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Texans Fantasy Football Names
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Houston Texans is kind of a weird team name, isn’t it? I can’t think of any other team that follows the City Name-State Name formula.

That’d be like an NFL team named the New Orleans Louisianans or Cincinnati Ohioans. Sure, “Texans” has a better ring to it. But still, pretty strange.

These Houston Texans fantasy football names celebrate the good, the bad, and the weird of football in the Lonestar state.

The Best Houston Texans Fantasy Football Names

  1. Houstoned Texans
  2. Houston, We Have A Problem
  3. Tex Support
  4. Houtopia
  5. Stroud Wars: A New Hope
  6. Texan Drive
  7. Our Neck of Texas
  8. I’ve Got Woods
  9. Don’t Mess with Texans
  10. DM Me
  11. Metchie Match
  12. The Metchie and Scratchy Show
  13. Hou and Cry
  14. Texy Beasts
  15. Houston of a Gun
  16. Into the Woods
  17. The Hundred Yard Woods
  18. License to Mills
  19. Hou Stink
  20. Houston of a B I’m Rick and Morty

Houston Texans Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Houstoned Texans

Submitted by Morton
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Houston Texans Fantasy Names

Houston, We Have A Problem

Submitted by Ian
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Tex Support

Submitted by Alice
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Houston Texans Fantasy Team Names for 2024

The Texans franchise is still trying to get back some sense of normalcy after the last few years. Some franchise cornerstones departed on their own, and some were, shall we say, rubbed out.

No, on second thought we probably shouldn’t say that. But at least Deshaun Watson is someone else’s problem now.


I love this Texans fantasy team name. It’s wholesome, optimistic, and yet still a very stupid pun.

Stroud Wars: A New Hope

We have another article dedicated entirely to Star Wars fantasy team name ideas.

Houston Texans Fantasy Name - Stroud Wars

Texan Drive

Don’t text and drive, do Texan Drive.

Our Neck of Texas

Because have you seen Davis Mills’ neck?

I’ve Got Woods

Don’t Mess with Texans

Houston Texans Fantasy Football Name - Don't Mess with Texans


We’ve got even more Davis Mills fantasy team names down below.

Metchie Match

The Metchie and Scratchy Show

Hou and Cry

This Houston Texans fantasy football team name is both classic fancy talk and an apt description of too many Texans games.

Texy Beasts

Houston Texans Team Names - Texy Beasts

Houston of a Gun

Into the Woods

The Hundred Yard Woods

This Robert Wood fantasy name is for all the Winnie the Pooh fans out there in fantasy land.

License to Mills

Hou Stink

Or if that’s not sassy enough for you, Hou Suck.

Houston of a B I’m Rick and Morty

Getting the KubiAx

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C.J. Stroud Fantasy Football Name Ideas

C.J. Stroud holds the record at Ohio State for the most passing yards in a game, a whopping 573 yards. And he had two games where he threw six touchdowns.

Here are some C.J. Stroud fantasy team names to kick off a long and storied career.

The Stroud Boys

Stroud 9

The Stroud Goes Wild

Dameon Pierce Fantasy Football Names

Dameon Pierce has been a dominant running back at every level. In high school, he rushed for an astonishing 6,779 yards and 92 touchdowns!

Here are some Dameon Pierce fantasy team names for 2024 leagues.

Pierce the Veil

The Pierced Nips

Pierce & the Fierce

Piercing the D

Davis Mills Fantasy Team Names

Davis Mills was put in a tough spot, and he actually handled it pretty well. Here are some Davis Mills team names to pay him back for sticking it out.

Mills Communication

Slide Into My DMs

The DM Slide

Extraterrestrial Davisitation

Houston Texans Fantasy Football Name Generator

Houston Texans Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Dalton Schultz Fantasy Team Names

Inspired by the multi-talented tight end Dalton Schultz, here’s a roundup of several names that fuse fun, football, and a sprinkle of Schultz’s unique story.

Block Party Schultz

Honoring Schultz’s remarkable skills as a run-blocking tight end, this fantasy team name idea highlights your intention to block anyone in the league from overtaking you.

Q-Collar Texans

This fantasy name highlights the Q-Collar that Schultz wears, symbolizing a protective and resilient nature.

Mid-Practice Miracles

A tribute to the time when the birth of Schultz’s child interrupted Cowboys’ practice.

Schultz’s Shockers

Stanford Shields

A nod to Schultz’s alma mater and his prowess in run-blocking

Lovie Smith Fantasy Team Names

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Lovie Smith in a head coaching gig. Is he the guy to right the Texans ship, or will he come and go as fast as David Culley?

Lovie’s Country Store

Lovie’s All You Need

Lovie’s Blind

Lovie’s Labours Lost

I Lovie Texas

Houston Texans Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

So the Texans’ colors are Battle Red, Liberty White, and Deep Blue Steel. That’s right, their last color is essentially a Zoolander joke.

Also, why does every NFL team have cute names their colors? Are red, white, and blue just too basic?

Anyhow, old man rant over. Here’s one last set of Houston Texans fantasy team names.

Hou Oughta Be in Pictures

Deshonerable Discharge

The Massagynist

General Mills

Money Mills

Mills Mafia

Big Mack Attack

Mack Street Boyz

Andre the Giant Johnson

Is it juvenile? Sure. As a pun, you have to admit it’s pretty solid – pun distinctly not intended.

I Love Having Rex but I’d Rather Get Burkhead

Shout out to Academy Award winners Three 6 Mafia.

Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Teams

If the Texans aren’t your team, here are some NFL team name articles for every other club.

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