Falcons Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas for Atlanta Fans

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Falcons Fantasy Football Names
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What’s the greatest moment in Falcons history?

Winning one of those NFC championships? Michael Vick going horizontal?

For my money, it’s whenever they unveiled their uniforms. The Falcons have always looked so fresh and so clean, as some noted ATL natives used to say.

Here are some new Atlanta Falcons fantasy football names as tight as those uniforms.

The Best Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Names

  1. Falcoholics
  2. London Underground
  3. The Fowl Plays
  4. Ridder Me This
  5. Rise of the Falcons
  6. The London Express
  7. Bijan Your Wildest Dreams
  8. Ridders on the Storm
  9. The Money Pitts
  10. London Calling
  11. Pitts Bulls
  12. London’s Legends
  13. The Talented Mr. Ridder
  14. The Pitts of Darkness
  15. Peachy Pitts
  16. The London Eye
  17. London Blitz
  18. Drake it Til’ You Make It
  19. Drake’s Too Good
  20. Ridder’s Believe it or Not

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London Underground

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The Fowl Plays

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Atlanta Falcons Team Names for 2024

The Atlanta Falcons have the easiest schedule in the league for 2024, with opponents having a combined .417 winning percentage in 2022. They’re also considered favorites to win the NFC South, despite their 7-10 record last year.

Can Desmond Ridder step up and push the Dirty Birds into the playoffs? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ridder Me This

This is a Desmond Ridder fantasy team name, but you could easily turn it into a Calvin Ridley name instead.

Rise of the Falcons

This Atlanta Falcons fantasy team name comes with a logo.

Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Name - Rise of the Falcons

The London Express

Bijan Your Wildest Dreams

Ridders on the Storm

The Money Pitts

London Calling

We’ve got more Drake London fantasy names down below.

Pitts Bulls

London’s Legends

The Talented Mr. Ridder

Falcons Fantasy Team Name Idea - The Talented Mr. Ridder

The Pitts of Darkness

Peachy Pitts

Georgia is the Peach State. Kyle Pitts is a stud. Sometimes the names write themselves.

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Drake London Fantasy Football Names

It’s not often you can walk off the draft stage and into a number-one receiver role. We need some Drake London fantasy team names to celebrate the feat.

The London Eye

London Blitz

Drake it Til’ You Make It

Drake’s Too Good

There are a bunch of Drake songs that you could use instead. Other options include:

  • Drake’s Nonstop
  • God’s Plan for Drake
  • Drake Hype
  • Drake’s With You
  • Drake’s Way 2 Sexy
  • Drake’s Fire and Desire
  • Drake Started From the Bottom

Desmond Ridder Fantasy Team Names

Desmond Ridder was a college standout at Cincinnati, starting all four years and earning the conference’s Offensive Player of the Year for two consecutive seasons. Here are some Desmond Ridder fantasy names to prepare for his promising NFL career.

Ridder’s Believe it or Not

The Mind Ridders

Kyle Pitts Fantasy Football Names for 2024

Fun fact: Kyle Pitts was the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history. The Falcons picked him fourth overall in the 2021 draft.

This Team’s the Pitts

KP Duty

Pitts and Giggles

Pitts Always Sunny in Atlanta

Bijan Robinson Fantasy Team Names

Above and Bijan

Bed, Bath, & Bijan

Bijan Mustard

To Infinity and Bijan

To Infinity and Bijan

Hilarious Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Name Ideas

Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

We have an entire article dedicated to Younghoe Koo fantasy football names in 2024.

Blank’s Checks

Fits to a Tee

Tee it Up

Rip Cordarelle

Not a defensive player, but Coradrelle Patterson has been one of the best special teams players in the NFL for the last few seasons.

Cut the Cordarelle

Cut is what you have to do to Cordarelle if you don’t get points for individual special teams players.

Historical Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Names

The Falcons have had some super-talented players. Unfortunately, that past only includes two less-than-super trips to the Super Bowl.

Gurley Birds

Gurley Men

Falcons Fantasy Football Name - Gurley Men

Todd Future


Calvin and Schaubs

Missed Schaubertunity

Schaubservational Comedy

Schaubsolutely Faubulous

Riggsed Game

Jamaltered Beast

Never Dunn

Dunn Did It

Hot Roddy

Is this a reference to cool cars or warm bourbon drinks? Yes.

Reverend Robinson’s Super Bowl Sunday Service

Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Name Generator

Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Falcons Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Like a true falcon, I swooped down and snatched these Falcons fantasy team names up in my talons.

Dirty Birds

Or if this Falcons fantasy name is too simple, Dirty Bird Gets the Worm.

Angry Birdz

King Arthur’s Round Table

I Pitts the Fool

Kibbles and Pitts

Kibbles and Vicks

Schaubshank Redemption

Fantasy Team Names for Other Football Teams

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