Raiders Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for Las Vegas Fans

Raiders Fantasy Football Names

I’m still getting used to saying the Las Vegas Raiders, but I think I might like it.

Vegas is crazy, Raiders fans are extra crazy.

Vegas has unique fashion, Mark Davis’ hair is the uniquest fashion.

Here are some fresh Las Vegas Raiders fantasy football names to celebrate this match made in heaven. Or, if not heaven, at least an all-night drive-through wedding chapel.

Viva Las Raiders!

Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Names for 2023

It remains to be seen which side of Las Vegas the Raiders will end up resembling. Will they represent the glitzy, glamorous Las Vegas of the strip?

Or are they going to be more akin to the Naked City side of Vegas? It’s a roll of the dice.

DA’s Office


This one is primed for photoshopping.

I’m Wall In

Just Joshing

Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt

Carr D B

René D Carr

Just in case you happen to be in a league of fancy-pants college boys.

Be Carrful

Kenyan Dig It?

Swing from the Chandlers

Renfrow Me the Damn Ball

Hunter the Hungry

Maxximum Effort

Take it to the Maxx

Mullen It Over

Davante Adams Fantasy Football Team Names

Fun fact: after a touchdown in college, Davante Adams once performed the complete choreography for Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz. Less fun fact: I made that up because I don’t have any fun facts about Davante Adams.

Davantaste of Things to Come


Adamsight Better

Because Devante is a damn sight better than any wide receiver the Raiders have had in a long time.

Devantailor Made

Don’t Davantase Me, Bro

Darren Waller Fantasy Team Names

What kind of Kool-Aid does a 27-year-old career backup have to drink to turn into a top-5 TE overnight? Follow-up question: where can I get some of that?

Build the Waller


Tear Down that Waller


Waller of Sound


Waller Atcha


Josh Jacobs Fantasy Football Names

Everyone talks about Josh Jacobs like he’s wasted his potential these first few years in the league. Meanwhile all he’s done is pile up yards from scrimmage and finish in RB1-RB2 territory every season.

If that’s wasted potential, just think of the numbers he could put up if he ever puts it all together.

Josh Kosh B’Gosh

This Josh Jacobs fantasy team name is for the dads out there.

LL Cool Jacobs

Let’s face it, at this point this one’s probably for the dads as well.

Corn on the Jacobs

JJ’s Boulangerie

This is a deep Vegas cut. But if you’ve ever stayed at the Paris casino, then you get it.

Derek Carr Fantasy Football Names

Derek Carr is an enigma: is he young or old? Good or bad? Well consider these stats:

  • He’s the Raiders’ all-time leader in passing yards, but also in QB losses
  • He has a miserable 4.3% TD rate and an incredible 1.9% INT rate
  • I still call him David sometimes

Sports Carr

Putting D Carr Before D Horse

No Carrgument

The Carr of War

After The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

The Carr of the Deal

After The Art of the Deal by Son Sue.

Kenyan Drake Fantasy Team Names

Kenyan Runner

Drake Malfoy

Kenyonder Mountain String Band

Kenyan and Barbie

Historical Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Names

These are excellent Raiders fantasy team names if you need to prove to Raider Nation that you deserve spiked shoulder pads.

Historical Raiders Fantasy Football Names

Howie Long John Silver and Black

We Were Robbinsed

Being Robbinsed is a lot like being robbed, except the only person you’re stealing from is yourself.

Lamonica Solo

This is a pretty good pun that I guarantee you won’t get its due.

Marcus the Beast

Because seriously, the dude was a beast back before we called people that.

JaMarc of the Beast

The curse of JaMarcus Russell will follow the Raiders forever.

GruDen of Wolves

Cult of Chucky

You’re forgiven if you didn’t actually know that this was a film.

Motley Grü

John Gruden was an NFL coach for over 20 years. Yet somehow, he still looks like the video room intern.

Raiders Fantasy Names for Jon Gruden

Raiders Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

I’ve picked out some great fantasy football team names from the minds of Raider Nation. Because some of the other stuff in those minds gets weird.

Raiders of the Lost Yard

Darth Raider


Davante’s Inferno

The Adams Family


Dude, Where’s My Carr

How are we, as a society, still referencing this film?

Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt

And they said the perfect pun doesn’t exist.

Chucky Part II


Witten Protection Program

At Witten’s End

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