Panthers Fantasy Football Names – 2022 Team Name Ideas for Carolina Fans

Updated on May 3rd, 2022 by David Sharp
Panthers Fantasy Football Names

The Panthers’ identity is in flux. Teddy Bridgewater has already come and gone, but I haven’t even gotten over Cam Newton yet.

Watching the Panthers now feels like seeing Queen with that guy from American Idol. Sure, they may be able to put on a fun, professional-quality show, but it will never feel quite right.

Here are some all-new Carolina Panthers fantasy football names to help the team start their new history ASAP.

Carolina Panthers Fantasy Team Names for 2022

There are some reasons to think Darnold could be better with the Panthers than he was with the Jets. And their names are Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore, and Robby Anderson.

McCaffreaks of Nature

Christian Zealots

Hey, the dude is pretty awe-inspiring. Can you blame people for getting fanatical?

Hey Darnold!

This Panthers fantasy name makes sense because Arnold’s head was already shaped like a football.

‘Noldy Peaches

Benedict Darnold

Don’t worry, he hasn’t done anything wrong. Yet.

Moore and Moore

Cops and Robby Andersons

Carolina Jets

Robby Anderson was maybe the only decent receiver that Sam Darnold had in New York.

Panthers Rhule

Bridgewatering the Gap

You Delhomme Now, Dog

Cam Oldton

Cam Newton sure turned into Cam Oldton fast.


Cam Beverly Hills

Here is a Panthers fantasy football name and free logo to boot! You’re welcome.

Cam Newton Fantasy Football Name

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Names

Christian McCaffery may be the most dangerous weapon in fantasy football. This is why we just had to write an extra article of exclusive Christian McCaffrey fantasy team names.

McCaffreeze Frame

MickCaffrey Mouse



There are tons of possibilities for name derivations here:

  • Over McCaffinated
  • Highly McCaffinated
  • DeMcCaffinated, etc.

D.J. Moore Fantasy Football Names

DJ’s been pretty good the last few years, but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s still got, dare I say, Moore? Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have dared.

D Moore D Merrier

DJ Saved My Life

Or DJ Saved My Season?


Smoking DJ’s

A little NSFW, but then so’s life, baby.

Cam Newton Fantasy Football Names

Something tells me it won’t be long until he’s signing a contract with the Panthers again. You know, one of those symbolic ones so he can retire as a Panther.

Cam Live With ‘Em, Cam Live Without ‘Em

Band Cam

This one time? At band camp?

Cam Girls



Carolina Panthers Defense Fantasy Team Names

Watching the Panthers defense post-Luke Keuchley is like episodes of the Office after Steve Carell left. I’m not saying it can’t be good, it’s just a little weird.

Hang on, isn’t that essentially the same joke I made in the intro? Well if so, that’s just because it’s true.

Kuechleaving On a Jet Plane

Sorry Panthers fans, he won’t be coming back again.

Shaq Attaq

Lifestyles of Derrick and Famous

Derrick Brown should anchor the D-Line for a long time to come. Of course, that’s what they said about Jason Peter too.

Burns Unit

Matt Rhule Fantasy Team Names

I hope that ol’ Matty figures it out, because Rhule is a pretty great name for a coach.

Matt’s Rhule

Rhule Number One

Rhull Out

Like the Ludacris song.

Rhule Out the Barrell

Like the ludicrous song.

Carolina Panthers Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

Sometimes you have to make like Teddy Bridgewater, and just give the job to someone else.

Panther Pride

Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Christian Mingle


McCaffery Antivirus

Christian Missionaries

Sam’s Club

Darnold Schwarzenegger

Wedding DJ

The DJ Made Me Do It

Moore Money, Moore Problems

Okung All Ye Faithful

Long Way to Gano

Like some of these puns.


This is where I point out that, again, I did not write the names in this last section.

More Fantasy Team Names for Football Teams

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Ideas for Panthers Fantasy Football Names?

If you have an original idea for a Caroline Panthers fantasy football name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best name ideas to this article.

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