Cowboys Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for Dallas Fans

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Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names

The Dallas Cowboys are expected to take a step back for the 2023 season after winning 12 games last season. It was a strange season where the offense tangibly felt the loss of Amari Cooper despite ranking fourth in points scored.

But even with lowered expectations, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun in 2023! If you’re looking for some funny and interesting Cowboys fantasy football team names, we’ve got you covered!

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names for 2023

The Cowboys finally got that sweet road playoff victory in 2022, their first since 1992! Let’s see if they can build on that in 2023.

Dak Street Boys and N’Zeke

CeeDee Drive

See kids, a CD drive was a thing that computers used to – you know what, never mind. I’m just making myself sound old.

More CeeDee Lamb fantasy names are further down.

Cowboys On the Side

Cowboyz’ in the Hood

The Boys are Prime

Cowboys Don’t Cry

Dak’s Amore

Fowler Play

Cookin’ With Gas

Ezekiel’s Bread

Dakording to Jim

This one could be pretty memeable. Dak’s face + Jim Belushi’s body = comedy bronze.

Schultz Have Known Better

Kiss the Cook

Schultz I Stay or Schultz I Go Now?

Cowboys and Robbers

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Back Dallass Up

This Dallas fantasy team name is just a message that one should support their team and nothing more.

Anger Management

DallAiks CowTroys

For Whom the Ball Tols

This Jalen Tolbert fantasy team name is an idea for your dynasty players out there.


Robocop did technically come back from the dead. Romo not so much.

Staubach in the Saddle

The Jukin’ Jakes

Here’s another potential idea for dynasty league players who are Cowboys’ die-hards, specifically for their 4th-round pick Jake Ferguson.

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Name Generator

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Zeke and Destroy

Submitted by: Gerald M.

Check Deez Nutz

Submitted by: King Bill

Dak in the Saddle Again

Submitted by: DM

Big Dak Energy

Submitted by: Derek Reynolds

One Two Micah’s coming for you

Submitted by: MayorPayer

CeeDee Burning

Submitted by: DS3

Dropping Da Micah!!

Submitted by: Big Tex

America’s Fantasy Team

Submitted by: Dale Hill

Dak Cooks Lamb

Submitted by: Ryan O’Neal

Dak Prescott Fantasy Football Names

In 2022, Dak proved he can win in the playoffs- at least once. He’ll need to push them further in 2023 if he wants to stay in the fan’s good graces.

If Dak is your stud in 2023, check out our article dedicated entirely to Dak Prescott fantasy team names.

Prescott Your Luck

No whammies!

Dax Man

Dakumentary Now!

Dak Prescott Bush

Presscott’s Paper Towels

Dak Kine

Aloha! to my Hawaiian Cowboys fans.

Dak Chronic

And sup to my pothead Cowboys fans.

Dakcidentally in Love

And finally, hi to my Counting Crowboys, which also happens to be a solid Dallas Cowboys fantasy team name.

Cowboys Backfield Fantasy Team Names

If you want more team name ideas from the Cowboys’ stable, we’ve got an entire article of nothing but Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football names.

On the other hand, you may be looking for some fresh Tony Pollard fantasy team names. If that’s the case, well, you’re a gambler, my friend – but you’ve earned my respect.

Zeked Out the Win

Kiel Over

The Kiellers

There are tons of other possible Kieller team names:

  • Kielling It
  • Kieller Instinct
  • The Kieller Next Door
  • The Kieller Inside Me
  • Kieller Instinct 

Stripper Pollard

TP Roll

PolLard Butts

CeeDee Fantasy Names for 2023

CeeDee Lamb played big in 2023, almost tripling the yardage of the next-best wide receiver on the roster. He played so well, he earned his very own article: Cee Dee Lamb fantasy football names.

But here are a few more names if you’re too lazy to click that link.

Lamb Roast


Lambskin Larges

CeeDee’s Nutz

Most of you probably hate this Cowboys fantasy name. But there are a few hard-core freaks out there that are into it – maybe too much.

