Lions Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for Detroit Fans

Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names

So the Lions are one of four teams to have never made the Super Bowl. That’s not great, but at least they’re a fairly recent expansion team.

What’s that? They’ve been around since the 1930 season? Ooooooh nooooooooo…

These Detroit Lions fantasy football names celebrate the good, the bad, and the weird of football in the Motor City.

Detroit Lions Fantasy Team Names for 2023

Lions fans were very classy when Matt Stafford won a Super Bowl out in LA. I saw 90% supportive messages, with only one or two sour grapes in the bunch.

How long that graciousness will extend to Stafford’s trade partner Jared Goff remains to be seen.

Fordained by Goff

Divine Goffering

Goff and Running

In case you have Jared Goff and some good running backs, not because Jared Goff is fast. Because he is not.

D-Swift’s Reputation Tour

D’Andre 1000

D’Andre Swift is my pick for a Lions breakout player. I think he’s got a top ten season in him – and maybe even better.

Chark Attack

Chark Week

Chark Tank


Saint Misbehavin’

We just had to make a whole list of Amon-Ra St. Brown fantasy team names. His name is Amon-Ra St. Brown – how could we not?

Hock Shop


Jameson Rocks

If Jameson Williams does indeed end up rocking, that’s going to give Jared Goff one heck of a receiving corps.

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julien

The Okwara’s parents had to know what they were doing, right? If not, that’s a crazy coincidence.

But if so, they named two brothers after a famous couple? Strange either way.

Return to Sanders

After the barren wasteland that has been post-Barry RB’s in Detroit, a return to Sanders sounds pretty good. So what if he is in his 50’s by now?

Barry Good

Megatron’s Guns

Now this could make for a pretty solid photoshop, if one were so inclined. Maybe a pic of Calvin Johnson flexing, but replace his arms with Megatron-style guns?

Andrey Warrington

Combining the two biggest QB busts in team history because a negative times a negative equals a positive?

A Millen Reasons

Ultimately the Lions couldn’t find one good one for him to stay.

Escape Batch

The Lions are Perfect

Perfect can mean different things to different people.

Jared Goff Fantasy Football Names

Jared Goff’s career is off to a solid start, but he doesn’t get the same respect as the top QBs. Geeze, crap in your pants in one Super Bowl and that’s all anyone seems to remember.

On/Goff Switch

Going Goff

Going on the Goffensive

Or Prolific Goffense, Goffensive MVP – you get the idea.

Gofften Enough

Goffly Good

Gofften Imitated, Never Duplicated

T.J. Hockenson Fantasy Team Names

I’m thrilled to see Hockenson in the NFL for a couple of reasons:

  1. His ability to create separation from an overly-instinctive defender
  2. My ability to create a team name idea from his easily-malleable surname

Hock of Seagulls

Hock and Roll

Hocked and Loaded

The Hard Hock Hotel

Hock Itch Cream

My Pet Hock

Hockin’ the Hock

DJ Chark Fantasy Football Team Names

DJ Chark has emerged as a Pro Bowl quality receiver with an All-Star name.

Baby Chark

Raiders of the Lost Chark

Don’t open your eyes!


Character Chark


Chark Welder

Historical Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names

Out of the top ten rushing seasons in Lions history, Barry Sanders owns the 9th and 10th best. Then good ol’ Billy Sims comes in at number eight.

After that, it’s all Sanders all the way up.

Barry My Heart at Wounded ACL

Sander and Son


Simms League

Stay in Your Layne


Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Name - Calvinball

Detroit Lions Fantasy Team Names from Around the Internet

These Lions fantasy team names are the fruits of the shared frustration that binds all Detroit fans.

The Goffather

Goffam City

Jerkin Goff

Shake it Goff

This Rams fantasy name is for fans of both T-Swift and G-Slow.

Hockenson Big Loogies

What Can St. Brown Do for You?

St. Brown Sugar

Chark Week

Charkizard, I Choose You

More Fantasy Names Based on NFL Teams

If the Lions aren’t your team, but you’re looking for more creative fantasy football names, check out this list.

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