Titans Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Tennessee Fans

Updated on August 24th, 2021 by David Sharp
Titans Fantasy Football Names

The music, the history, the Loveless Cafe. Unquestionably, Nashville is a city with soul. What they’re missing, however, is an NFL championship.

This current core of Henry, Tannehill, Jones, and Brown was pretty good before they landed Julio Jones. Sure, he’s not exactly peak Julii. But does he have enough to get them over that hump?

Maybe. Or maybe they’ll just be the basis of some funny Tennessee Titans fantasy football names. Only time will tell.

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Names for 2021

Some say that the secret to happiness is low expectations. Ok, sure. But those chumps never traded for Julio Jones in the offseason.

So they can suck it.

Titan Up


Derrick Rolled


Don Julio Ti-quila

Brownie Troop



Nissan Titans

It’s a truck. It’s their stadium. It all adds up.

You, Me, and Bud Dupree

Jeff Fisher Kings

Attack on Titans

For this Tennessee Titans team name, you could go with Attack by Titans if you think your league-mates can make the leap.

Memphis Oilers

Does anyone remember the Memphis Oilers, Oklahoma City Hornets, San Juan Expos, or even 2020’s Buffalo Blue Jays? I’m always a sucker for those one-season anomaly teams.

Mariota to Mariota

Here’s some context for this Titans fantasy team name idea. I don’t usually suggest team names for players currently on new teams, but I honestly don’t know where Mariota plays.

Get Me to Del Greco

Being the franchise leader in points is nothing to sniff at.

Gnashville Teeth


Tennessee What You Did There

Show Me Your Titans

This Tennessee Titans fantasy team name is not for everyone. But it’s most definitely for someone out there.

Bud’s Bills Birds Bill

Apparently, Bud Adams paid a cool $250K for the pleasure of fingering the Buffalo faithful. For you, that’s just a free profile pic.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Football Team Names

I was all in on Derrick Henry during his first couple of seasons. But he stunk, so I stopped drafting him.

That decision has, shall we say, not aged well.

Oiler Derricks

This Titans fantasy team name incorporates the past, the present, and a stupid pun. This one’s got it all, people.

DerrIcky Shuffle

Derrick to Be Great

Where Eagles Derrick

Regarding Derrick Henry

Derrexcellence In All We Do

This phrase is a good motto in general. But for Air Force folks, this Titans team name idea might be perfect.

Henry Team, Henry Time, Henry Place

Henrything Goes

Howdywood Henry

Julio Jones Fantasy Football Names

There are some things you just accept as fact. The sun rises in the morning, it sets in the evening, and Julio Jones will be a top-ten wide receiver.

JuLeo the Lion

This Julio Jones fantasy football name is like the astrological sign or every children’s book lion ever.

Julionly Live Once

Newlio Jones

Julio? Youlio.

Of course, this Julio Jones fantasy name is stupid. But sometimes stupid is just what you’re looking for.

Ryan Tannehill Fantasy Football Team Names

Ryan Tannehill is to quarterbacks what settling is to life partners. Sure, you think you can do better. But deep down, you know you don’t deserve it.


Go with Big Fannehills if Stannehills is too Gen Alpha.

Tannehill to Die On

Faves and RT

Tannehill O’ Beans

The Lauren’s Husbands

Black ‘n’ Tannehills

Game Plannehill

A.J. Brown Fantasy Team Name Ideas

A.J. Brown is one of the most under-the-radar fantasy stars around which, in a way, is better. First-round production from a first-rounder is great. But second-round production from a sixth-rounder wins championships.

What Can Brown do for You?

Yes, it’s hacky. But I worry that if I don’t include it you’ll think I missed it.

Rolling Brownout

The Brown Notes

Dr. Browner’s Soaper Bowl

You might have to be a Trader Joe’s shopper to get this one.



Browntown, Nashville is also an option if you happen to be a resident (or just a fan).

A.J. Brown’s Diner

You absolutely have to be a Nashville resident to get this one. But if you are, you may have found the perfect Titans fantasy team name.

Mike Vrabel Fantasy Football Team Names

Vrabel has a ways to go before reaching the ranks of Bum Phillips and Jeff Fisher. But he’s getting closer.

Even still, it’ll be hard for the former linebacker to top his multiple Super Bowl touchdown catches.

Vrabull Dogs


Mike Vrabel is just another branch of the Belichick coaching tree.

Turn the Vrabels

VraBell Cows

Vra Gun



Titans Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Are some of these Titans fantasy team names stupid, profane, lowbrow, or just plain weird? Yeah, sure.

Am I also jealous that someone else thought of them first? You bet.

Titan Your Butthole

Music City Miracle Workers

Julio Let the Dogs Out

The Great CornJulio

Unsinkable AJ Brown

There’s also a very subtle Titans/Titanic reference in this Titans fantasy name, too. No one else will get it, but it’s in there.

Cain and Vrabel

Vrabel Bodied Men

Willing and Vrabel

Vrabel Syrup

He’s a good coach, but a great fantasy team name starter.

Remember the Titans

This Titans fantasy name is a little hacky, sure. But when you get eliminated from the playoffs, you can change your team name to Forget the Titans.

More Fantasy Team Name Ideas for NFL Teams

Looking for fantasy team names based on other NFL teams? In 2021, we’ve got them all covered.

Ideas for Titans Fantasy Football Names?

If you have a funny idea for a Tennessee Titans fantasy football name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the good ones to our official list.

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