Rams Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for L.A. Fans

Updated on September 26th, 2020 by David Sharp
Rams Fantasy Football Names

The Rams are LA’s team, and you know it’s true.

Regardless of where you are in LA, you always see more Rams jerseys than Chargers jerseys. Even at the Chargers’ games!

With a young and talented core, the Rams are poised to stay LA’s team for a long, long time. Since the Rams are here to stay, here are some Los Angeles Rams fantasy football names to rub in Chargers fans’ faces.

Jared Goff Fantasy Football Names

Jared Goff’s career is off to a great start. But he doesn’t get the same respect as other QBs.

You let Bill Belichick eat your lunch in one Super Bowl and that’s all anyone seems to remember!

Goff and Running

You get it, right? Goff does the throwing and your RBs do the running.

It’s the perfect Goff fantasy name.

On/Goff Switch

Going Goff

Going on the Goffensive

Or Prolific Goffense, Goffensive MVP – you get the idea.

Gofften Enough

Goffly Good

Gofften Imitated, Never Duplicated

Robert Woods Fantasy Football Team Names

Robert Woods is an LA guy. He was born in LA, went to college at USC, and plays professionally for the Rams.

If his career continues on this trajectory, they might as well call it Robbywood.


It’s a pretty good Rams fantasy team name, too. Also, try the derivations HollyWoods or Bobbywood.

Into the Woods

The Hundred Yard Woods

This Robert Wood fantasy name is for all the Winnie the Pooh fans out there in fantasy land. Keep that shit to yourselves.

I’ve Got Woods

‘Bert and Zeurnie

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Names

Fun fact: Cooper Kupp was recently named to the all-dishware team. Other nominees include:

  • Todd Bowles
  • Brandon Spoon
  • Nick Cleaver.

Kuppside down

It’s In the Kupp

Golf lingo.

In my Kupps

Alcoholic lingo.

Kupp My Balls

Pick your favorite combo of balls and Kupps, you savage.

  • Kupp Your Balls
  • Balls in the Kupp
  • Ball Kuppers.

No Gurleys, One Kupp

Speaking of savage, how long are we going to keep referencing that one gross video? At least as long as the puns are this perfect, I guess.

Funny Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Team Names

Pro tip: you can take any of these L.A. Rams names and add your own derivations to make them fit your team, league, or sense of humor. In LA, they just call that a punch-up.

End of Zeurline

Hekker Doggos

Heckin good name, fren.

Malcolm FleX

I hope Malcolm Brown plays well enough to justify this Rams fantasy name. It’s damn good.


You can go Higgs-Beeson if you like that permutation better.

Sean McVay Fantasy Football Team Names

Sean McVay was named Rams head coach at 30 years old. Cool cool cool cool cool said every career offensive and defensive coordinator in the league.

You’re so McVain

McVay of the Dragon

Actually, you can do a bunch of Way of the names:

  • McVay of the Sword
  • McVay of the Gun
  • McVay of the Superior Man
  • McVay of the Samurai
  • McVay of the Warrior

Rams Defense Fantasy Football Team Names

Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald could easily be the top players at their position in the entire NFL. So why is their team defense so bad?

LA Ramseys

Ramsey’s Rams

The Aaron of Grievances

Because Festivus falls during football season.

The Donald

Aaron Defense

Aaron defense, a pass defense, all the defenses.

The Brave Weddle Taylor

Two in one blow.


Ok, so Josh Reynolds isn’t a defensive player. But the pun was too spot-on not to ignore.

Historical LA Rams Fantasy Football Team Names

The Rams organization has a great history. Not all of it revolves around change-of-address forms.

The Faulk In Our Stars

Early Warner System

Warner Before It’s Too Late

Bulger In My Pants

Bruced to It

Bruced Egos

Isaac at Fantasy Football

That’s a self-burn.

LA Rams Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

In LA, it’s not called plagiarism. It’s called un homage.

God Bless Ramerica

Or Goff Bless Ramerica, depending on your particular religion.

Sacrificial Rams

Ramming It In

The Goffather

Goffam City

Jerkin Goff

Shake it Goff

This Rams fantasy name is for fans of both T-Swift and G-Slow.

Kupp, Kupp, and Away

My Kupp Runneth Over

Though mostly he receiveth over.

Akeelah and the Higbee

Bad Rapp

What the Hekker

Unsinkable Malcolm Brown

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