Colts Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Indianapolis Fans

Updated on July 5th, 2020 by David Sharp
Colts Fantasy Football Names

Andrew Luck’s retirement felt like the Colt’s fiancée dumped them right before the wedding. I guess that makes poor Jacoby Brissett the rebound boyfriend (just like in 2017 when the Colts and Luck were “taking a break”).

Now the Colts are starting a new relationship with one Mr. Phillip Rivers. Sure, he’s a little older. But who knows, maybe it could lead to something serious?

To celebrate this budding relationship, here’s a fresh batch of Indianapolis Colts fantasy football names for 2021.

Philip Rivers Fantasy Football Team Names

Philip Rivers has put up some pretty incredible career numbers. Is Indy where he finally ices his Hall of Fame credentials?

PhilLip Service

A Rivers Runs Through It

This Colts fantasy name is ironic, really. For all of Phillip Rivers’ many talents, I don’t know anyone that would say running is among them.

Riversing the Aging Process

Lucky Rivers

A common poker term meaning that you got a good card late in the hand. That could also describe the Colts’ acquisition of Rivers.

Wabash Rivers

Now that’s an inside Indiana name. You could go more in-depth with White Rivers. But that might be getting edgy for some leagues.

Wabash Rivers - Colts Fantasy Football Name

T.Y. Hilton Fantasy Football Team Names

Paris and Nikki’s brother from another mother has also compiled some pretty decent stats for himself. He may never reach Harrison-Wayne levels, but he will certainly go down as the best wide receiver of the Luck era.

Thank You, Hilton

TY is the standard abbreviation for “thank you”. And that’s fitting because he deserves Colts fans’ gratitude for his years of service.

TYte Fit

To the Hilton

Hiltons of Fun

You could combine two of our Colts name ideas here: HilTons of TYs.

TYger King

Brace yourselves. The flood of Tiger King fantasy football team names are coming!

Marlon Mack Fantasy Football Team Names

Marlon Mack put together consecutive, solid fantasy seasons. Is this the year he finally attains true RB1 (or at least rock-solid RB2) status?

Return of the Mack

Marlon Fishing

Macksimum Effort

Mack Truck

Macksed Out

Holy Mack-erel!

Mack Out Sesh


Colts Defense Fantasy Football Names

It seems like the Colts’ best defensive option is a great quarterback. Now that Justin Houston and Darius Leonard here, the Colts finally have legit defensive talent.

Houston, We Have the Solution

DeForest and DeTrees

Darius, Buckner, Houstie, and the Blowfish

Colt Shoulder

Leonard, Part 53

A fantastic Colts team name, unless for some reason you didn’t want to reference the works of Bill Cosby.

Andrew Luck Fantasy Football Names

The real question post-retirement: What happens to Andrew Luck’s neckbeard?

Neckbeard - Colts Fantasy Football Name

Luck Ran Out

Lucked Out

Out of Luck

No Lucks to Give

Luck Off

Unlucky Horseshoes

Lame Luck

Peyton Manning Fantasy Football Team Names

Is it safe for Colts fans to name their fantasy teams after Peyton again?

Manning Brothers Retirement Home

Someone, please make this Colts fantasy football name into a t-shirt.

Manning the Guns

Or Manning Your Battle Stations.

Manning Down

The previous name’s corollary, Never Leave a Manning Behind.

A Real Manning

Manning Pacquiao

This Indianapolis Colts fantasy football name is begging for a gross photochop.

Historical Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Names

Indy has essentially had two quarterbacks over the last decade (sorry again, Jacoby). Here’s a nod to some of the franchise’s non-quarterbacks.

Living on the Edgerrin

Saturday Dwight’s All Right for Freeny

For those struggling to keep up, this Colts fantasy name combines these greats:

Dungy Beetles

For such a classy dude, this is a seriously gross Colts fantasy team name idea. But maybe you party like that?

Colts Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

Lo, just as Indianapolis swiped the Colts from Baltimore, so we too have brought the web’s best Colts names to you now.

Colt Following

Unitas We Stand

Big Mack Attack

Mack Street Boyz

Hilton Honors Club

Suit and TY

My Cousin Vinatieri

Dungys and Dragons

Make it Wayne

O’Doyle Rules!

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