Vulgar Fantasy Football Team Names – Dirty, Raunchy, & NSFW Ideas for 2022

Updated on May 14th, 2022 by David Sharp
Vulgar Fantasy Football Team Names

For some fantasy football leagues, you want your team name to sound witty and fun. On the other end of the spectrum, some leagues expect vulgar fantasy football team names – and the raunchier, the better.

Admittedly, these aren’t the smartest fantasy football names. And I can’t say I’m proud of all of them.

But here they are, over one hundred of the dirtiest, most offensive fantasy football team names to use at your discretion (but maybe not for the office league). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Vulgar Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022

It’s 2022 and the PC police are lurking around every corner. If your league host won’t permit low-brow humor in your fantasy football league name, then lowering the bar with your team name is the only solution.

Let’s start this year with the dirtiest of the dirties.

1. TimeToSee Tit Tans

2. Washing Foreskins

3. Steeler Virginity

Note that we are choosing not to add a Ben Roethlisberger joke here. But if you’re curious, we’ve got a section dedicated entirely to Ben Roethlisberger fantasy team names.

4. Heinie Feeled

Or here.

5. JAX Off

6. Draguars


7. Sex DALs

Real Sex DALs, Living Sex DALs, etc. You get it.

Quarterback-themed Offensive Fantasy Football Team Names

8. Dak Off

9. Dak Head

10. Jack Goff

Yes, that’s already our third jack-off reference. And I can’t promise there won’t be more.

11. Resting Mitch Face

12. AssFoles

13. Brees Nutz

14. Realistic Sex Dalton

15. Minscaping

You need a Gardener to take care of that bush.

16. JacksOn, Jacks Off

That’s a Lamar Jackson joke, a karate kid joke, and our fourth jack-off joke all rolled into one.

We’ve got plenty more of these in our dedicated article for Lamar Jackson fantasy name ideas.

17. Take Off Your Pants and L-Jax It

For the record, I count this more as a Blink-182 joke than a jack-off joke.

Dirty Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2022 Season

18. Double D Kupps

19. No Fournette Play

20. Landrey’s Nutz

It’s turning into a race to see if there will be more Deez Nutz names or jack-off jokes.

21. Chris Godamn

22. Get it Ingram

23. Chris Carson of a Bitch

Or just Chris CarSonofa if you like to keep it tight.

24. I Did it All For the Nuk

25. Josh JackOffs

And that’s our fifth jack off-based name, for those keeping score.

26. Kamara Up and See Me Sometime

You’d be the only kid on your block with a Mae West-themed team name, that’s for sure.

28. BJ Chark

28. DJ Shart

29. Robert Woody

Robert Gives Me Woods, etc… This one you probably could have figured out on your own.

30. Kittle’s Bits

31. Austin Pooper

32. James Conner Into Bed

Conner Into Bed, Steeler Virginity?

Raunchy New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names

When raunchy Robert Craft is involved, you know the team names are going to be adult-only.

33. Bundchen’s Bitch

34. I Love Having Rex, But I’d Rather Get Burkhead

35. Bradeez Nutz

That’s a third Deez Nutz ref, just to keep things interesting.

36. Go Wilfork Yourself

37. Choking the Belichicken

This nasty team name is both funny and horrifying.

38. Illegal Pat-Down

If you like these names, check out our 60+ New England Patriots Fantasy Team Names.

Crude Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Team Names

Sure, I picked an easy target with the Browns. Expect this collection of raunchy fantasy team names to grow quite quickly.

39. Cleveland Brown Noise

40. Nick Chubby

41. Nick Chubby Chaser

If you like this filthy fantasy name, you’ll love other dirty Nick Chubb fantasy team names.

42. Baker Mayfield You Up

43. Odelling in the Canyon

Inappropriate Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Team Names

44. Highway To HElway

45. Mile High Stadium Club

46. Hung Like a Bronco

47. Bradley’s Chubb

48. Philip Lindsay (She’s Been Asking for It)

You can also make it Philip Lindsay Lohan (She’s Been Asking for It) if you want to get personal about it.

