Chiefs Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas for Kansas City Fans

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Chiefs Fantasy Football Names

In a way, I feel bad for Patrick Mahomes. He’s so young, yet he already has an MVP, a Super Bowl ring, and most impressive: he broke the Madden Curse.

What’s he going to do next, cure cancer, win the lottery, and finally sort out this whole Gaza Strip business?

Something tells me he’ll figure it out. In the meantime, we can only pay tribute with some Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football names.

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Pacheco I Choose You

Submitted by Jerry
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Submitted by Jeff Grimes
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Kelce How You Missed That Pass

Submitted by Lise
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Mahomes on the range

Submitted by Steve Fuchik
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Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Names for 2024

The Chiefs have more wins than losses in every season since 2013, and we don’t expect 2024 to be any different. The upside? Some of these Chiefs fantasy team names will be relevant for a long, long time.

Mahoming Missiles

I’ll never understand why commentators don’t call every one of his passes Mahoming Missiles. It just makes sense.

We’ve also got plenty more Mahomes fantasy names where that came from.

Kelce What You Did There

The Kansas City Chefs

Just one question: who are the Chefs?

The Vanilla Gorillas

IMHO The Vanilla Gorilla is one of the more fun nicknames in the NFL today. If you want more fun Travis Kelce fantasy team names, we’ve got a whole article of ’em.


Is it too much of a stretch to call Travis Kelce the only fantasy-worthy tight end? Yes. But not by that much.

The Fibonacci Kelcequence

My Little Toney

There are more Kadarius Toney fantasy names down below.

Vanilla Godzilla

This Chiefs fantasy football name is an even bigger, more monstrous take on the Vanilla Gorilla riff.

Kelce You In The Funny Papers

Or Kelce You at the Super Bowl if you’re feeling cocky.

The Reiding Rainbows

This Chiefs fantasy team name logo perfectly merges coach Andy Reid and Reading Rainbow host Levar Burton.

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Names - Reiding Rainbows

A Hardman is Good to Find

Skyy’s the Limit

Man, I hope Skyy Moore is good. There are so many potential Skyy Moore fantasy team names out there, and this is just the start.

Chief Amongst Us

Arrowhead of the Class

The Pacheco Chambers

1962 Dallas Texans

This K.C. Chiefs fantasy football name commemorates the franchise’s last season as the Texans and their only championship with that name.

Kelce Me, Feel Me

He’s a three-time Pro-Bowler and two-time All-Pro, a Super Bowl Champ. And he’s still only the second-most famous player in his own family.

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Kadarius Toney Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Kadarius Toney had an impressive 82.4% catch rate last season, making him a potential breakout candidate. These Kadarius Toney fantasy names are a pre-emptive strike for those looking to get ahead.

The Stoney Toneys

Toney! Toni! Toné!

The Age of Kadarius

Kadarious B.I.G.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Fantasy Football Names

That’s Edwards-Helairious

Bonnie and Clyde Edwards-Helaire

The Edwardian Hel-Era

The Clydesdale Horses

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Name Generator

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Andy Reid Fantasy Football Names

If you watched the 4th quarter of the Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LIV, you saw Andy Reid’s legacy change completely. In six minutes and change, we saw him go from “veteran NFL coach” to “future Hall of Famer.”

Andy Moustache You a Question

Andy’s the Commander in Chiefs

Greid is Good

Reid All About It

Reid ‘Em and Weep

There are any number of other Reid/Read puns.

  • Hot Reid
  • Reid All About It
  • Easy Reid
  • Reid Aloud

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

Big stars. Unique names. It’s no wonder there are lots of folks writing Cheifs fantasy team names.

We’re not in Kansas City Anymore

Mahomes Depot

Working From Mahomes

Sherlock Mahomes

Sail the Open Kelces

Son of a Veach

More Fantasy Names for Fans of NFL Teams

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