Dolphins Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Miami Fans

Updated on July 5th, 2020 by David Sharp
Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Names

Here’s a depressing trivia question for Miami fans: who was the last Dolphins coach to have consecutive winning seasons?

It isn’t Coach Flores. And it isn’t the coach before him, Adam Gase. It wasn’t Joe Philbin or Tony Sparano. And it wasn’t Cam Cameron, or even Mr. Alabama himself Nick Saban.

You have to go all the way back to good ole’ Dave Wannstedt, who actually did it four straight years, from 2000-2003. But fear not, we’ve got some all-new Miami Dolphins fantasy football names that are sure to get that next streak started.

Tua Tagovailoa Fantasy Football Team Names

Just as the Dolphins have left a trail of fired head coaches behind them, there’s an equally long trail of failed quarterback experiments. Here’s to hoping The Throwin’ Samoan can find success down in South Beach.

Tongue Oh Vae Loa

If you’re still confused about how to pronounce Tagovailoa, let the man tell you himself.

Tua Point Conversion

Tua Hearts

Tua Vakind

Tua Fish

This Dolphins fantasy football name is a reminder that there’s a little bit of Dolphin in every can of tuna fish.

Cheers Tuas

Born Tua be Wild

Or, if you’re a Mötörhead fan, Born Tua Raise Hell.

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Name for Tua Tagovailoa

Tag Me In

Tag You’re It

Sharp Tagovailoa

Silver Tagovailoa

Slip of the Tagovailoa

Or Slip Her the Tagovailoa if you’re feeling saucy.

Just the Tua Us

Get on this perfect Dolphins fantasy team name now, because it’ll be played out by the time he’s a Pro Bowler. 

DeVante Parker Fantasy Football Names

If I were Tua (and don’t I wish), I’d be doing all I can to buddy up to Devante Parker. I’m not saying that the WR will be his only weapon in the passing game, just his only good one.

DeVantaste of Things to Come

DeVantase Me, Bro

You’re the One That I Devant

I Devant It That Way

Parker’s Cars

Parker’s Posey

Matt Brieda Fantasy Football Names

Matt Brieda is like a one-man case of Would You Rather. Would you rather lose your starting job (but go to the Super Bowl), or be a starter but play for the Dolphins?

Brieda Cheese

Best in Brieda

Brieda Peach

This Dolphins fantasy team name is a cross between Matt Brieda and this class album by the Allman Brothers.

Brieda Hayworth

The Briedals

You can also do:

  • Meet the Briedals!,
  • Briedals for Sale
  • Briedals ’65.

Brian Flores Fantasy Football Names

Flores is another branch on the Belichick coaching tree, which includes college greats Nick Saban, Pat Hill, and Kirk Ferentz. Unfortunately, it also includes NFL failures Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Josh McDaniels, and of course, the Dolphins’ own Nick Saban.

Flores a Jolly Good Fellow

I’ll Love You Flores of Time

Four on the Flores

Floreskin Regeneration

Yes, it is a thing.

The Brian Trust

When I was a kid, my dad called my friends and me The Brain Trust. Today, I finally realized he was making fun of us. 

Miami Dolphins Defense Fantasy Football Team Names

Like Jacques Cousteau and Ace Ventura before them, they’re just here to defend the Dolphins.

Reshad to Judgement

In the Nik of Time, Just When You Needham

The Collected Works of Lord Byron

Isn’t It Byronic?

Doncha think?

A Van Noy Down by the River

Coach Flores brought Kyle Van Noy to the Dolphins to help instill the Belichick Way. What that means is anyone’s guess.

Tips on recording equipment? Lectures about proper PSI? Mandatory hoodies?

Historical Dolphins Fantasy Football Names

Shockingly, these Dolphins fantasy names will include some Dan Marino fantasy football names.


Marino Biology

Or Marino Biologists.

The Motion of the Marinocean


The Don’s Mafia

Csonks for the Memories

Or So Long and Csonks for All the Fish, if you’re both a Dolphins and a Douglas Adams fan.

Super Duper Dolphins

Jon, Nathan, Taylor, and Thomas

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Let’s fin-ish this.

Fin It to Win It

Miami Vices

Miami Sound Machine

Or the rephrase Sound Miami Machine if your team is a monster.

Blood Sugar Fitzpatrick

It’s embarrassing how delighted I was when I read this name. Blood, sugar, baby! Fitzpatrick!

Kiss From a Rosen

Suhker Punch

For more Ndamukong Suh names, see our Tampa Bay Buccaneers fantasy football team names article.

Worst Gase Scenario

Technically, Adam Gase was 23-25 as the Dolphins Head Coach. But emotionally, it felt like he was closer to 13-35. Or maybe that’s just me.

Fantasy Football Names for Other NFL Teams

Great fantasy football names must align with your allegiances. If the Dolphins are not your favorite team, check out some of these other NFL team-based names.


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