Patriots Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for New England Fans

Updated on September 1st, 2021 by David Sharp
Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Patriots history is almost too rich with options for your Patriots fantasy football team name. Deflategate, the Tuck Rule, Bill Belichick, and Bill Belichick’s hoodie are all worthy starting points.

If you want an assist with titling your team then Gillette me help. Here is a slew of new Patriots fantasy football names for you to Bellichick out.

New England Patriots Fantasy Team Names for 2021

Is Mac Jones ready to be the next Tom Brady? That might be a stretch.

But Cam Newton is officially the next Drew Bledsoe though because he just got replaced by a rookie.

Mac Attack

Deus Ex Mac

Quarterback Jones

Cam Beverly Hills

Here is a Panthers fantasy football name and free logo to boot! You’re welcome.

Cam Newton Fantasy Football Name

Cam Oldton

Cam Newton sure turned into Cam Oldton fast.



Van Noyce

Slater’s Special Team

In honor of Mathew Slater, the least famous 9-time Pro Bowl player in history.

Pats’ Amore

Vladimir Putin’s Super Bowl Ring

Talk about a power move.

Gillette Me Love You

Krafty Veterans

Undeflated Champs

You Patrioughta Be In Pictures

We’re looking at you, Cincinnati.

The Boston Area America Lovers

Guy Fawkesbrough

21st Century Foxborough

Bill Belichick Fantasy Football Team Names

So winning a title in Tampa definitely put Brady ahead of Belichick, career reputation-wise. Now coach Belichick needs to start winning again soon, or Brady will pass him in career longevity too.

Belichick, Please

You Can Belichick In But You Can Never Belichick Out

Ring My Belichick

Belichicken Tenders

Or, if you prefer, Belichicken Breasts, Belichicken Wings, Belichicken and Waffles, etc.

Hunter Henry Fantasy Names

How many years in a row are you allowed to say this is the year that someone breaks out? But now that he’s in New England, maybe this is the year that Hunter Henry breaks out.

Hunter the Hungry

This Patriots fantasy football name is a reference to the movie Popstar, which you probably didn’t see. You’ll just have to take my word that this is a brilliant team name and I’m a hilarious genius.

Night of the Hunter

1955 classic that’s being remade as you read this. You probably also didn’t see it.

Chargers Team Name - Night of the Hunter

Regarding Hunter Henry

How about this 1991 Harrison Ford tearjerker? No?

Snow White and the Hunter

Or this 2012 non-classic with Kristen Stewart?

King Henry the 86th

You must at least know the British king or this stupid song. And if you didn’t catch any of these references, then try to remember that there is life beyond fantasy football.

Patriots Defense Fantasy Football Team Names

Because let’s face it, the best fantasy player for the Pats last season was their defense.

Gilmore Than Words

Filled to the Gills

Stephon And On

Stephontasy Island

Order in McCourty

McCourting Disaster

The Man in the Dont’a Hightower

Old School New England Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Is the Patriots dynasty over, or is this just a lull in the winning? Either way, it’s never too early to start getting unreasonably nostalgic for the glory days.


This one is here for nostalgia. As weird as it sounds, you’ll have to check out our Tampa Bay names article for the latest and greatest Tom Brady fantasy names.

Rob Gonekowski

It somehow hurts even more watching Gronk out there, too. Check out our latest Gronkowski team names if you’re still carrying the torch.

R.I.P. R.O.B.

We Love You Gronk, Please Come Home

That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Edelman

For those of us that fall into that weird nexus of fantasy football players and Big Lebowski Fans.

Edel-Mentos: The Freshmaker

You could also go with The Playmaker, though then you risk people not knowing what the heck you’re talking about.

Ben Watson-Again, Off-Again Relationship

Bledsoe What?

Drew Bledsoe: the Wally Pip of the NFL.

Red, White, and Bruschi

Feeling patriotic? Here are some more political fantasy team names.

Russell Wilson’s Butler

Allow me to take that ball for you, sir.

Yes M’loy

You’ll Be Hearing From My Lawyer Milloy

A Formal Petition for Antonio Brown to Go Into the HoF as a Patriot

If you love following AB’s drama, check out our full list of Antonio Brown fantasy football team names.

Vulgar Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names 

We’ve got an entire article dedicated to dirty fantasy football names if you want more ideas. More filthy, filthy ideas.

Deflated Balls

Vince Wilfork Yourself

Tuck You

If you’re looking for other running back team names, check out these Saquon Barkley fantasy team names.

Robert Kraft’s Massage Therapist

Robert Kraft’s Patriot Missile

Aaron Hernandez’ Taxi Service

Julian Edelman’s Tinder Date

Even Super Bowl champs aren’t immune to resorting to Tinder. Or regretting it.

Classic Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names

In true Coach B style, I saw these Patriots fantasy team names practicing and stole all the best ones.

Belichick Yourself

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Krafty Like a Fox

PSI Love You

Ladies and Edelman

Donta’s Inferno

The Big Gronkowski

Or you can try the Little Gronkowski Urban Achievers if you want to go even deeper down the Dude-hole.

Cam Newton Fantasy Team Names

Cam Newton on the Patriots always felt like a video game team to me. Too bad Cam couldn’t put up video game numbers anymore.

Cam Live With ‘Em, Cam Live Without ‘Em

Band Cam

This one time? At band camp?

Cam Girls



Fantasy Football Names for More NFL Teams


If you like fantasy names based on NFL teams, check out my Eagles fantasy football names. If you have other ideas for Patriots or Brady team names, tell me about them in the comments below.

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