Ravens Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Baltimore Fans

Ravens Fantasy Football Names

The Ravens organization is built on the foundation of defense. This is only logical, given that they were intercepted from another city.

This reputation does make it a little strange, though, to see them with the single most dangerous offensive player in football. Lamar Jackson has become the offensive version of Ray Lewis, but minus all the murder stuff.

Here are some Baltimore Ravens fantasy football names to help you kill it this year.

Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Team Names for 2021

As a writer, I think it’s cool that the Ravens named their team after a poem. As a person who was attacked by a flock of ravens as a child, I think it’s weird and upsetting.

I acknowledge that this is probably just a me thing.

Playaction Jackson

Lamar You Not Entertained?

Super Lamario

Lamario would be the name of Mario and Luigi’s baby. And that concept is just plain wrong on so many levels.


Does this mean Just Kidding or J-King? Your call, boss.

Doing Dobbs


Marquise de Saad

S.Wat Team

Master Bateman

Or if you’re a fan of The League, Roster Bateman.

Never Griffinished

Look, I’m as surprised as you are that RG3 is still in the league. 

Ray Lewis’ Limo Service

We’ll pick you up and put you down.

Feeling Good, Lewis

Suggs to be You

And Haloti You Too

Yanda Know Better

Heaps of Fun

Artistic Modellities

This Ravens team name is for all you fantasy owners in grad school.

Lamar Jackson Fantasy Football Names

Here are a few bold predictions for Lamar Jackson:

  • Finishes his career first in Ravens history in passing yards
  • Finishes his career first in rushing yards
  • Finishes his career sixth in receiving yards

Look, I don’t know how he’ll do that last one either. But at this point, I’m putting nothing past him.

Ravens of the Lost Lamarc

Lamar of the Beast

Lamar of the Deal

Lamar You Ready?

Captain Lamarvel

Let me Jax You a Question

Jax to Grind

John Harbaugh Fantasy Football Names

Here’s a shocker: the Harbaugh brothers’ dad was a football coach. You never would’ve guessed it!

Like a Harboss

The Better Harbaughs

No Harb No Foul

Harb the Heralds

Harbie the Love Bug

Harbaughngers of Doom

You could go with Harbaughngers of Victory for this Harbaugh fantasy team name if you’re an optimist. I am not.

Baltimore Ravens Defense Fantasy Names

The Ravens having a good defense is just a thing, like the Patriots winning or the Jaguars being terrible at just about everything.

Tastee Humphreez

Captain Jean-Luc Ricard


Houston, We Have a Raven

Marlon Gone

Fishing for Marlon


Offense. Defense. Lamarlon.

Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

I stole these Ravens fantasy team names from other writers, just like Art Modell stole the Browns from Cleveland.

That’s So Ravens

Stark Raven Mad

Lamar the Merrier

Lamarvel Cinematic Universe

New Jax City

Harbs to Handle

Suggs Not Drugs

Flaccoholics Anonymous

Congratulations on being sober from Joe Flacco since 2018.

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