Seahawks Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Seattle Fans

Seahawks Fantasy Football Names

If you ever wonder how much the Seattle fans love their Seahawks, look no further than the record books. Not the football record books, mind you, but the Guinness Book of Records.

Seattle fans have appeared there many times, both for the loudest crowd and the strongest human-generated earthquake. Beastquake 2011, anybody?

Here are some Seattle Seahawks fantasy football names dedicated to the most enthusiastic fans in the league.

Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Names for 2021

I was late to the party for the Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl, which was a mistake. The game was already 15-0, the 7-layer buffalo dip was gone, and the halftime show was Bruno Mars. Yikes!

I’m pretty sure the only person who had a worse time was Peyton Manning.

Hawk ‘n’ Roll


12th Maniacs


Seahawccidentally In Love

Legion of Zoom


Spirit of ‘76

1976, that is.

The Sea of Our Pants

A, B, Sea’s

Oh Say Can You Seahawk


Everything that Russell Wilson is to the Seattle offense, Bobby Wagner is to the Seattle Defense. But defense doesn’t get the glory, and Wagner’s girlfriend is just a little less famous.

Way of the SoDo


Lumenated Manuscripts



My brain knows the Seahawks play in Lumen field. But in my heart, they will always play in the Kingdome.

Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Team Names

Russell Wilson tops an incredibly exclusive list of quarterbacks. He’s the best quarterback of all time under 6’ tall – and frankly, it isn’t even close.

What, you’re a big Eddie LeBaron fan? Please.

Russell Athletic

Wilson Sporting Goods

I don’t think we talk enough about how Russell Wilson’s name combines two separate sporting goods companies. That definitely seems like some kind of conspiracy.

Russell Sprouts

Brussel Wilson

Seahawks Fantasy Team Name - Brussel Wilson

Cattle Russellers

I’m Sorry Wilson!

I stole this Seattle Seahawks fantasy team name from the movie Castaway. It’s a classic.

Russell Outs

Russ to Conclusions

Russ Belt

Russ and Them

The Story of Russ

Funny Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Team Names

So I was today years old when I realized that no one knows what a Seahawk is. It could be an osprey, except the mascot is a regular hawk and their logo is a Native American Thunderbird.

Apparently, even the guy that proposed the name didn’t even know what they were. So I guess it just sounds cool next to Seattle?


Faux Hawks

Zornery Bastards

I’m Bringing Hassel Back

Bellore of the Rings

Largent at Arms

SeaHawks of Cortez

Ready, Willing, and Kreiger

Easley Does It

Bosworth It


This Seahawks fantasy football team name is probably more accurate than Bosworth It.

Stuck in the Mirer

Secret AdMirer

Hawk and Ball Torture

Space Needledicks

D.K. Metcalf Fantasy Football Names

When an announcer accidentally called him “Decaf” on-air, Metcalf did the only thing that made sense. He started his own decaf coffee line– with the proceeds going to charity, of course.

The Golden Metcalves

Kill the Fatted Metcalf



Hey, I Just Metcalfed You and This is Crazy

So here’s my number, it’s 14 baby.

Met Life


DK Country

Dead Kennedys Metcalf

So punk.

Kato DeKaylin

You thought his parents just wrote “D.K.” on the birth certificate?

Tyler Lockett Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Tyler Lockett is good, but his contract extension bummed me out. Everyone kept saying how rare it was for an older receiver to get a three-year extension.

He was only 28. FML.

Lockett Down

Lockett Up

It’s strange that lock it up and lock it down mean essentially the same thing.

Turn the Key and Lockett


Lockett Ness Monsters

There’s a Lockett in My Pocket

This Seattle Seahawks fantasy football name is inspired by the Dr. Seuss classic (and because Lockett’s only 5’10”). He and Russ may be the shortest QB-WR combo in history.

Chris Carson Fantasy Football Team Names

Everyone has a soft spot for waiver-wire players that end up saving their season. For me, that was Chris Carson in 2018.

Thanks for the 1300 yards and 9 touchdowns, big guy.

Get in the Carson

Truck Dads and Carsons

32 CCs, Stat

The Carson Show

Here Come Carson


Pete Carroll Fantasy Football Names

When Pete Carroll was coaching at USC, his nickname with the student section was Big Balls Pete. Presumably, it’s because he had a tendency to go for it on 4th down.

In retrospect, maybe they knew something about his recruiting tactics.

Pete’s Dragons

RePete Champions

Sweet Carroll

On a CarRoll

We Carroll Lot

I Don’t Carroll, Do U?

Cheat Carroll

Just in case you’re still salty from those USC days.

Seahawks Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

There’s no such thing as a Seahawk? I still can’t get over it.


Ball Hawks

Suck My Hawk

Rock Out With Your Hawk Out

Hustle Wilson


Russell and Flow


Every Day I’m Russelin’

Christmas Carrollers

The OK Carroll

Beauty and the Beastmode

Heart-Shaped Lockett

Hot Locketts

Try saying it in a Jim Gaffigan voice.

More Team Name Ideas for NFL Teams

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Have a Seahawks Fantasy Team Name Idea?

If you have unique idea for a Seahawks fantasy football name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.

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