Broncos Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Denver Fans

Updated on July 5th, 2020 by David Sharp
Denver Broncos Fantasy Team Names

Mile high salutations, Denver fans! It’s exciting to breathe crisp mountain air and drink the orange and blue Kool-Aid because the Broncos are relevant again.

Denver has exciting young QB, up-and-coming fantasy stars at wide receiver, running back, and tight end. And the Joe Flacco era has ended. Things are looking up!

Here are some brand new Denver Broncos fantasy football team names that celebrate the start of a new era at Invesco. I mean Sports Authority. I mean Empower.

I’m still getting used to it. That’s how new it is.

Drew Lock Fantasy Football Names

It’s always exciting when a new player emerges, both as a fantasy player and as a fantasy team name writer. I get to be the first one to make all of the obvious Drew Lock puns!

Stone Cold Locks

Locked In

Locked and Loaded

Three Locko

Because Lock wears number three, and Four Loko makes Broncos games go faster (and slower) at the same time.

Locking Good

Bagels and Locks

And the bagels are the other teams’ scores? Because our defense is good? Does that read?

Phillip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon Fantasy Team Names

They have to learn to share time in the backfield, so they may as well start by sharing this subsection.

PhilLip Service

Lindecision 2020

LindSay Anything

For all you romantics out there.

Gordon, Gordoff

Gordon the Fence

Gordon’s Geckos


Courtland Sutton Fantasy Names

Courtland made his first Pro Bowl in 2019. And that was with Joe Flacco as his quarterback most of the year.


Court’s Authority

Or is that a touchy subject, Broncos fans?

Order in the Courtland

Sutton Death

Courting Death

I’m not trying to be morbid, but two death puns just happen to work with his name.

Suttonly, Last Summer

Maybe you’re a Broncos fan, a fantasy owner, and Mr. Tennessee Williams aficionado.

Suttonly Susan

Maybe you’re a Broncos fan, a fantasy player, and a Ms. Brooke Shields aficionado.

Sutton My Facemask

Or maybe you’re a Broncos fan, a fantasy player, and an aficionado of gross puns.

Noah Fant Fantasy Football Names

Bold prediction time: this is the year that Noah Fant gains 10-team relevance.

The Fants Go Marching

Noah’s Lock

This Broncos fantasy name especially well if you’re rostering Fant and Lock together.

Noah Fantasy Football

Difficulty-wise, this is the extra point of fantasy football team names.

Brandon McManus Fantasy Names

One of the lesser-known rules of fantasy is you never bet against a Mile High kicker. Another is to beware of the owner who named his team after the kicker.

Because that dude is crazy.

You the McManus

McManus About Town

Big McManus On Campus

Of Wolfe and McManus

To most of you, this means nothing. But some Metallica-loving, Broncos die-hard just found his soul name.

Von Miller Fantasy Team Names

I’ll spare you Von Miller Time for the umpteenth time. In the words of my wife, who doesn’t play fantasy: “If they can’t get Von Miller Time on their own, they don’t deserve to have a team”.

Got Miller?

Mill Communication

If you like this Broncos fantasy football name, then you’ll probably also dig this review of Ill Communication.

Von Down by the River

Say it with me now:

Von in 60 Seconds

Von Like Donkey Kong

The Von Millagro Beanfield War

Any other fans of the 1974 book turned 1988 movie about water rights in New Mexico out there? No? Just me?

Denver Broncos Defense Fantasy Names

Because it’s ok to have an Orange Crush on players other than Von Miller.

Orange is the New Sack

Chubb Chasers

Maximum Derek Wolf

Broncos Fantasy Football Name

The Defensive Team of Harris, Harris, Harris, and Harris

Seriously, the Broncos have a lot of guys named Harris.

John Elway Fantasy Team Names

John Elway: the Broncos greatest quarterback and okayest executive.

Elway or the Highway

Do it John’s way or get the Flacco out of here.

Yankees 2nd Rounders

Dude had a .896 OPS in his one season of minor league ball. Pretty legit.

Elway Homers

This Broncos fantasy team name works in a few different ways:

  • You’re a homer, one who roots for the home team.
  • Elway was a baseball player (see above).
  • Homer is a term for a joke that someone gets on their way home, much like this far too complicated name.

Elway’s Helicopters

The ride may be bumpy, but he gets you there.

Classic Broncos Fantasy Names

Over the years, there have been some criminally-underappreciated Broncos greats. Naming your fantasy football team after one of them is the least you could do to honor their legacy.

Barrell Man-iacs


Like Wahlburgers, but better at stopping the run.

New Schlereth in Town

Terrell or Not Terrell

Single Elamination

I also like the variation Single Elam Nation

McCafferey’s Mustard

Seriously, that stuff was as good as Eddie Mac’s 2000 season.

Griese Chicken

Floyd’s Little Barber Shop

Looking Sharpe

Sharpe Dressed Men

You even get your very own theme song:

The Best Broncos Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

If you haven’t seen anything you like so far, here are some options from other writers that may tickle your fetlocks.

Bronc to the Future

Denver Mint

Orange Crushing It

Hot Chubb Time Machine

Full Chubb

Am I proud to include this name on the list? No. Are some of you animals going to use it? Ask Patrice:

NFL Fantasy Names for NFL Teams

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