Seahawks Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas for Seattle Fans

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Seahawks Fantasy Football Names
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If you ever wonder how much Seattle loves their Seahawks, look no further than the record books. I’m not referring to the football record books, mind you, but the Guinness Book of World Records.

Seattle fans earned a spot for the loudest crowd and the strongest human-generated earthquake. Beastquake 2011, anybody?

We dedicate these Seattle Seahawks fantasy football names in tribute to the best fans in the league. Or, at the very least, the loudest.

The Best Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Names

  1. The Ballad of Riq and Bobby
  2. Honey Bobo
  3. Big Diggs Plugging Glory Holes
  4. Slingin' DK Y's at ya
  5. JSN Network
  6. Bobo Jaxon
  7. McInTosh.O
  8. Pop the Charbonnet
  9. Diggs Doug & DK Long
  10. Drew Locks on your Forehead
  11. Boyes Mafea
  12. Tariqy Pick-it Posse
  13. Hawker's
  14. Seahawkward
  15. 12th Maniacs
  16. Met Life
  17. The Golden Metcalves
  18. Lockett Down
  19. Lockett Up
  20. Hawk ‘n’ Roll

Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Names From Readers

The Ballad of Riq and Bobby

Submitted by Jerry
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Honey Bobo

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Big Diggs Plugging Glory Holes

Submitted by Jerry
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Slingin' DK Y's at ya

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

JSN Network

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Bobo Jaxon

Submitted by Jerry
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Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Pop the Charbonnet

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Diggs Doug & DK Long

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Drew Locks on your Forehead

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Boyes Mafea

Submitted by Jerry
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Max 3 votes.

Tariqy Pick-it Posse

Submitted by Jerry
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Submitted by Phoenix
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Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Names for 2024

This season, the Seattle Seahawks and their fans are filled with anticipation, hoping that strategic off-season moves will translate into on-field success and a journey deep into the playoffs.


12th Maniacs

Met Life

If DK Metcalf is one of your WR studs for 2024, check out our DK Metcalf fantasy football names below.

The Golden Metcalves

Lockett Down

Lockett Up

Lock it up and lock it down mean essentially the same thing. Weird, right?

And yes, there are more Tyler Lockett fantasy names to come.

Hawk ‘n’ Roll



Rashodd Ducks

Speed Walker

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Walker, Washington Ranger

Hopefully, these are just the start of many great years of Kenneth Walker fantasy team names.

The Carson Show

We’ve got more Chris Carson team names down below.

The Fants Go Marching

Noah’s Arc

Noah Fantasy Football

Difficulty-wise, this is the extra point of fantasy football team names.

Locked and Loaded

Bagels and Locks

Russ to Conclusions

Of course, if you want more Russell Wilson team names, you know where to find them. That’s right, they’re now in our Denver Broncos fantasy names article.

I’m Sorry Wilson!

I stole this Seattle Seahawks fantasy team name from the movie Castaway. I’m not gonna lie, it hits a little harder now that he’s gone.

I’m Bringing Hassel Back

Largent at Arms

Hawk and Ball Torture

Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Name Generator

Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Tyler Lockett Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Tyler Lockett has been fantastic in his time with the Seahawks, but he’ll never be the franchise’s best WR. That spot will always belong to Steve Largent – well, at least for the foreseeable future.

But Lockett may have the title of the franchise’s best kick returner. He’s not returning many kicks these days, but one more decent season and he’d Lockett up for sure.

It’s a Lock

Lock’s be Friends

Turn the Key and Lockett


Lockett Ness Monsters

There’s a Lockett in My Pocket

This Seattle Seahawks fantasy football name is inspired by the Dr. Seuss classic and because Lockett’s only 5’10”.

DK Metcalf Fantasy Football Names

When an announcer accidentally called him “Decaf” on-air, Metcalf did the only thing that made sense. He started his own decaf coffee line – with the proceeds going to charity, of course.


Kill the Fatted Metcalf


Hey, I Just Metcalfed You and This is Crazy

So here’s my number, it’s 14 baby.


DK Country

Dead Kennedys Metcalf

So punk.

Kato DeKaylin

Because DeKaylin is his full name. What, you thought his parents just wrote “DK” on the birth certificate?

Kenneth Walker Fantasy Name Ideas

Walker’s versatility and potential for growth make him a compelling fantasy football option in 2024. Here are a few Kenneth Walker fantasy football names to kick-off this new ear.

Walker Sexy Ranger

AnaKen Skywalker

We’ve got many more Star Wars fantasy name ideas where that came from.

Kenneth Walking on Sunshine

Sunday Cook-Out

Jaxon Smith-Njigba Fantasy Team Names

Smith-Njigba’s route-running prowess makes up for his lack of straight-line speed. He is a strong dynasty buy and is projected to have several productive years ahead of him.

Gettin’ Njigy Wit It

Njigbaz Wit Attitudes

The Crackin’ Jaxons

Flap Jax

Insider Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Names

So I was today years old when I realized that no one knows what a Seahawk is. It could be an osprey, except the mascot is a regular hawk, and their logo is a Native American Thunderbird.

Apparently, even the guy that proposed the name didn’t even know what they were. So I guess it just sounds cool next to Seattle?


Space Needledicks

Legion of Zoom

Spirit of ‘76

1976, that is.

Zornery Bastards

Bellore of the Rings

SeaHawks of Cortez

Ready, Willing, and Kreiger

Easley Does It

Bosworth It


This Seahawks fantasy football team name is probably more accurate than Bosworth It.

Stuck in the Mirer

Secret AdMirer

Way of the SoDo

Lumenated Manuscripts



My brain knows the Seahawks play in Lumen field. But in my heart, they will always play in the Kingdome.

Pete Carroll Fantasy Football Names

When Pete Carroll was coaching at USC, his nickname with the student section was Big Balls Pete. Presumably, it’s because he had a tendency to go for it on 4th down.

In retrospect, maybe they knew something about his recruiting tactics that we didn’t.

Pete’s Dragons

RePete Champions

Sweet Carroll

On a CarRoll

We Carroll Lot

Cheat Carroll

Just in case you’re still salty from those USC days.

Seahawks Fantasy Team Names from Around the Internet

Seriously – there’s no such thing as a Seahawk? I still can’t get over it.

Regardless, here are some Seattle Seahawks fantasy team names I found laying around the internet’s waiver wire.

Ball Hawks

Seahawccidentally In Love

Oh Say Can You Seahawk



Suck My Hawk

Rock Out With Your Hawk Out

Christmas Carrollers

The OK Carroll

Beauty and the Beastmode

Heart-Shaped Lockett

Hot Locketts

Try saying it in a Jim Gaffigan voice.

More Team Name Ideas for NFL Teams

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Have a Seahawks Fantasy Team Name Idea?

If you have a unique idea for a Seahawks fantasy football name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.

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