Washington Football Team Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas

Updated on August 27th, 2021 by David Sharp
Washington Football Team Fantasy Names

The Daniel Snyder tenure in D.C. has been rough. How rough, you ask?

While researching team names, I found multiple 10 Worst Decisions of Dan Snyder’s Tenure articles. From as far back as 2010. And let’s just say the lists haven’t gotten any shorter since then.

Snyder isn’t going anywhere, but at least we can laugh at these Washington Football Team fantasy football names. Laugh, because it beats the alternative.

Washington Football Team Fantasy Names for 2021

I’m not saying that it’s taking a long time for the WFT to decide on a new name, but look at the team in Cleveland. They decided to change their team much later, but they’ll start playing as the Guardians next season.

Meanwhile, the WFT is still just making announcements about what names they’ve ruled out. Frankly, it would be very off-brand to do it any other way.

Throwing Fitz

The Shoe Fitz


This is the year that Terry McLaurin puts his trademark on the league.


This Washington Football Team fantasy name is for all you old men still watching John Wayne movies.

Office of the AG

Antonio’s Line

For those WFT fans who are also fans of 1990’s indie cinema. Or big, fat box scores.

McKissic My Ass

McKissic From a Rose

It’s too bad JD wasn’t on the ‘Skins a few years ago because McKissic Cousins would have been a fantastic fantasy name.

Kissic My Tonio

D.C. Insurrectionists

Is InsurRedskinists too much of a stretch? If this is your speed, then we’ve got more political fantasy team name ideas where that came from.


WFT with Marc Laurin

You have to be a podcast nerd to get this one. But if you are, then you get this one.

Skins Game

What’s Skin a Name

This Washington fantasy team name is a subtle reference to both Romeo and Juliet and the Redskins’ naming crisis. See, in Act II, Scene II, the infamous Balcony Scene, Juliet is musing on the nature of language and the…

Sorry, I got carried away there. Moving on.

Snyder Whiplash

This WFT team name is like the old cartoon character – remember that guy? But also because Washington fans’ necks are sore from getting yanked around by Snyder for the last few decades.

Dwayne Haskins’ Lonely Playbook

Poor Dwayne Haskins really got a raw deal… from Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins Too Much

Down the Dwayne

The Hogfather

ABCDC’s Nutz

There are numerous permutations for this Washington fantasy team name:

  • ABDC’s Nutz
  • CDC’s Nutz
  • DC’s Nutz.

All equally classy.

Terry McLaurin Fantasy Football Team Names

Terry McLaurin’s been pretty good the last few years. Now imagine if he’d had a legit quarterback.

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick that QB? TBD, WTF, TBD.

McLaurin Racing

Alternatively, you could go with the simpler fantasy name: McLaurin Automotive. Either way, you get the point.

He’s fast, like a fancy-ass car.

Scary Terrys

I’d also accept Scary Fast Terrys.

Terry McLovin

McLaurin’ It

Terring Out

Terring Ass

Antonio Gibson Fantasy Football Team Names

I like watching Gibson run because the dude changes direction with the best of ‘em. The guy is slippery as a fish in Valvoline and shiftier than my college roommate who sold “study aids”.

Gibson, Neat

This Washington Football Team fantasy name is classy, old-timey, and fun, with just a hint of alcoholism.


Return of the McGib

AG College

Curtis Samuel Fantasy Team Names

Is this the year Curt Sammy finally lives up to that 4.31 forty time?

Curtis Blow By You

Curtis the Season

Samuels Gamgee

Free Samuels

Alex Smith Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas

The Washington Football Team is going to miss Alex Smith now that he’s gone. But let’s be honest, it’s not like they appreciated him while he was there.

Smithing You

Dancing With the Smiths

I also like The Smith and Theisman School of Dance. But then again, I’m sick in the head.

Smith You Know, You Know

Those with an astute ear for puns will notice that Smith and if can be used interchangeably. Those familiar with the English language will also notice that the word if comes up frequently.

  • Smith You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • Smith You Like Pina Coladas
  • Smith You’re Happy and You Know It
  • Smith the World Was Ending
  • Smith I Die Young
  • Smith I Ain’t Got You
  • Smith the Shoe Fits

Historic Washington Football Team Fantasy Football Names

The old equation is tragedy + time = comedy.

For example, it’s easy to laugh at Gus Frerotte, the Spurrier era, and even Alfred Haynesworth. Someday Dwayne Haskins, RGIII, and even the Dan Snyder era will be hilarious. Someday.




More history.

Dick’s Picks

You can also try Nix’s Picks, Tricky Dick’s Picks, or Dick Picks Skins. Or just throw all subtlety to the wind and do Dick Picks.


Spurriers Accusations

Frerotta Be Kidding Me

Lest Gus ever be able to forget his shame:

Redskins Fantasy Football Team Names

Just because the big club doesn’t call themselves the Redskins anymore doesn’t mean you can’t! After all, we’re no stranger to inappropriate team names.

Maybe you shouldn’t, but no one is saying you can’t.

Principle Redskinners

No, it’s the children who are wrong.

What’s the Redskinny?

RedSkinny Jeans

Marlboro Redskins

Tater ‘Skins

Snyder’s Redskinflints

Joe Gibbs’ Racist Team

Because of Joe Gibbs Racing Team and, well, you know, the whole name thing.

Skin It to Win It

Godfrey Daniel, Pesky Redskins

This Redskins fantasy team name is for anyone that still remembers the Firesign Theatre.

Ron Rivera Fantasy Football Names

You may love Ron Rivera, you may hate him, but it doesn’t matter. We all know that the man who should be coaching the Redskins is still Marty Schottenheimer.

Riveraboat Gamblers

Sunday R&R

Potomac Rivera

This funny Washington Football fantasy name works with any river, the Potomac is just the most famous in D.C. You can pick a river near you, or try Snake Rivera (depending on how you feel about ol’ Ronny Rivers).

The French Rivera

Rivera of Dreams

Or just Rivera Dreams, depending on your faith in your audience’s ability to get Billy Joel puns.

Ronald Rivera McDonald

After reading that article about how he treated Alex Smith, I kinda think the dude’s a clown.

Washington Football Team Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

I tried to find some quality Washington fantasy team names for you. But to be honest, most are pretty bad.

If your list still references Roy Helu’s fantasy value, then it might be time for an update!


Or Blood, Sugar, Fitzmagic for you Red Hot Chili Peppers fans.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

This Washington fantasy team name is admirable, but Mr. Smith WENT to Washington might be more accurate now.

Beauty is Only Skins Deep

Zorn Staches


Washing Foreskins

Fantasy Team Name Ideas for all NFL Teams

If your favorite NFL team is outside the D.C. area, maybe you’d enjoy one of these team name articles for the rest of the NFL.

More Ideas for Washington Football Fantasy Team Names?

If you have a funny idea for a Washington Football Team fantasy name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best names to this list.

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