Packers Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for Green Bay Fans

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Packers Fantasy Football Names

I don’t think we appreciate how amazing it is that there’s an NFL team in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It’s the smallest city with a major American sports team, but they embraced football early on and never let go. It’s kind of like a Hallmark movie, but with more drunk shirtless guys with cheese on their heads.

Here are some Green Bay Packers fantasy football names to celebrate the love story between a city and their team.

Green Bay Packers Team Names for 2023

The Bears and the Packers have the most historic rivalry in the NFL, but the Packers are clearly winning. Green Bay is second all-time in total wins behind the Bears, but they have more Super Bowls.

And here’s the real clincher: Milwaukee is clearly a Packers city, despite the fact that it’s actually closer to Chicago. If you don’t understand why that’s a big deal, you’ve never driven Wisconsin roads in the winter.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood Meme Icon

Aaron the Jewels

Or should it be AaRun the Jewels? Either way, this team name is as tight as Nobody Speak.

Discount Double-Checkdown

Higher AJcation

This Aaron Jones fantasy football name is good if you’re an owner that’s also a college student. This name is perfect if you’re an Aaron Jones owner that’s also a college stoner.

Air Jordans

Name your team after Jordan Love now. That way, when he replaces Aaron Rodgers, you can be the I told you so guy.

Because everybody loves that guy.

Lot Lazards

Lazard People

The Lazard King

Lazard of Oz

Love the Packers

Masonic Temple

Trivia time: which Packer has scored the most points in history? Ahman Greene? Jordy Nelson? Paul Hornung, maybe?

Nope. It’s kicker Mason Crosby, and it isn’t even close.


Dillon Pickles

If you’re an A.J. Dillon fan, you can probably use some of our Aaron Jones names too.

Elementary, My Christian Watson

Onward Christian Watsons

It remains to be seen if newcomer Christian Watson can replace Davante Adams – he’s in Las Vegas now. He certainly left plenty behind plenty of targets though, and it never hurts to have a HoFer throwing to you.

S.Wat Team

Truth or Za’Darius

Junior Savages

Coming to Disney+ this fall.

LaFleurce of Nature

Lambeau Dors

Lamborghini Doors plus Dorsey Levens. This Packers team name is perfect for the fan that appreciates the finer things in life.

Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Football Names

When a guy’s been as good for as long as Aaron Rodgers, you’d think all the best fantasy team names would’ve been used. But you’d be wrong!

Enjoy these names, and we’ve got many more fantasy football names for Aaron Rodgers.


AR Glasses

Get ready for Augmented Reality, people. It’s the thing your kids will love, but you’ll think is foreign and strange.

Praise Godgers

Rodgers and Hammering You

An Aaron Rodgers team name those that love fantasy football and musical theater.

Rodgersy Boys

This Rodgers fantasy name is for those that love fantasy football and musical theater, but want options.

Aaron Jones Fantasy Team Names

This dude isn’t even the best Aaron on his own team. But he will be the highest-drafted for fantasy purposes.

I-Run Jones

AJ and the Green

This Aaron Jones fantasy team name is good if you’re an owner that’s also a drag queen. This name is perfect if you’re an Aaron Jones owner that’s also a drag queen stoner.

AJ Styles

Aa Batteries

Sometimes I wonder why we use two A’s to spell Aaron. The best answer that I have is that Aron looks weird.

Matt LaFleur Fantasy Football Names

Matt LaFleur came to Green Bay with a reputation as the quarterback whisperer behind Matt Ryan’s MVP campaign. Now he’s the head coach behind Aaron Rodgers’ MVP.

Or rather, one of the head coaches behind one of Rodgers’ MVPs.

Four on LaFleur

LaFleurs for Algernon

LaFleurce of Habit

LaFleur It

Historical Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Names

If there’s any fanbase that appreciates an obscure reference, it’s the one that owns literal shares in their team.

UnLevens Bread

Farve from Over

Ahman for All Season

Driver to the Green

Starr Players

Nitschke’s Beyond Good and Evil

Lacy Underalls

That’s an Eddie Lacy reference and a Caddyshack reference. Which is nice.

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Just as the Packers belong to the people of Green Bay, these Packers fantasy team names are now public property.

Leader of the Packers

Green Bowl Packers

You potheads really have options here. But what do you expect from a team with green in their name?

The Lone Rodgers

Aaron it Out

Armed Rodgery

Cops and Rodgers

Jolly Rodgers

Game of Jones

Check out this list of GOT fantasy football names.

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