Best Fantasy Football Team Names – Original, Funny Fantasy Name Ideas for 2024

Updated on January 17th, 2024 by Brad Perniciaro
Fantasy Football Team Names
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Naming your fantasy team is hard. I get it. The best team names are an ingenious blend of football references, inside jokes among your league-mates, and a healthy serving of sophomoric humor to round it all out.

If you’re having trouble hitting that just-right balance for yourself, maybe I can help. To kick off the [currentseason], I’ve developed over 185 all-new fantasy football team names just about every category you can imagine.

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Donald Dak Prescott
  2. Stranger Vikings
  3. Can't Afforde to Loose
  4. Bijan Mustard
  5. How I Metcalf Your Mother
  6. Low Charb Diets
  7. Name Your Bryce
  8. First And Eleven
  9. PythagoRunning Backs
  10. Pi r SquAaron Jones
  11. Marquise Leebniz
  12. DeJohnsdre Hopkins University
  13. NoBills Prize in Phys Ed
  14. Boron IsoTitans
  15. Any Given Faraday
  16. Darwin’s ParaDaks
  17. JuJu Smithsonian-Schuster
  18. Higgs-BoSanders
  19. Chicago Beers
  20. Ted Guinness Jr.

Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Donald Dak Prescott

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Stranger Vikings

Submitted by Ian
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Can't Afforde to Loose

Submitted by Robert Ramsingh TT
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Bijan Mustard

Submitted by Ginger
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How I Metcalf Your Mother

Submitted by Phil
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Low Charb Diets

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Name Your Bryce

Submitted by Aaron
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First And Eleven

Submitted by Tim
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Nerdy Fantasy Football Team Names

Back in the day, the nerds and the jocks were kept separate. They were enemies, even.

But then came fantasy sports and the two camps realized they weren’t so different after all. These nerdy fantasy football team names aim to continue bridging that gap.

PythagoRunning Backs

Pi r SquAaron Jones

You can also do Pi r Saquon, but I think that’s more of a stretch.

Marquise Leebniz

DeJohnsdre Hopkins University

NoBills Prize in Phys Ed

Boron IsoTitans

Or Bor-owns Isotopes, if that’s not too silly.

Any Given Faraday

Michael Faraday Fantasy Football Team Name
Al Pacino’s inspiration for Coach D’Amato

Darwin’s ParaDaks

Darwin’s Patriots could also play with the right crowd.

JuJu Smithsonian-Schuster

Check out out complete list of JuJu Smith Schuster fantasy football team names


Works for either Emmanuel or Miles.

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Funny Fantasy Football Names Involving Beer

Have you ever noticed that without beer, football games are kind of long? Conclusion: beer is powerful enough to alter the space-time continuum.

Here are some creative fantasy football names for the keg-stand champions among you. 

Chicago Beers

Ted Guinness Jr.

Not gonna lie, one of the coolest team names of 2024.

Milwaukee’s Beast Mode

Taking it to the Icehouse

Steeler Reserve

Dos Ekelers

Pat’s Blue Ribbon

Seriously, it’s hard to rack up more awards than this dude has in just a few years.

Stafford Artois

Miller Bye Life

Matty Natty Ice

Trump’s First Brewski

We have an exhaustive list of political fantasy football team names.

“I’ve never had a glass of alcohol, I’ve never had alcohol. I just, for whatever reason. Can you imagine, if I had, what a mess I’d be?” -Donald Trump

Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

College Football Fantasy Football Team Names

Some may argue that the purest form of football is the college game. Others say it’s the fantasy game.

Who’s to say who’s right?


Notre Dame Judie Dench

I bet you didn’t know that Dame Judie Dench was a massive football fan. It’s Everton FC, but still, she’s a fan.

Buckeye-ing the Trend

Deuling Sabanjos

Smoking Dabos

Fields Good, Man

Justin Fields has Buckeyes fans all:

College Fantasy Football Name Feeling

Bo Knows Nix

Roger Goodell Fantasy Football Team Names

What better way to honor America’s favorite sports Commissioner than with a tasteful and respectful fantasy football team name? Yeah, right!

Aaron Roger Goodell

Goodell Castro

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Cape of Good Ell

The Goodell, the Bad, and the Ugly

Roger GoToHell

Goodell for the Gander

Rogerk Off

Best Fantasy Football Names for Last-Placed Teams

The age-old adage about comedy is that if you make fun of yourself first, then they can’t make fun of you later. Get out in front of it with a name that takes ownership of your ineptitude.

