49ers Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas for San Francisco Fans

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49ers Fantasy Football Names

The last several seasons have been a wild ride for the Niners. Lots of losing, then a Super Bowl trip, back to losing, and then lots of winning again.

Are they a great team that’s been unlucky or a terrible team that’s gotten lucky? Or maybe just a mediocre team that’s been a little lucky and a little unlucky?

Here are some brand-new San Francisco 49ers fantasy football names until we figure it out.

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Names for 2024

The San Francisco 49ers have an impressive history of great quarterbacks and insanely talented receivers. Also insane receivers, moderately talented running backs, and defenses that are wildly inconsistent from year to year.

But one thing’s certain: they always look great in that crimson and gold.

San Frantasy Football

I Haight and Will Ashbury You

San Francisco has a rich history of art, culture, and legendary weirdos. So many freaky, freaky weirdos.

Alcatraz Escapees

The Purdy Mouths

This Brock Purdy fantasy name is sure to catch on down South.


Too soon? Not soon enough?

Treyning Day

McCaffreaks of Nature

Hey Darnold!

This Panthers fantasy name makes sense because Arnold’s head was already shaped like a football.

Christian Zealots

Hey, when he’s healthy the dude can be pretty awe-inspiring. Can you blame people for getting fanatical?

Trey +

I’d say that Trey Plus is more of a solid B.

Kittle Buddies

George Kittle’s face on Gilligan’s body?

The Benedict Darnolds

Kittles and Blitz

I can hear the song now: Kittles and blitz and blitz and blitz, Kittles and blitz and blitz…

For all you Kittle Kiddies, check out our full list of George Kittle fantasy football names.

Jusz the Cyzk, Please

Elijah’s Seat

Benedict Darnolds

Tyrion Davis-Lannister

Name Your Davis-Price

50 Shades of Danny Gray

You can be the first kid on your block with a Danny Gray or Tyrion Davis-Price fantasy team name. And since this is San Francisco, the houses on that block will cost more than a Deebo Samuels contract extension.

You’re Not the Bosa Me

Candlestick Kids

The Wattersboy

Ricky Watters: criminally underrated. The Waterboy: legally underrated.

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McCaffrey Fantasy Name Ideas

Christian McCaffery may be the most dangerous weapon in fantasy football. This is why we just had to write an extra article of exclusive Christian McCaffrey fantasy team names.

McCaffreeze Frame

MickCaffrey Mouse



There are tons of possibilities for name derivations here:

  • Over McCaffinated
  • Highly McCaffinated
  • DeMcCaffinated, etc.

SF 49ers Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

SF 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Deebo Samuel Fantasy Name Ideas

Get your full dose of Friday references in our Deebo Samuel Fantasy Team Names article.

Deebo Shoots Deearrows

Deebo’s Nutz

I don’t try to get a Deez Nutz into every one of these articles, it just happens that way.

George Kittle Fantasy Team Names

I think it’s awesome that George Kittle hosted Tight End University to help improve the league’s TEs. Now maybe the position won’t be such a black hole, fantasy-wise.

Kittle Miracles

Kittle by Kittle

Kittle Me This

Kittle All Work Out

Shits and Kittles

SF 49ers Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

SF 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Trey Lance Fantasy Team Names

Trey Lance is on shaky ground this year and is fighting for a spot on the 53-man roster. So let’s strike while the fire is hot and crack out some unique Trey Lance Fantasy football team names.

Trey Chic

Trey Cool

Trey Bien

Trey of Sunshine

Serving Trey


Classic San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Names

The 49ers have thirteen players and coaches who have been elected into the hall of fame. Giovanni Carmazzi is not on that list.

Jerry Rice-A-Roni

I know it’s obvious, but it’s also the San Francisco Treat.

Montana Yer Hide

Steve Young and the Restless

Young at Heart

Frank Gore Lives!

They say that he’s still out there somewhere, averaging 3.5 yards per carry and stealing jobs from younger backs.

Garcia Later

Terrell or Not Terrell

That was the question in 2004, and the Niners went Not Terrell.

Tittleating Y.A. Fiction

I wish we lived in a world where someone would use this as their team name. I don’t think we do.

But a man can wish, can’t he?

SF 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Juszczyk Juszself

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Submitted by Lindsay Holtz
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Max 3 votes.

Kittles Taste the Rainbow

Submitted by Aaron de la Vara
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Max 3 votes.

Don't Kittle Yourself

Submitted by Julia
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Max 3 votes.


Submitted by Nice!
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4th and 9ers

Submitted by Anthony Abraham
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For blitz and kittles

Submitted by Rondo49
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49ers Fantasy Team Names From Around the Web

I don’t care if you use one of my names. Use one of these 49ers fantasy team names from some other very funny folks.

I simply want you to choose a name that will adequately annoy the Dallas Cowboys fans in your league.

Kittles, Taste the Rainbow

Kittle Corn

Aint Nothin’ But a Jimmy G Thang

Garoppolypse Now

The Garoppolos Islands

El Garopollo Loco

Jimmy G-Spot

All About That Bosa

The Bosa-Matic

This is a deep cut for the hardcore SNL fans out there.


How Deebo Your Love?

Any Bee Gees fans out there?

Comedic Gould

Because naming your team after your kicker is the ultimate power move. 

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