Colts Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Indianapolis Fans

Updated on August 28th, 2021 by David Sharp
Colts Fantasy Football Names

Andrew Luck retires unexpectedly.

The Colts bring in Philip Rivers, he retires.

What has happened to the Colts quarterbacks, and does Carson Wentz need to be worried?

Hopefully, this is just a fluke and Wentz can enjoy a long, healthy career in Indy. What’s that? He got hurt before even playing a game? Uh oh…

Here’s a new set of Indianapolis Colts fantasy football names to help encourage Mr. Wentz to stick around.

Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Names for 2021

Johnny Unitas had Raymond Berry. Andrew Luck had T.Y. Hilton. Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

Who’s Carson Wentz’s partner in crime going to be? Here’s a mean guess: whoever he is, he’s not on the roster yet.

Colt Shoulder

Colt Following

Or Colt Leaders if you want to be bold.

Oh, I Wentz There

The Wentz and Future King

Carson City

Taylor Made

Feeling Hiemotional

Hiemergency Room

Return of the Mack

Marlon Mack had put together consecutive solid fantasy seasons before his achilles came calling. Can he return to RB2 levels, or has JT taken his thunder?

Mack Truckin’

Macksimum Effort

I Like Reich

Manning Brothers Retirement Home

Someone, please make this Colts fantasy football name into a t-shirt.

Unitas Front

A Rivers Runs From It

Riversing the Aging Process

Unlucky Rivers

Luck Ran Out

No Lucks to Give

Carson Wentz Fantasy Football Team Names

Boy, Carson Wentz has had a wild ride so far. From premium draft pick, to ascendent starter, to missing the Super Bowl, and all of a sudden being replaced.

Maybe the City of Quarterbacks is just what he needs to reestablish his value. Or maybe he’ll be the next victim of whatever curse befell Luck and Rivers.

Came and Wentz

Wentzday Addams

This Piggy Wentz to Market

Wentzlevania 6-5000

I’m not sure if this is a Young Frankenstein reference, a Jeff Goldblum reference, or a Glen Miller reference, but either way, it’s way too old for the vast majority of people reading this article.

T.Y. Hilton Fantasy Football Team Names

TY is short for thank you, which is fitting given TY Hilton’s many years of outstanding service to the Colts.

Thank You, Hilton

TYte Fit

To the Hilton

Hiltons of Fun

You could combine two of our Colts name ideas here: HilTons of TYs.

TYger King

If you’re looking for more Tiger King fantasy team names, check out our full list here.

Colts Defense Fantasy Football Names

Historically, the Colts’ best defensive option has been a great quarterback. Now that Darius Leonard and DeForest Buckner are here, maybe the Colts D can be scary on its own.

DeForest and DeTrees

Young Buckners

Hello Kwity

Paye the Man

Leonard, Part 53

A fantastic Colts team name, unless for some reason you didn’t want to reference the works of Bill Cosby.

Andrew Luck Fantasy Football Names

The real question post-retirement: What happens to Andrew Luck’s neckbeard?

Out of Luck

Lucked Out

Luck Off

Unlucky Horseshoes

Lame Luck

Peyton Manning Fantasy Football Team Names

Now that he’s in the Hall it’s officially safe for Colts fans to name their fantasy teams after Peyton again.

Manning Pacquiao

This Indianapolis Colts fantasy football name is begging for a gross photochop.

Manning the Gun

Or Manning Your Battle Stations.

Manning Down

Never Leave a Manning Behind

A Real Manning

Historical Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Names

Here’s a nod to some of the franchise’s non-quarterbacks.

Living on the Edgerrin

Saturday Dwight’s All Right for Freeny

For those struggling to keep up, this Colts fantasy name combines these greats:

Dungy Beetles

For such a classy dude, this is a seriously gross Colts fantasy team name idea. But maybe you party like that?

Marvin’s Room

Wayney Days

Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Team Names from Around the Internet

Lo, just as Indianapolis swiped the Colts from Baltimore, so too have we swiped the best Colts fantasy team names.

Hilton Honors Club

Suit and TY

Big Mack Attack

Mack Street Boyz

Unitas We Stand

My Cousin Vinatieri

Dungys and Dragons

Make it Wayne

Fantasy Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Teams

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