49. Sutton My Face

This song will get stuck in your opponents’ heads easier than Baby Shark.

Dirty Defensive Player Fantasy Football Team Names

Because you guys in the IDP leagues need some love too.

50. Flexur Cocks

If you’re using the Philly defensive linemen.

51. JJ Twatt

Or TJ Twatt, Dereck Twatt, or even Twatt Brothers.

52. Mack Your Bitch Up

A bit of a rude team name in the #MeToo error. But rest assured, I’m harmless.

53. Return of the Mack

54. Danielle MILF Hunter

Or Danielle Bitch Hunter if you want to make an obscure 30 Rock reference.

55. We’re All Gonna Get Calaised

56. Tre DeFlowers

57. Peppers Spray

58. Darius Leonard Part 6

In case you wondering why this name is on the list:

59. Myles Jack Off

I mean, we couldn’t pass up a sixth time

60. Chunging Cock

Maybe the grossest name on this list.

61. Mathieused Rubber

Never mind, this is the grossest.

Dark Fantasy Football Team Names

62. Aaron Hernandez’ Taxi Service

We’ll pick you up and drop you!

63. Kellen Hits a New Winslow

64. Nation’s Capital Racial Slurs

Here are even more political and Donald Trump team names.

65. Adrian BeatYerSon

66. Alshon Jeffrey Didn’t Kill Himself

If you’re still looking for an Iggles-themed name for your 2022 fantasy team, check out our list of Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names.

Old School NSFW Fantasy Football Team Names

These offensive fantasy names are a bit dated, but even in 2022 they still hold up.

67. Fred Smoot’s Boat Rentals

68. Vick Brothers Obedience School

69. Ron Mexico’s Taco Stand and Free Clinic

Papusas and pap smears!

70. Suck My Ditka

71. Shannon Shart

72. Chris Carter’s Fall Guy

73. Faulk Off

74. Favre Got Dick Picked Off

75. Marino Means No

You could also go with No Marinos No. Whichever you prefer.

76. Joey Wants a Kiss

Still one of the most cringy moments in TV history.

Pot-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names

These badass fantasy team names are still inappropriate in most states. But maybe one day we’ll look back on these, and they’ll seem quite normal.

77. James Winstoned

You know what they say: you Winstoned, you lose stoned.

78. Aaron Jonesing

If that’s too simple, you could also go with Aaron Jonesing For a Hit (or Fix, but Hit is more on-point, football-wise.

79. Julio Jonesing

Or, for that matter, Ronald Jonesing, Marvin Jonesing, or Daniel Jonesing. You get it.

80. Budda Baker’s Edibles

81. Smoke a Bowe

Classic Vulgar Fantasy Football Team Names

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite dirty fantasy football team names culled from around the web. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings if you choose one of them instead of one of the ones that I wrote.

82. Show Me Your TD’s

83. Two Gurleys, One Kupp

I will not be linking to the reference point for this name, and you’re welcome for that.

84. My Ball Zach Ertz

85. Golden Showers

86. Golden Taint

Vulgar Fantasy Team Name - Golden Taint

87. Hyde the Salami

88. Baby Got Dak

89. Turn Your Head and Goff

90. Little Red Fournette

It’s only dirty if you read the lyrics of the song.

91. Fournettecation

92. Touchdowns Syndrome

93. Cam on Your TD’s

94. Wendell’s Got Smallwood

95. Hard Gore Porn

Frank Gore will still be in the league once we’re all dead and buried.

96. Amari Pooper

97. Kissing Cousins

98. Witten Your Pants

99. Wham Bam Thank You Graham

100. Fill My Lips Rivers

101. OJ Howard Is Khloe’s Dad

102. Oops I Crapped My Fants


Oh, and just for the record, the final score is Jack-Off Jokes: 6, Deez Nutz Names: 3. Because I know you are invested in that narrative.

More Dirty Team Name Ideas?

If you have more ideas for obscene, filthy, and vulgar fantasy team names, tell me about them in the comments below. I’ll add the really good ones to this list.

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