Dolphins Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas for Miami Fans

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Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Names
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Did you know that nearly six hundred people suggested the team name Dolphins in a naming contest during the team’s inception? Joe Robbie, their founder, went with the name because he said that dolphins are some of the fastest and smartest creatures in the sea.

While these Miami Dolphins fantasy football names might not have as big of a historical impact, I think you’ll agree that they’re quite hilarious.

The Best Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Names

  1. Blur Brothers
  2. Tua Legit To Quit
  3. Tua Fish
  4. Miami Vices
  5. Tua good
  6. Waddle It Be, Tyreek?
  8. Yet Tua be determined
  9. The Tua Point Conversions
  10. Tua Hearts
  11. Slip of the Tagovailoa
  12. Just the Tua Us
  13. Running Up That Hill
  14. Shot My Waddle
  15. Dolphin Waddle
  16. Cops and Robbys
  17. Very Jaylenteresting
  18. Jaylenter the Dragon
  19. Ezu Does It
  20. Ezukanma, Ezugoesma

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Blur Brothers

Submitted by Mysterious
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Tua Legit To Quit

Submitted by Tracey
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

I had to create a meme for this one, bravo!

Dolphins Fantasy Name - Tua Legit to Quit

Tua Fish

Submitted by Tim
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Miami Vices

Submitted by John Green
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Tua good

Submitted by Me
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Waddle It Be, Tyreek?

Submitted by Ryan S
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Max 3 votes.


Submitted by Scott
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Yet Tua be determined

Submitted by Theresa
-1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Names for 2024

We’ve got Miami Dolphins fantasy team names from the past, present, and future. So yes, there will be some Dan Marino team names on this list.

The Tua Point Conversions

Tua Hearts

Slip of the Tagovailoa

Or Slip Her the Tagovailoa if you’re feeling saucy.

Just the Tua Us

Get on this perfect Dolphins fantasy team name now, because it’ll be played out by the time he’s a Pro Bowler. 

Running Up That Hill

We also have another article with more hilarious fantasy football team name ideas for Tyreek Hill.

Shot My Waddle

Dolphin Waddle

Cops and Robbys

Very Jaylenteresting

Jaylenter the Dragon

Ezu Does It

Ezukanma, Ezugoesma

Be the first in your league to break out the Erik Ezukanma fantasy team names.

The Mostert Dangerous Game

Sony Runman

Bridgewatering the Gap

Marino Biology

Or Marino Biologists.

The Motion of the Marinocean


The Don’s Mafia

Csonks for the Memories

Or So Long and Csonks for All the Fish, if you’re both a Dolphins and a Douglas Adams fan.

Super Duper Dolphins

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Dolphins Fantasy Team Names for Mr. Cheetah

Tyreek Hill had legendary chemistry with Pat Mahomes. Now, let’s see if he can be as potent with Tua. Oh, and in case you missed it earlier, we have a whole article of just Tyreek Hill fantasy names.

King of the Hill

Cheetahs Always Prosper

Fast as Hill

Hill on Wheels

Dawson’s ‘Reek

Tua Tagovailoa Fantasy Football Team Names

Just as the Dolphins have left a trail of fired head coaches behind them, there’s an equally long trail of failed quarterback experiments. Here’s to hoping The Throwin’ Samoan can find success down in South Beach.

Tongue Oh Vae Loa

If you’re still confused about how to pronounce Tagovailoa, let the man tell you himself.

Tua Vakind

Cheers Tuas

Born Tua be Wild

Or, if you’re a Mötörhead fan, Born Tua Raise Hell.

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Name for Tua Tagovailoa

Tag Me In

Tag You’re It

Sharp Tagovailoa

Silver Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Name Generator

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community


Miami Dolphins Defense Fantasy Football Team Names

Like Jacques Cousteau and Ace Ventura before them, they’re just here to defend the Dolphins.

Xavienter the Dragon

Very Xavienteresting

Hey, aren’t those the same names that you used for Jaylen Waddle?

Yes, yes they are, and TBH you can probably use both of these names for new DE Jaelan Phillips too. Jaelanter the Dragon, Very Jaelenteresting – you get it.

In the Nik of Time, Just When You Needham

The Collected Works of Lord Byron

Isn’t It Byronic?

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Let’s fin-ish this with some Miami Dolphins fantasy team names from around the internet.

Fin It to Win It

‘Reek and Destroy


The Hurns Locker

Feel the Hurns

Miami Sound Machine

Or the rephrase Sound Miami Machine if your team is a monster.

Worst Gase Scenario

Technically, Adam Gase was 23-25 as the Dolphins Head Coach. But emotionally, it felt like he was closer to 13-35. Or maybe that’s just me.

Fantasy Football Names for Other NFL Teams

Great fantasy football names must align with your allegiances. If the Dolphins are not your favorite team, check out some of these other NFL team-based names.


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