Steelers Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Pittsburgh Fans

Steelers Fantasy Football Names

Few organizations can match the rich history of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The six championships, the Hall of Famers, the Immaculate Reception.

Of course, when your history is that long, it’s not all great. There’s also Super Bowl XXX, Blood McNally missing a game, and Ben Roethlisberger’s, ahem, questionable off-field choices.

So today I present our 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy team names celebrating the ups and downs of the Steel Curtain. Here we go, Steelers!

Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Names for 2021

Steelers fans secretly breathed a sigh of relief when Tom Brady broke up with Bill Belichick. Sure, Brady kept winning titles. But for team wins, the Steelers are still tied at the top.

Steeler Heart

Steely Gaze

Galvanized Steelers

Stainless Steelers

Steel Traps

Steeler Toed Boots

Liars, Cheaters, and Steelers

Steelletto Heels


This Steelers fantasy team name can be modified any number of ways:

  • Seelite Skills
  • Steelitists
  • Steelite Team
  • Steelite School

Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Football Team Names

Big Ben is the Pittsburgh career leader in everything. But nationally, he’s never received the same praise as his contemporaries.

But when your contemporaries are Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady, that kinda makes sense.

On a Big Bender



Big Ben Strikes

Big Ben Strikes Seven might play with your Steeler die-hards.

Stuck in Bergatory

Roeth IRA

Berger King

This Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy name works because Roethlisberger is pretty much the king of Pittsburgh. But I also like using your local burger joint, like, for example, Applewood Smoke Berger.


Ben Around

If your league allows the characters, you could go with Ben Around the Block.

We Ben Here

Get Ben’d

Funny Steelers Fantasy Football Names

Q: How many Steelers fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Two – one to change this bulb, and another to stand around talking about how great the last six were.

I kid, Steelers fans! Besides, you should be able to take any joke where the punchline is you have so many championships.

Bradshawwww Yeaaah

StEel and Cucumber Roll


James Gonner

You could also go with the Steelers fantasy football name Conner His Memory if you want to be more respectful.

Le’Veon Brown

This Steelers fantasy team name is for owners who are trolling Steelers fans, or for Steelers fans that still need therapy.

Psycho Ward

Hines’ #7

This Steelers fantasy football team name idea is a reference to either Steelers championship #7, or possibly to Hines Ward’s favorite QB.

And of course it’s a reference to the underrated ketchup alternative.

Hinessight is 2021

I suppose either of these Steelers fantasy names could be spelled Heinz (if you’d rather reference the stadium). Your call, Steeler fan.

Draculas in Cleats

Smith-Schuster Fantasy Team Name Ideas

JuJu’s a great player with a great name, so it’s no wonder he’s a popular choice as a mascot. We’ve got an entire article dedicated to JuJu Smith Schuster Team Name Ideas, but here’s an appetizer to get you started.

JuJuke Box Hero

Hey, JuJu Guys!

PikaJu, I Schuse You!

Somebody that I Schuster Know

JuJuked Him Out of His Schues

Diontae Johnson Fantasy Football Team Names

Everyone’s rushing out to name their team after JuJu because he’s flashier and has the cooler name. True Steelers fans know that Johnson is pretty darn good too.

And Diontae is definitely an above-replacement level name.

Dionte’s Prime Time Players

A Diontaste of Things to Come

Diontataste of Pittsburgh

You Can’t Diontame the Beast

Diontake a Breath

Diontake a Minute, Diontake Your Time, etc.

The Dionte Hall Problem

This one might be just for me.

Mike Tomlin Fantasy Football Team Names

Mike Tomlin has gone from being one of the youngest coaches in the league to one of the longest-tenured. I guess going to the Super Bowl in two out of your first four seasons buys a little job security.

Very Tomlinteresting

If your league plays for serious money, Let’s Make This Tomlinteresting might be a better idea for a Steelers fantasy team name.

Tomlin to You

Let Me Tomlin

You can also go with Let Me Tomlin Your Heart if you want to be sweet. Or Let Me Tomlin the House if you want to be creepy.

Tomlin’s Trippin’

In case you forgot this gem:

Steelers Defense Fantasy Team Names

If it feels like the Steelers always have a good defense, that’s because the Steelers always have a good defense. Seriously, they’ve been in the top ten in points allowed three out of every four years since forever.

Minkah Coat

Mink’d Up

Joe Haden Me at Hello

Let’s Get Tuitt

You, Me, and Bud Dupree

High Wattage

Watts Up

Other derivations on the Watts-What’s Steelers fantasy team name theme:

  • Watts Up Witchu
  • Watts New
  • Watts Happening
  • Watts the Buzz
  • Watts Your Problem
  • Watts Your Damage
  • Watts the Situation

Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

As Jack Lambert said in his immortal Hall of Fame introduction speech:

“If I could live my life over, I’d be a fantasy player. And you damn well better believe I’d name my team after the Pittsburgh Steelers!”

Or something like that.

Men of Steel

Valeryian Steelers

The Immaculate Collection

Junior Bacon Roethlisberger

Roethlisberger Helper

Where You Ben


Turn Down for Watt

Straight Outta Tomlin

Rooney Tunes

Tittsburgh Feelers

If I left it off this favorite Steelers fantasy team name, you’d think I hadn’t done my due diligence as a researcher.

Fantasy Team Names for Other NFL Teams

If you’re looking for fantasy team name ideas for other NFL teams, we’ve got you covered.

More Steelers Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas

Do you have a funny idea for a Steelers fantasy football name? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.

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