Chargers Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for Los Angeles Fans

Chargers Fantasy Football Names

So full disclosure, I sometimes forget that the Chargers moved to Los Angeles. And I live in Los Angeles.

Within the city, the Chargers can feel kind of like a little stepbrother. You may not dislike them, but you also didn’t grow up with them.

Maybe Justin Hebert will be the guy to help bond the team to LA. Or maybe it will be these Los Angeles Chargers fantasy football names – you never know.

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Team Names for 2023

If you’re out there looking for bandwagons to jump on, the Chargers are a good one. They have an up-and-coming QB, a new coach, and you would literally be one of the first people on it.

As far as bandwagons go, the Chargers’ has some elbow room. Plus then once they’re good, then you can say I was a fan way back when.

Justin Time

After Tyrod Taylor’s insane accident, Hebert had to step up in a hurry. And after posting two straight top-10 fantasy seasons, it is now officially Justin Time.

Bert and Ekky

Ecks Factor

The Uncanny Ecks-Men

Rated Ecks

Keenan Peele

Like Key and Peele, Kennan Allen has been excellent for years. But only the real nerds seem to care.

Where There’s a Williams There’s a Way

Not That Mike Williams

There have been eight Mike Williamses that have played in the NFL, and most of them have been receivers. Explain that, Kyle Soppe.

Isaiah For Talent

Isaiah Spiller has a great opportunity to grab some touches while understudying for Austin Eckler. And you have a great opportunity to use an Isaiah Spiler fantasy team name before it’s cool.

Spiller the Beans

You’re Not the Bosa Me

Final Bosa

A Time to Khalil

Khalil Bill

Or Khalil Bhill if you want to go one step further.

Cry Me a Rivers

Rivers Bolts

Simple and to the point.

Heaven’s Gates

Don’t worry, he’s just retired, not dead. No cause for concern.

Great LaDainian

Natron Means Business

Chargers Quarterback Fantasy Football Names

Some rookies have to sit on the bench for years before getting a shot at a starting job. Justin Herbert sat on the bench for all of one game before grabbing the starting job and never looking back.

Check our complete list of Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Names.

Justin Time

JusTin Soldiers

His and Herbs

Herbie the Love Bug

Smokin’ Herb

Keenan Allen Fantasy Football Names

Another productive season or two would give Keenan Allen a real shot at being the Chargers’ all-time leading wide receiver. He’ll have a hard time topping any of their overall receiving records though, thanks to some old-timer named Antonio Gates.

Talk about Gateskeeping.

Keen Eye for Talent

Allend Me a Hand

Keenan Your Car

Maskeenan Tape


Austin Ekeler Fantasy Football Names

Austin Eckler has already had quite a journey. He’s gone from undrafted free agent, to pass-catching specialist, to a legit lead back.


Ecks Marks the Spot

Austin City Limits

Austin, TD

Ecklerning Curve


Eckstreme Sports


L.A. Chargers Fantasy Football Names for Former Players

Phillip Rivers and Dan Fouts lead the franchise in total value. But in my heart, the greatest Charger will always be Junior Seau.

No jokes here, just respect for one of the greats.

Seau Anything…

Seau Uncle

A Rivers Runs From It

Rivers-al of Fortune

Melvin Gord-Gone

Moovin’ GordOn

Or Move-On Gordon.

Ways and Natron Means Committee

The Complete Works of Gatespeare

Fouts of Wisdom

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Yes, home games in the StubHub center sometimes feel like away games. But I know there are people out there that still love the Chargers.

Here’s proof that I’m not the only one that’s out there thinking up Chargers fantasy team names.

Hard Chargers

Nuts and Bolts

Peachy Keenan

Allen the Family

Allen a Day’s Work


Baby Got Mack

Khalil or be Khaliled

License to Khalil

More Fantasy Football Team Names for NFL Fans

If you enjoyed these Chargers team names, check out our 2023 list of the best fantasy football names. If you’re a fan of a different NFL team, here’s our complete list of team-specific names.

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