Lions Fantasy Football Names – 2020 Team Name Ideas for Detroit Fans

Updated on September 21st, 2020 by David Sharp
Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names

So the Lions are one of four teams to have never made the Super Bowl, they’re one of only two teams to have 0-16 seasons, and only the Cardinals have lost more games.

The good news is… well… hm.

The good news is that we’ve got a Charlie Batch of brand-new Detroit Lions fantasy football team names for 2021. All this frustration is going to make the Lions’ inevitable victory that much sweeter.

Funny Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names

I like teams named after WR2s better than QB1s.

Hockenson Products

Hock Shop

Kerryon Baggage

Leading the League in Kerrys

To be fair, I have not done the research on exactly how many Kerrys there are in the NFL. Still, this has to at least tie for the league lead, right?

D’Andre 1000

Marvin’s Room

Mattster Praters

Please don’t make me explain this Lions fantasy name.

Andrey Warrington

Combining the two biggest QB busts in team history, because a negative times a negative equals a positive.

A Millen Reasons

Ultimately the Lions couldn’t find one good one for him to stay.

Escape Batch

The Lions are Perfect

Perfect can mean different things to different people.

Matthew Stafford Fantasy Football Names

Matthew Stafford is by far the Lions’ best quarterback, and it isn’t even close. In fact, that Stafford has thrown for more yards than the next three quarterbacks combined.

Stafford Infection

Detroit Lions Fantasy Name - Stafford Infection

You Can’t Stafford It

StafFord Field

Staff Curry

They’re both known for bombing from deep.

Staffordinary Love

Staff or Dare

Mattster of His Domain

Mattsimum Efford

Kenny Golladay Fantasy Football Team Names

It says a lot about the legacy of Calvin Johnson that the best nickname for Kenny Golladay is Babytron.

Squad Golladays

Go, Lladay, Go!

It helps if you say this Lions fantasy football name with an Irish accent.

Golladay is a Tramp

One Fine Golladay

Golladay of the Dead


Matt Patricia Fantasy Football Team Names

True story. Early in his career, Matt Patricia turned down an offer to work on a nuclear sub.

False story: Patricia later stole that submarine and took it on a death run to the US to escape Soviet control.

Patricia the Bunny

This Lions fantasy football team name one is for all the parents out there.

St. Patty’s Day

Patty’s Dub

Because It’s Always Sunny In Detroit.

We’ve Got Patrissues

Detroit Lions Defense Fantasy Names

Some people think it’s strange that defense is such a small part of your fantasy team. Lions fans are used to it.

Tell the Truf

Truf Hurts

I Kearse You

I can’t help but hear this in the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Penisini Vagina

I feel bad about this one. With a name like Penisini, you know he’s heard it all before.

Romeo and Julien

The Okwara’s parents had to know what they were doing, right? If not, that’s a crazy coincidence.

But if so, they named two brothers after a famous couple? Strange either way.

Historical Lions Fantasy Team Names

Out of the top ten rushing seasons in Lions history, Barry Sanders owns the 9th and 10th best. Then good ol’ Billy Sims comes in at number eight.

After that, it’s all Sanders all the way up.

Return to Sanders

After the barren wasteland that has been post-Barry RB’s in Detroit, a return to Sanders sounds reasonable. So what if he is in his 50’s by now?

Barry Good


Simms League

Stay in Your Layne


Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Name for Calvin Johnson

Detroit Lions Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

These are the fruits of the shared frustration that binds all Lions fans.

Stafford Wives

Inglorious Staffords

Built Stafford Tough

Golladay Inn Express

Hotel Motel Golladay Inn if you want to be a little funkier, Golladay in Cambodia if you want to be a little punkier.

Hockenson Big Loogie

Living on a Prater

Kerryon My Wayward JohnSon

Patricia’s Militia

More Fantasy Names Based on NFL Teams

If the Lions aren’t your team, but you’re looking for more creative fantasy football names, check out this list.

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