPros’ Draft Wizard suite and is available on all devices.

Access to this application requires a subscription to Fantasy Pros. If you want league synchronization capability, you’ll need the MVP plan that runs $5.99 per month. If you enter picks manually, it’s only $2.99 per month.

If it turns out that you only need this tool for one month out of the year (when you’re drafting), it’s an incredible deal. With an MVP plan, you can sync up to ten leagues and get support for auction fantasy football leagues!

The Draft Assistant is my favorite fantasy football draft software in 2022. If you purchase either a six or twelve-month plan, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Draft Assistant Pros

  • 3-time winners of the FSTA Best Fantasy Sports Service/Tool Award
  • Syncs with almost every major league hosting platforms
  • Real-time guidance and player projections for all fantasy positions, including IDP players
  • Bye week, average draft picks, and handcuff alerts

Draft Assistant Cons

  • The cheapest subscription plan does not support league synchronization

Draft Buddy is Free, AI-based Fantasy Advice

Draft Buddy Fantasy Software

Draft Buddy from Fantasy Nerds is free draft management tool that is highly customizable. You can configure league scoring configuration (even custom scoring), keepers, roster settings, player tags (“target”, “sleeper”, etc), and even analyzer players in tiers.

The player selection algorithm even uses the IBM Watson AI platform to assist in determining their daft pick suggestions. Even without a league sync feature (you must manage all of the picks yourself), this draft pick software is highly effective.

Draft Hero is Free During Launch Period

Draft Hero Software

Draft Hero is a new product from the guys at Fantasy Guru. It’s similar to the Draft Wizard in that it is a software suite consisting of several tools for draft preparation.

During their launch period, you can use every feature for free. This includes projections, player rankings, projections, mock draft capabilities, and draft rooms for both standard and auction-based leagues. You can even rate your team following your draft.

Fantasy Draft Software vs Draft Kits

Ultimate Draft Kit fantasy software

This review focuses entirely on tools that provide guidance during your fantasy football draft. But of course, that’s not the only type of fantasy football software on the market.

If you’re looking for a program that emulates a paper-based draft board for your entire league to track the draft, you’ll want to check out our fantasy draft board review.

If you’re looking for features that help you prepare for a live draft, you’re likely looking for a fantasy football draft kit. These typically include these types of features:

  • Customizable cheat sheets
  • Mock draft analysis,
  • Draft order generators
  • Player profiles
  • Projections for NFL teams
  • Exclusive weekly podcasts

Check out my Ultimate Draft Kit review for my thoughts on draft kits.

If you’re seeking mobile software for just about any type of fantasy sports application, check out our latest article detailing the best fantasy football apps for 2022.

The 4 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Draft Software

There is no perfect draft assistance program, only the best software solution for your specific needs. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a draft helper:

  • Your live draft format (snake or auction)
  • League synchronization requirements
  • The device you’ll be using during the draft
  • How much you’re willing to spend on software

Let’s examine a few of these in detail.

1. Synchronization with your fantasy football league host

Software Synchronization

Some software allows you to import your fantasy football team and sync with your league’s host so that players are taken off the draft board automatically after each draft pick. Other software requires you to keep track of every pick yourself.

Most owners would prefer that their software support league synchronization, but this is a luxury that not all draft software supports. However, some league commissioners like to track picks manually so they can back them out if necessary.

So synchronization capability isn’t a necessity for every league.

2. Support for your specific draft format

Most products accommodate snake drafts, given that serpentine is the most common live draft format. However, for those in auction leagues, you want to be extra careful and pay attention to the supported features when evaluating your options.

While auction support may seem like it should be a standard product feature, fantasy football auction draft software isn’t as prevalent as you might think. So pay particular attention to auction support when evaluating your options.

No one wants to pay for a product that doesn’t support their league draft format, especially if that software is non-refundable.

3. Fantasy football software platform support

Some fantasy football draft software only requires an internet connection. Other fantasy football programs must be installed onto your computer and don’t need a connection to the Internet. Others still play well with desktop devices, while others not so much.

Make sure that you know what type of device you’ll be using during your fantasy draft and the level of connectivity you’ll require.

4. Price and payment options

Software subscription costs can also vary wildly. Some software is available for a one-time, flat fee, while others are part of a monthly service.

Draft Preparation is the Key to Winning Championships

In 2022, there’s no excuse for showing up to your drafts unprepared. Whether you’re completely clueless or a fantasy veteran, fantasy football draft software can provide valuable guidance during a live draft.

It only takes one or two key selections to gain an edge on draft day. The products reviewed in this article have proven effective at finding those diamonds in the rough.

Draft SoftwareLeague SyncAuction SupportIDP SupportDevicesPricing
YesYesYesWeb, App$3.99-$11.99/monthreview
YesYesNoWeb, AppFree (for now)review
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