Tanks For Nothing

Whipping Post Routs

The Worst of the Best

Returning Chumps

Bottom Fiedlers

Remember Jay Fiedler? He was bad. Just like your fantasy team.

Sucker Fish

Parents’ Embarrassments

Started at the Bottom, Now We’re Here (at the Bottom)

Bottoms Up

Honorary ’08 Lions

You can also choose from ’17 Browns, ’76 Bucs, or any other historical exemplar of failure.

Tiger King Fantasy Football Team Names

Joseph Maldonado-Passing Yardage

Bo Exotic

This is just begging for a PhotoChop job.

Bo Jackson - Tiger King Fantasy Football Team Names

Tiger Brieda

Joe Burrow,Tiger King

Full disclosure: this name was also used in our list of Joe Burrow fantasy name ideas.

Bengal King

Really, you can just do this with any of the big cat franchises. Panther King, Jaguar King, Lion King… Oh wait, that one’s already a thing.

Cool Cats and Kittens

This works especially well for fans of any of the above big cat-themed teams.

Here Kitty Kitty

Same goes for this one re: big cat teams.

Gay, Gun Carrying Rednecks with Mullets

Political Condoms

Vote for me or you’ll need these, because you’re screwed.

Saff’s My Left-Hand Man

You know Tiger King is crazy because the sanest person is the dude that stuck his arm in a tiger cage.

Baskin for It

Or any of these other stupid Carole Baskin puns:

  • Carol Baskin-Robbins
  • Baskin Reflected Glory
  • BaSkin In the Game

The Office Fantasy Football Team Names

One of the under-explored angles of life in The Office is their fantasy football league. You know that there was one, but who was the commish?

I’m guessing Creed.

Jim and Cam

Over-Under Mifflin

Detroit Schrute

Schrute Farms Beets

Kevin and the Zits

Scrantonicity III

Nard Dogs

Justice Beavers

True Love’s Kiss

Dunder Mifflin’s Mufflers, Muffins, and Mittens

Marvel Fantasy Football Team Names

Marvel > DC. Fight me.

Carolina T’Challas

Or Carolina Black Panthers if you want to be obvious about it.

Human Torchdown

Ben Colossusberger

Darren Wallverine

Gore-dians of the Galaxy

Because, like a superhero, Frank Gore will never be defeated.

We Are Groot


Captain Kamara-vel


I hope he turns out to be great because I could write Deebo Samuel team names for years.

Ekeler Force

The Uncanny Ekeler Men, Professor Ekeler, etc. Heck, you could even go with the League of Evil Ekelers if you wanted to work in a Scott Pilgrim reference.

Good Fantasy Football Names for Stranger Things Fans

The only thing missing from the 80’s resplendence of Stranger Things is the 80’s sports scene. The staches, the headbands, the short-shorts!

Maybe that’s coming next season?

These Stranger Things fantasy football names should be able to hold you over.

StrangeErtz Things

The Upside 1st Down


Chief Hooper

Wolfhard, Play Hard

Or Play Hard, Wolfharder

Millie Bobbie Cleveland Browns

Winona Rodgers

Avengers Fantasy Football Names

Did you know that in real-life Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are all in a fantasy football league? Adorable.

Check out this article if you’re looking for names for your fantasy league.

Seattle SeaHawkeyes

Seattle SeaHulks

Ass Guardians

We’ve got many more politically incorrect fantasy football names.

GridIron Men

Minnesota Thors

Dak Widow

Mack Widow, Zach Widow, lots of Widow options.

Vick Fury

Winner Soldier


Michael Thanos

He makes receiving a… snap?

Perfectly Balanced

Superhero Fantasy Football Team Names

If none of these work, you can always just add Manning to the end of any Superhero’s name. Super Manning, Spider-Manning, BatManning – you get the picture.

Billionaire Playboy Reggie Wayne


Mahomes is like a slightly less effective Manning, in that you can plug it into a bunch of names. But it has four fewer MVPs.

Green Lantern Receiving Corps

A.J. Green Lantern

Also, A.J. Green Arrow. Also, it’d be great if A.J. Green didn’t sit out another full season.

Lamartian Manhunter

Smith-Schuster Gold

Hal Jordan Howard

Delanie Sky-Walker

Check out more Star Wars fantasy team names.

Deshaun Constantine

New Gods

Arkham Inmates

Not technically superheroes. But hey, playing the villain can be fun too.

Disney Fantasy Football Team Names

Check out Disney’s modern take on American football, 1953’s Football Now and Then. It’s so dated that it’s now is today’s then.

