Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Names – Funny Names for Your 2021 Fantasy Team

Updated on May 14th, 2020 by David Sharp
Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Names

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the NFL’s oldest and most storied franchises. Unfortunately, until just a couple of years ago, a lot of those stories were bad (Donovan-McNabb-literally-puking-in-the-Super-Bowl kind of bad).

And then 2017 happened, and all was forgiven. Those fans that remained loyal throughout the trying times have honored their team in many ways, including through the time-honored tradition of funny Philadelphia Eagles fantasy football team names.

We’re here for you, whether you’re a fantasy player looking for a creative boost, or just an Eagles fan looking for a laugh. This is our original collection of funny, punny, silly, and dumb fantasy names.

I also included some of the best Eagles fantasy football team names from around the web.

Funny Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names

The LiberDeSean Bell

Because let’s face it, D-Jax has always been a little cracked.

Iggle Pop

Linc and the Legend of Zelta

The Invincible Wahlberts

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the original Vince Papale only had one catch in his career and never scored a touchdown.

Midnight in the Garden of Green and Eagle

Midnight Green is the Eagles’ signature color, and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a 3rd tier Clint Eastwood joint that only one guy reading this remembers. 

Zach Ertz Fantasy Football Team Names

Zach Ertz has been one of the top TE’s in the league for the better part of a decade now. But in the last couple of years, he’s taken his game to an even higher level. Also, his name sounds very silly.


Ertz’ Bees

Who’s on Ertz?



Or you can always try Anti-Zaccination if, you know, you hate science. 

Carson Wentz Fantasy Football Team Names

Say what you will. The dude still has a ring.

Oh, I Wentz There

Wentzday Addams

The Wentz and Future King

This Piggy Wentz to Market

Wentzlevania 6-5000

I’m not sure if this is a Young Frankenstein reference, a Jeff Goldblum reference, or a Glen Miller reference, but either way, it’s way too old for the vast majority of people reading this article.

Eagles Defense Fantasy Football Team Names

Just because defensive players don’t get fantasy props doesn’t mean they can’t be the spiritual inspiration for your fantasy team.

Cox Communications

Fletch Lives

Honey Baked Graham

Tom and Gerry

Jason Kelce

He’s never scored a single touchdown himself. But he’s the guy that made both Shady’s 2013 season and Zach Ertz’ 2018 possible.

He’s a three-time Pro-Bowler and two-time All-Pro, a Super Bowl Champ, and still only the second-most famous player in his own family.

I Kelce What you Did There

Kelce Me, Feel Me

Sailing the Seven Kelces

Monroe’s Motivated Kelcequence

This might take you back to that public speaking class you had freshman year. Or it might make no sense to you at all. 

Historical Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names

If you get any of these references, then you might know too much about the Iggles.

Frankford Yellow Jackets

Or you could go Frankford Athletic Association if you want to get real historical with it.

The Phil-Pitt Steagles

Because who doesn’t love a good team-up?

Free Entry with Shovel

Crisco Cops

Cops: If we cover these light poles with Crisco, then people won’t try to climb them, right?

Philly: Challenge accepted.

1989 Bounty Bowl Champs

Bring me the head of Troy Aikman! Buddy Ryan, 1989 

More Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names

Hi, Howard You?


Clear a Lane, Johnson

Waiting for a Goedert

Alshon Bright Like a Diamond

Alshon Jeffery Didn’t Kill Himself

Too dark? If not, here are more inappropriate fantasy football team names.

The Millennium Eagle

If outer space is your thing, check out these Star wars team names.

Former Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names

There’d be no Lamar Jackson now if there weren’t a Randall Cunningham then. Must know your history, youngblood.

For other team names based on NFL teams, check out these Patriots fantasy team names.

Cunningham and Eggs

Nabb Time

Midnight Green Akers

Foles Me Once

Is Nick Foles the greatest backup QB ever?

Jaworski Bums

Jaws of Death

Classic Fantasy Football Team Names

I didn’t write these, but game recognizes game.

Wentz It Rains It Pours

You Only Live Wentz

The Sixth Wentz

Slippery Wentz Wet

Wentz Bitten, Twice Shy

My Ball Zach Ertz

Ertz Rent-a-Car

Love Ertz

So Good it Ertz

DeSesn of the Dead

The Perderson Principal

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Fantasy Football Team Names

I know this seems like a weird change of pace. but after the Eagles, IASIP has gotta be the best thing to come out of Philadelphia, right? Unless I’m forgetting something.

Thunder Gun Express

Frank Reynold’s Little Beauties

Ass Kickers United

Kitten Mittens

Does your cat make too much noise all the time?

The Charlie Workers

Chardee MacDennis

The game of games.

The D.E.N.N.I.S System

The Nightmen Cometh

More Ideas for Fantasy Football Names for NFL Teams

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