Cowboys Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Dallas Fans

Updated on August 29th, 2021 by David Sharp
Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names

America’s team is now officially Dak’s team (on the field, at least). Above the field, it’s still very much Jerry Jones’ team.

Heck, it’s Jerry Jones’ world – we’re all merely watching football in it.

We offer these Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names as an offering to appease the Blue and Silver emperor. And just to get you pumped for the 2021 season – is this the year Dak and Zeke finally break through?

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Names for 2021

Dak’s Amore

Cooper’s Troopers

There are more Amari Cooper team names below.

Ezekiel’s Bread

Dakording to Jim

This one could be pretty memeable. Dak’s face + Jim Belushi’s body = comedy bronze.

Cowboys and Robbers

CeeDee Drive

See kids, a CD drive was a thing that computers used to – you know what, never mind. I’m just making myself sound old. More CeeDee Lamb fantasy names are further down.

Back Dallass Up

This Dallas fantasy team name is a message that one should support the Cowboys, but also some really lowbrow potty humor.

DallAiks CowTroys

Aiks and Pains


Robocop did technically come back from the dead. Romo not so much.

Staubach in the Saddle

Novacek Yourself

Witten in the Stars

Dak Prescott Fantasy Football Names

Now that Dak is locked down for the foreseeable future, there’s one more big thing he needs to do. Here’s a hint: it starts with winin and ends with theplayoffs.

If Dak is your stud in 2021, check out our article dedicated entirely to Dak Prescott fantasy team names.

Prescott Your Luck

No whammies!

Dax Man

Dakumentary Now!

Dak Prescott Bush

Presscott’s Paper Towels

Dak Kine

Aloha! to my Hawaiian Cowboys fans.

Dak Chronic

And sup to my pothead Cowboys fans.

Dakcidentally in Love

And finally, hi to my Counting Crowboys, which is also a solid Dallas Cowboys fantasy team name.

Cowboys Backfield Fantasy Team Names

If you want more team name ideas from the Cowboys’ stable, we’ve got an entire article of nothing but Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football names.

Zeked Out the Win

Kiel Over

The Kiellers

There are tons of other possible Kieller team names:

  • Kielling It
  • Kieller Instinct
  • The Kieller Next Door
  • The Kieller Inside Me
  • Kieller Instinct 

Amari Cooper Fantasy Football Team Names

Amari Cooper has been a 1,000-yard guy every year he’s been in the league. Well, every year except 2017, where he was weirdly bad.

2017 also happens to be the only year I drafted Mr. Cooper. That’s fantasy, baby.

Cooped Up


Amariana Grande

Coops I Did It Again

Cooper Heroes

You can modify this Amari Cooper fantasy name in any number of ways:

  • Marvel Cooper Heroes
  • Comic Book Cooper Hero
  • Real-Life Cooper Hero

Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Names

With the contributions of Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboys may have the best wide receiving trio in football. There are some folks in Tampa that might argue otherwise, but what have they ever accomplished?

Full Gallup

Gallup to No Good

This Cowboys fantasy team name is an excellent idea for female fans. If you’re a lady (or want to name your team after one), then grab a girls fantasy football team name from our article dedicated entirely to that topic.

Lamb Roast


Lambskin Larges

CeeDee’s Nutz

Most of you probably hate this Cowboys fantasy name. But there are a few hard-core freaks out there that are into it.

Maybe too much.

Simi, Feheel Me

I want to get in on the ground floor with this one just in case Simi Fehoko turns into something down the road.

Jerry Jones Fantasy Names for 2021

If you’re not a Cowboys fan, Jerry Jones seems like a cartoon supervillain hell-bent on ruling the NFL. And if you are a Cowboys fan, then he’s your cartoon supervillain bent on ruling the NFL.

The Devil and Jerry Jones

Scary Jerry

Gene and Jerry’s Nice Team

Now there’s a wholesome team name: a guy, his wife, and an ice cream pun.

Baxter Cain and the Dallas Felons

In case this reference is a little too subtle: Baxter Cain = Jerry Jones.

Dallas Defense Fantasy Football Names

This squad has been putting the D in Dallas since 1960.

Go Directly to Jaylon

There’s also Thrown in Jaylon, which additionally counts as a football pun (maybe not a good one, but it counts).

Nice Diggs

Go Directly to Jaylon

DeMarcus of the Beast

Texas Motor SpeedLeigh

This cowboys fantasy name is not for casual Dallas fans. If you live in Dallas and love the Cowboys D, though, then this is a flex name.

Vander Esch Down by the River

Chidobe Acrobat

Feeling Awuzie

I may have to go Leighton.

Sean Top of Old SmokeLee

Ok, that one’s just silly.

Dez Bryant Fantasy Football Team Names

We’re told that Dez Bryant isn’t retired. He’s not interested in playing football, but he isn’t retired.

No, I don’t know what that means either.

Dezpicable Me

Dez Ceased

When you leave the NFL, you’re essentially dead.

Room for Dezert

Cannabis Dezpensary


Bryants Go Marching

Don’t get so hung up on Dez names that you miss this pretty perfect Bryant team name.

Tony Romo Fantasy Football Names

Some would argue that since his retirement, No Romo is one of the perfect fantasy team names. As a society, I say we deserve better.

Plus, that Cowboys fantasy name is just plain played out.

Romo Money, Romo Problems

Romoceans 9

Romo wore number nine, but his entire career resembles a heist movie.


For you more sophisticated owners, this Dallas fantasy football name is yours to keep.

The Romotion of the Romocean

For your less sophisticated owner, you’ll have to settle for this Romo team name.

Wherever You May Romo

The perfect Cowboys fantasy name for a metal head team owner.

Cowboys Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Imna be the Don Beebe to these other writers’ Leon Lett and just swipe the ball right out of their hands.

America’s Fantasy Team

Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Jerry’s Kids

Dak to the Future

Dak in a Box

Baby Got Dak

Dak Dynasty

Romo Sapiens

A much classier use of the Romo/homo pun than one typically finds online.

The Walking Dez

Dezed and Confused

Dezed and Confused Cowboys Fantasy Football Name

Amari 2600

Too Late to Say Amari

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

More Funny Fantasy Team Names for NFL Fans

More Cowboys Fantasy Team Name Ideas?

If you have a unique, funny idea for a Cowboys fantasy team name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this list.

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