Chiefs Fantasy Football Names – 2020 Team Name Ideas for Kansas City Fans

Updated on July 5th, 2020 by David Sharp
Chiefs Fantasy Football Names

In a way, I feel bad for Patrick Mahomes. He’s so young, yet he already has an MVP, a Super Bowl win, and most impressive: he broke the Madden Curse.

His life can’t keep getting more awesome, right? What’s he going to do, cure cancer, win the lottery, and finally sort out this whole Gaza Strip business?

Something tells me he’ll continue to be a super-human force on the field. But for us mere mortals, the best we can do is to pay tribute with some funny Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football names.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names

So is this guy in the Hall of Fame yet or what?

Mahoming Missile

I’ll never understand why commentators don’t call every one of his passes Mahoming Missiles. It just makes sense.

Pat’s Tricks

I also Like Tricky Pat, but I’m silly.

ET Phone Mahomes

Better Mahomes and Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens, of course, being the site of his Super Bowl victory.

St. Patty

This Chiefs fantasy team name is certainty applicable, as Mahomes has all but been sainted in KC.

Patrick Mahomes - Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Name

Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Names

I feel like every time I look up at some highlight thinking holy crap, that dude is fast, that dude is Tyreek Hill.

Hill of Beans

King of the Hill

Fast as Hill

Raising Hill


Hill on Wheels

Dawson’s ‘Reek

This Kansas City Chiefs fantasy name is an ingenious combo of Hall of Famer, a modern-day player, and prime Van Der Beek.

Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Names

Is it too much of a stretch to call Travis Kelce the only fantasy-worthy tight end? Yes. But not by that much.

Kelce You In Tampa

Or just Kelce You at the Super Bowl

The Fibonacci Kelcequence


The Vanilla Gorillas

IMHO The Vanilla Gorilla is one of the more fun nicknames in the NFL today.  

Vanilla Godzilla

This Chiefs fantasy football name is an even bigger, more monstrous take on the Vanilla Gorilla riff.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Fantasy Football Names

Clyde Edwards-Helaire just accomplished the impossible. He got a great job at the top company in his field, right out of college.

That’s Edwards-Helairious

Bonnie and Clyde Edwards-Helaire

The Edwardian Hel-Era

Clyde and ‘Reek

Perfect name if you happen to land both Tyreek Hill and CEH in the draft. Which also seems like a pretty good start on etching that name onto a league championship trophy.

Andy Reid Fantasy Football Names

If you watched the 4th quarter of the Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LIV, you saw Andy Reid’s  legacy change completely. In six minutes and change, we saw him go from “veteran NFL coach” to “future Hall of Famer.”

Andy Moustache You a Question

Andy’s the Commander in Chiefs

Reid All About It

Reid ‘Em and Weep

This Chiefs name can be morphed into any number of other Reid/Read puns.

K.C. Chiefs Defense Fantasy Names

Sure, Patrick Mahomes was amazing during that 4th quarter. But let’s not discount the role the KC defense played.

The 49ers last four possessions:

  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Turnover on downs
  • Interception

Mathieu, Mike, Lucas, and Juan

For those that aren’t in the trenches of the defense, this Chiefs fantasy name incorporates Tyrann Mathieu, Mike Pennel, Jordan Lucas, and Juan Thornhill.

Tyrann Lannister

Honey Badger Colony

Willie Gay for Pay?

I can’t say I’m proud of this one. But it may be perfect for the right owner in the right league.

And that particular owner will be a dirty bird.

More Funny K.C. Chiefs Fantasy Football Names

Like special teams Pro Bowler Mecole Hardman, good fantasy football team names can be contained under one simple label.

A Hardman is Good to Find

1962 Dallas Texans

This K.C. Chiefs fantasy football name commemorates the franchise’s last season as the Texans and their only championship with that name.

Arrowhead of the Class

The S.Wat Team

Just in case you’re a Sammy Watkins superfan, and you needed the perfect team name.

The Kansas City Chefs

Just one question: who are the Chefs?

Chiefs Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

Now that KC has a Super Bowl ring, everybody’s getting on the Chiefs names bandwagon.

We’re not in Kansas City Anymore

Sail the Open Kelces

‘Reek and Destroy


Moons Over My Sammy

Just in case the last Sammy Watkins name didn’t quite do it for that one superfan out there.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

The dude is an MVP, Super Bowl champ, and he has a name that’s perfect for fantasy team names. Can you be shocked that there are a lot of Mahomes fantasy names out there?

Home or Homes Variants:

  • Mahomes Field Advantage
  • Mahomes is Where the Heart Is
  • Take Mahomes, I’m Drunk
  • Mahomes on the Range
  • Mahomes Depot

My Homies Variants:

  • Pour One Out For Mahomes
  • Rollin With Mahomes
  • Me and Mahomes
  • Mahomes Don’t Play That
  • Mahommie is my Jesus

More Fantasy Name for Fans of NFL Teams

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