Falcons Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Atlanta Fans

Falcons Fantasy Football Names

Did Matt Ryan make Julio Jones great, or did Julio Jones make Matt Ryan great? Or was it just a classic chocolate-and-peanut butter situation?

These next few years are going to help us answer that question, if that’s even possible. Lucky for Matty Ice he’s got Calvin Ridley and friends to help him win the breakup.

So how do you get over an ex? With some hot new Atlanta Falcons fantasy football names, of course.

Atlanta Falcons Team Names for 2021

What’s the greatest moment in Falcons history?

Winning one of those NFC championships? Michael Vick going horizontal? The drafting of Matt Ryan?

For my money, it’s whenever they unveiled their uniforms. The Falcons have always looked so fresh and so clean, as some noted ATL natives used to say.


Flyin’ Ryans

Get Rich or Die Ryan

Ice Guys Finish First

The Talented Mr. Ridley

Ridley’s Believe it or Not

Calvin and Schaubs

Matt Shaub is finally gone, but I like this one too much to give it its release.

JuliOh, No

Say it Aint So, Julio

If you’re more a Julio Jones guy than an Atlanta Falcons guy, don’t sweat it. We’ve got more Julio Jones names over on our Tennessee Titans fantasy names list.

Peachy Pitts

Georgia is the Peach State. Kyle Pitts is their new stud tight end. Sometimes the names just write themselves.

This Team’s the Pitts

Fowler Play

Tyeler the Creator

Duron Duron

Blank’s Checks

Matt Ryan Fantasy Football Names

Matt Ryan owns nearly every Falcons passing record by a margin so wide it’s stupid. There is, however, one important category where Ryan is only tied for first, and that’s total Super Bowls.

Because that number is zero. Sorry if that’s too mean, here are some Matt Ryan fantasy team names to make it up to you.

Tom Clancy’s Matt Ryan

Tom Hanks and Matt Ryan

Ryan to Live

MattStick Men

Matt Cryin’

No one was more hurt by Julio Jones’ trade demand than Matt Ryan. And no one will be more hurt by the actual trade than Ryan’s QBR.

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Football Team Names

Sure, Julio Jones leaving Atlanta hurt in the heart of every Falcons fan. Good thing they can console themselves with a top-5 wide receiver that’s faster, younger, and cheaper.

Ridley or Not


Ridley Me This

The Six Points of Calvinism

This may be the most obscure Falcons team name on this list.

Calvs and Quadrees

Historical Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Names

The Falcons have had some super-talented players. Unfortunately, that past only includes two less-than-super trips to the Super Bowl.

Gurley Birds

Gurley Men

Falcons Fantasy Football Name - Gurley Men

Todd Future

That’s our second Odd Future reference in this article, which has to be a record of some kind.


Missed Schaubertunity

Schaubservational Comedy

Schaubsolutely Faubulous

Riggsed Game

Jamaltered Beast

Never Dunn

Dunn Did It

Hot Roddy

Is this a reference to cool cars or warm bourbon drinks? Yes.

Reverend Robinson’s Super Bowl Sunday Service

Falcons Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Like a true falcon I swooped down and snatched these Falcons fantasy team names up in my talons.


Dirty Birds

Or if this Falcons fantasy name is too simple, Dirty Bird Gets the Worm.

Matty Ice Age

Ridley Me This

Kibbles and Vicks

Schaubshank Redemption

Fantasy Team Names for Other Football Team

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