Fantasia Football

Hail Mary Poppins

Big Hero Pick 6

Chicago Bears Jamboree

Maleficent’s Ravens

Cincinnati Shere-Khans

Carolina Bageeras

The Bears Neccesities

The AristoMcCatfries

Fortnite Fantasy Football Names

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve never played a game of Fortnite. But I do have the internet and an annoying fondness for puns.

If you’re in a fantasy football league with your gamer kids, suggest these Fortnite fantasy football names.

Death Running Back

Chug Juguars

Skull Cooper

Colin Reapernick

Take the L

Reggie Bush Campers


Shield Pop Warner


Half-Podell Beckham Jr.

Lord of the Rings Fantasy Football Team Names

Gandalf knew that when he drafted his crew, he needed strong players at every position. The main takeaway of LotR is to go with a balanced lineup.

That Quarterback Sure Can Frodo

Gandalf for One

Long Strider

Bills Baggins

My Pressscott

Philadelphia Smeagols

Tom BomBrady

If you need more LOTR name ideas, check out my favorite Lord of the Rings name generator (with backstories).

Philip Brandywine River

One Championship Ring to Bind Them

BaltiMordor Ravenous

Walking Dead Fantasy Football Names

And no, this isn’t a section running backs who are nearing that dreaded 30-year mark. Here are some good fantasy football names for you zombie lovers.

Delanie’s Walkers

Negan’s Batting Practice Partners


Ankle Biters

Beer the Walking Dead

ZomBeast Mode


Hard Hittin’ Darryl Mixon

This one is a little dark – not for every league.

Reedus a Story, Daddy

The Walking Dad Bods

Clever Medical Fantasy Football Team Names for Doctors & Nurses

Don’t doctors have more important things to worry about than fantasy football? No. No, they do not.

Steady Hands

2-A-Day Malpractices

Allergic Reek Action

No one is more allergic to Tyreek Hill than the 49ers secondary. You’ll find more Tyreek team name ideas here.

Insurance Ball Carriers

Universal Health Carries Per Game?

Houspital TXns

Tachy Cardinals

Because being an Arizona fan can be hard on the heart.

Ray Guynacology

Transplantonio Brown

Who knows where he’s playing next season… or if.


For Anesthesiologists, Triage Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

Because anesthesiologists numb their patients. And they’re perverts.

Christian Fantasy Football Team Names

Here’s a theological question for the ages: why does God hate the Browns so much?

Stephon Diggmata

Christian Is a Gift From God

There are way too many options for Christian McCaffery.

  • Christianity McCaffery
  • Onward, Christian McCaffery Solders
  • Pharaoh, Set the Christian McCaffery

Alex Smith’s Blas-Femurs

Say Amendola!


Halleluiah of Fame

When Christian football players die, they go to the Halleluiah of Fame.

Unclean Eagles

Also Unclean Ravens. Heck, the Falcons are probably unclean too, while we’re at it.

The Book of Ezekiel Elliott

If you’re a Cowboys fan, check out these Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football team names.

The Book of Matthew Ice

The Book of Deebo Samuel

Yet another Deebo name! Man, I hope he’s good enough to warrant this much attention.

Accounting Fantasy Football Team Names

Rule of life: never play fantasy football with an accountant. They’re numbers guys that will take your money.

Every. Single. Time.

Wide Receivable

Accounts Wide Receivable, Wide Accounts Receivable, Accounts Receiving Corps – you get the idea.

Cash Passets

Or Forward Passests

Gross MarGiants

Certified Pass Attempts



Let’s Get Fiscal

Tax That Asset

It’s Accrual World

Sums of Anarchy

Not a football name, but the thought of it made me laugh.

Gay Fantasy Football Team Names

Dear reader, I respect you far too much to propose anything tight end related. Also, I feel like anyone can get Bears on their own.

Passless Chaps

Darren StoneWaller

RuPaul’s Foot Race


Another take: LGBTQuestionable


Rainbow Red Zone

RainDeebo Samuel

Friends of Kingsbury


Fabulous Fantasy

There are even t-shirts for you that are already out there.

I also respect you too much to include Legal Eagles on this list. If you couldn’t think of that on your own, then you shouldn’t be a lawyer.


There are far more Saquon Barkley fantasy football team names where that came from.

AffaDavid Johnson

Or AffaDavid Montgomery, AffaDavid Njoku, etc.

Play Action Lawsuit

Collateral Pass

The Defendant-onio Brown

Court Lockett

Public Defense/Special Teams

Habeas Receiving Corpus

Subpoena Duces Titan

Nolo Contending

Yolo Contendre?

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