Bengals Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Cincinnati Fans

Updated on July 5th, 2020 by David Sharp
Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Team Names

Sorry Cats fans, but the Dalton-to-Green era of Cincinnati Bengals football has come to a close. Those two Class of 2011 draftees had one of the most successful stretches in the franchise’s history.

Andy Dalton owns the franchise record for passing touchdowns, and A.J. Green is second in receiving yards to some guy who wore number 85. Weird that I can remember his number but not his name.

Here are some brand new Cincinnati Bengals fantasy football team names for 2021. They honor the past, look toward the future, and poke some fun at Cincy’s, um, unique history.

Andy Dalton Fantasy Football Team Names

Andy Dalton has been a solid quarterback for almost a decade, with multiple Pro Bowls and a 70-61 overall record. He’s also 32, hasn’t had a winning record since ’15, and the Bengals just drafted a QB first overall.


Daltons of Fun

Andy Dalton in Bengal Law

I could explain this Bengals fantasy name, or I could let Quentin Tarantino do it:

The Millennium Dalton

Red Rider BBs

Because he’s a redhead, and you’re a ride-or-die Dalton fan. And also because of A Christmas Story, the expression throwing BB’s, and the fact that BB sounds like babies.

Too much?

Andeez Nutz

Not for everyone, but maybe it’s just your style. Different names for different leagues (not as catchy as Different Strokes – I’ll work on that).

Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Team Names

Speaking of the #1 overall pick, Joe Burrow. Franchise savior or the next Akili Smith?

Or should I not even mention that name to Bengals fans?

Bengal Burrow

Burrowing Down

Brother Can I Burrow a Dime?

Burrowed Time

Burrow Row Row Your Boat

Or Row Your Beauxt for the LSU fans.

Dead and Burrowed

You the Heis-man, Joe

Joe Burrow is the Tiger King


Now this is a Bengals fantasy football team name for real Cincinnatians only.

A.J. Green Fantasy Football Team Names

Confession time: I drafted A.J. Green after his ankle injury thinking I had a late-season lottery ticket on my hands. I was right too – in that most lottery tickets are totally worthless.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

For starters, he had that wicked ankle injury that cost him the whole 2019 season. If that’s not bad enough, Green has spent his entire career on the Bengals.

Poor guy.

Green Machine

The Big Green

Classic Gutenberg.

Greener Pastures

Greener pastures are why A.J. might be leaving Cincinnati for good. Sorry, is that wound too fresh?

Joe Mixon Fantasy Football Names

Confession time, part two: I’ve never been able to spell Cincinnati right. Thanks to this article, I think I know it now.

And thanks to the magic of spell check, you’ll never know if that’s a bluff or not.


Mix Tape

Because a fantasy team is like a mixtape, it’s all the best cuts from separate albums.

Mixon Bowl

Because a fantasy team is also like a mixing bowl., it’s the perfect blend of contrasting ingredients.

Hard Hittin’ Joe Mixon

Because a fantasy team is… You know what, no comment on this one.

Zac Taylor Fantasy Names

In 2019, Zac Taylor made the leap from quarterbacks coach to head coach, a considerable jump. Now let’s see if he can make the jump from head coach to winning head coach.

Now that would be something.

Taylor Made

Tinkering Taylor’s Soldiers and Spies

Sorry, do ten-year-old Gary Oldman references hold up?

TayLords of the Realm

Zac Attack


Historical Bengals Fantasy Football Names

Maybe Joe Burrow will write a brand new chapter of success in the Bengals history books. Until then, here are some names to help you remember the glory days.

Plain as the Munoz On Your Face

The Shadow Munoz

I think we’re about due for another Shadow remake since the last one was the Alec Baldwin version from 1994. And it was so forgettable that you’d forgotten it until just now.

Munoz Before Hos

I know that’s a lot of Anthony Munoz names, but he is the only Bengal in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Where’s Cedric Ben, Son?

Akili’s Heel

Hey, not all history is good.

The Best Bengals Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

More brilliant minds than mine have written many beautiful words about the Cincinnati Bengals. Also, some dummies out there wrote these silly names.

WhoDey and the Blowfish

Who Dey And The Blowfish

Andy Dalton’s Red Zone

Mixon, Mix-Off

The Mixon Administration

Mixon It Up

Mixon Match

Green With Envy

Eat Your Greens

Null and Boyd

Little Boyd’s Room

One of the Boyds

This Bengals fantasy football name could be a twist on the old expression. But I prefer to think of it as a reference to old school Katy Perry.

Po’ Boyd

Geno Atkins Diet

Bernard After Reading

Just in case you’re still carrying the Gio Bernard torch. Oh, and if you are: stop.

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