Falcons Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Atlanta Fans

Updated on July 5th, 2020 by David Sharp
Falcons Fantasy Football Names

So Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have never won an actual championship. However, they have won countless fantasy championships for their owners.

The Falcons have added another former fantasy league-winner in Todd Gurley, assuring they’ll at least be interesting. Is this the season they get their first ring, or will their major victories remain virtual?

Either way, we’ve got a fresh set of Atlanta Falcons fantasy football team names for 2021.

Matt Ryan Fantasy Football Names

Matt Ryan already owns every Falcons passing record by a margin so wide it’s stupid. The only thing he doesn’t own is Super Bowl rings, a fact he shares with every other Falcons quarterback.

Ice Guys Finish First

Get Rich or Die Ryan

Ryan to Live

MattStick Men

Julio Jones Fantasy Football Names

There are some things you just accept as fact. The sun rises in the morning, it sets in the evening, and Julio Jones will be a top-ten wide receiver.

JuLeo the Lion

This Julio Jones fantasy football name is like the astrological sign, or every children’s book lion ever.

Julionly Live Once

Don Julio

Julio? Youlio.

Of course this Julio Jones fantasy name is stupid. But sometimes stupid is just what you’re looking for.

Todd Gurley Fantasy Football Team Names

Todd Gurley is a two-time fantasy point leader who’s joining a prolific offense. He’s also an overused back with a degenerative knee condition that was recently released.

What’s next is anyone’s guess.

Gurley Birds

This Falcons fantasy football name is almost too perfect.

Gurley Men

Falcons Fantasy Football Name - Gurley Men

Todd Future


The Todd Couple

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Football Team Names

There will come a day when someone other than Julio Jones leads the Falcons in catches. Maybe Calvin Ridley is that receiver, and maybe this is that year.

Ridley or Not

Calvin and Schaubs

The two number twos.

Ridley or Not


The Talented Mr. Ridley

Matt Schaub Fantasy Names

What a career. Matt Schaub has gone from falcons backup to journeyman starter, and now back to Atlanta to ride the bench into the sunset.

You could do worse is all I’m sayin’.

Schaubing Around

Waiting for Your Schaubertunity

Schaubservational Comedy

Schaubsolutely Faubulous

Dan Quinn Fantasy Football Names

There is only one coach in history that knows what it feels like to lose a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl. If you’ve seen the size of Dan Quinn’s neck, you’ll understand why no one wants to ask him about it.


DanQ Nugs

Dan Q Schoen

The Mighty Quinn

All I Do Is Quinn

Falcons Defense Fantasy Football Names

Dan Quinn’s Atlanta defenses haven’t had the same success as his Seattle defenses. Maybe it’s because they’ve lacked talent, or perhaps it’s because they’ve needed a sweet nickname like “The Legion of Boom.”

Fowler Play

Tell Me the Trufant

Tyeler the Creator

That’s our second Odd Future reference in this article, which has to be a record of some kind.

Kami Kazees

De’Vonage Cable

Mack Attack

Ok, so Alex Mack isn’t a defensive player. But he is criminally underrated, so I thought he fit in.

Historical Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Names

The Falcons have had some super-talented players. Unfortunately, that past only includes two less-than-super trips to the Super Bowl.

Riggsed Game

Jamaltered Beast

Never Dunn

Hot Roddy

Is this a reference to cool cars or warm bourbon drinks? Yes.

Reverend Robinson’s Super Bowl Sunday Service

Falcons Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Devonta Freeman fantasy football names not included.


Dirty Birds

Or if Falcons fantasy name is too simple, Dirty Bird Gets the Worm.

Matty Ice Age


Julio Let the Dogs Out

The Great CornJulio

Ridley Me This

Kibbles and Vicks

Schaubshank Redemption

Fantasy Team Names for Other Football Team

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