Brandin Cooks Fantasy Football Team Names

Did I steal some of these from our Dalvin Cook fantasy team names article? A chef never reveals his secrets.

Brandin Management

Brandin New Day

Brandin Iron

Too Many Cooks

Still nightmare fuel to this day.

Sunday Cook Out

Cook Line and Sinker

Cook’s in the Kitchen

Suck My Cook

Micah Parsons Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Here are some fun, creative fantasy football team names based on Micah Parsons, the talented linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Micah’s Pride

This Parsons fantasy name idea references Parsons’ nickname, “The Lion,” showcasing the power and ferocity of a lion leading its pride. It also doubles as a reflection of your pride in having Micah on your team.

Pass Rush Limbrawlers

This name is a funny twist on Parsons’ other nickname, “Pass Rush Limbaugh,” adding a touch of combativeness that’s inherent in the sport of football. Go forth and brawl, Cowboys!

MAGA (Micah’s Always Gonna Advance) Parsons

Parson’s Den

In this acronym, MAGA stands for “Micah’s Always Gonna Attack,” a playful twist on his ‘MAGA Parsons’ nickname.

Parsons in Crime

Jerry Jones Fantasy Names for 2023

If you’re not a Cowboys fan, Jerry Jones seems like a cartoon supervillain hell-bent on ruling the NFL. And if you are a Cowboys fan, then he’s your cartoon supervillain bent on ruling the NFL.

The Devil and Jerry Jones

Scary Jerry

Jerry had a Little Lamb

A CeeDee Lamb, that is.

Gene and Jerry’s Nice Team

Now there’s a wholesome team name: a guy, his wife, and an ice cream pun.

Baxter Cain and the Dallas Felons

In case this reference is a little too subtle: Baxter Cain = Jerry Jones.

Dallas Defense Fantasy Football Names

This squad has been putting the D in Dallas since 1960.

Parsons of Interest

People Parsons

Go Directly to Jaylon

There’s also Thrown in Jaylon, which additionally counts as a football pun (maybe not a good one, but it counts).

Nice Diggs

DeMarcus of the Beast

Texas Motor SpeedLeigh

This cowboys fantasy name is not for casual Dallas fans. If you live in Dallas and love the Cowboys D, though, then this is a flex name.

Vander Esch Down by the River

Dez Bryant Fantasy Football Team Names

We’re told that Dez Bryant isn’t retired. He’s not interested in playing football, but he isn’t retired.

No, I don’t know what that means either.

Dezpicable Me

Dez Ceased

When you leave the NFL, you’re essentially dead.

Room for Dezert

Cannabis Dezpensary


Bryants Go Marching

Don’t get so hung up on Dez names that you miss this pretty perfect Bryant team name.

Tony Romo Fantasy Football Names

Some would argue that since his retirement, No Romo is one of the perfect fantasy team names. As a society though, I say we deserve better.

Plus, that Cowboys fantasy name is just plain played out.

Romo Money, Romo Problems

Romoceans 9

Romo wore number nine, but his entire career resembles a heist movie.


For you more sophisticated owners, this Dallas fantasy football name is yours to keep.

The Romotion of the Romocean

For your less sophisticated owner, you’ll have to settle for this Romo team name.

Wherever You May Romo

The perfect Cowboys fantasy name for a metal head team owner.

Cowboys Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Imna be the Don Beebe to these other writers’ Leon Lett. Let’s just swipe the Dallas Cowboys fantasy team names right out of their hands.

America’s Fantasy Team

Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Jerry’s Kids

Dak to the Future

Dak in a Box

Baby Got Dak

Dak Dynasty

Romo Sapiens

A much classier use of the Romo/homo pun than one typically finds online.

The Walking Dez

Dezed and Confused

Dezed and Confused Cowboys Fantasy Football Name

Too Late to Say Amari

This fantasy team name may be even more appropriate now that he’s with the Browns.

More Funny Fantasy Team Names for NFL Fans

More Cowboys Fantasy Team Name Ideas?

If you have a unique, funny idea for a Cowboys fantasy team name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this list.

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