Saints Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for New Orleans Fans

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Saints Fantasy Football Names

The Saints are poised to be strong contenders in the NFC for the upcoming season. With Derek Carr at the helm of their balanced and explosive offense, there is reason for optimism.

Let’s build on that positivity and crank out another round of New Orleans Saints fantasy football team names for 2023.

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Names for 2023

After over a decade of naming your team after Drew Brees, it’s finally time to mix things up! Here are some Saints fantasy team names for the players that are actually on the team.

Space Kam

If you’re an AK-41 guy (and what fantasy player isn’t), you’re in luck. We’ve got an article dedicated entirely to Alvin Kamara fantasy team names just for you.

Jamaal-In for 2023


This Derek Carr fantasy football name could be applicable to a championship-caliber team or a bottom-dweller.

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Names - Carrmageddon

Thomaster of Puppets

This Saints fantasy football name is for the metalheads – or Stranger Things fans – out there. The rest of our Michael Thomas fantasy names are below.

The Olave Gardens

Dude, Where’s My Carr

How are we, as a society, still referencing this film?

French Quarter Comeback

This Saints fantasy name is those fantasy players who like switching their team name after a rough start to the fantasy season.

Runnin’ Up That Taysom Hill

More Taysom Hill fantasy football names are down below.

Heaven CreSent

Moral Tre’Quandry

Carr D B

Olave and Let Die

René D Carr

Olave by the Sword

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Names - Olave by the Sword

Be Carrful

Saint Manning

Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but Archie Manning is about to become a grand-quarterback.

U Mardi Bro?

Know your carnival and know your meme.

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Michael Thomas Fantasy Football Team Names

Sometimes when I feel like being impressed, I just gaze at Michael Thomas’ stats from his record-shattering 2019. It remains to be seen if he can ever get back to that level, but fantasy managers can always hold out hope.

Thomasters of the Universe

Running on MT

MT Set

MT Nesters

Keyshawn’s Nephew

There’s no wonder Michael Thomas is so good. He’s had uncle Keyshawn showing him how to run routes since he was a baby.

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Name Generator

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Derek Carr Fantasy Football Names

Derek Carr is an enigma: is he young or old? Good or bad? Well, consider these stats:

  • He’s the Raiders’ all-time leader in passing yards, but also in QB losses
  • He has a miserable 4.3% TD rate and an incredible 1.9% INT rate
  • I still call him David sometimes

Sports Carr

Putting D Carr Before D Horse

No Carrgument

The Carr Bombs

The Carr of War

After The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

The Carr of the Deal

After The Art of the Deal by Son Sue.

Taysom Hill Fantasy Team Names

The list of NFL players who have thrown, ran, and caught touchdown passes is pretty short. Not as short, however, as the list of players named Taysom.

Taysoms of Anarchy

Taysom of a Bitch

Hill Communication

You Win Some, You Taysom

Hill of a Player

Chris Olave Fantasy Football Team Names

Saints fans are hoping that Chris Olave can walk off the draft stage and into a starting role in the offense. Here are a few Chris Olave team names to get him started off right.

Oil of Olave

Olave Branch

Olave Juice Too

You Only Olave Once

Muffaletta Olaves

This is very regional New Orleans fantasy team name. IYKYK, and if you don’t, then order yourself a muffaletta the next time you’re in the Big Easy.

NOLA Saints Defense Fantasy Team Names

We’ve gotta have some NOLA defense fantasy team names. After all, Drew Brees can’t do everything.

Marshon of the Dead

Marshon Manhunter

Rules and Lattimores

Cam Jordan Rules

That New Orleans Saints fantasy football name could be a reference to the Detroit Pistons treatment of Michael Jordan. Or, it could be just a simple statement of fact.

Super Demario Brothers

D-Davis for Allied Forces

Drew Brees Fantasy Football Names

Whenever you’re down because you’ve screwed something up, remember the Chargers. They traded Drew Brees to the Saints back in 2005, because they thought his best years were behind him.

Winning’s a Brees

Breest Coast

The Gulf Coast is the Breest coast.

The Brees’ Knees

Win, Lose, or Drew

Pimpin’ Saint Breesy


What Would Breesus Do?

The Brees Hive

Drew Orleans

The Big Breesy

Historical Saints Fantasy Football Names

There are few cities in America with as much beautiful, rich, vibrant history as New Orleans. If only the same could be said for their football team.

Andersent From God

River City Relay Racers

Still fun. And agonizing.

‘Aints Misbehavin’

I like this N.O. Saints fantasy name because it pulls off the rare feat of both starting and ending with an apostrophe.

Marques de Shade

Wham, Bam, Thank Ingram


The Millennium Dalton

Hit the Lutz

Lutz be Friends

Daltons of Fun

Colstons of Fun

Joe’s on the Horn

You just know someone had to be the first player to use a cell phone during a TD celebration (and the last). Joe Horn happened to be the right player, at the right time, with the right amount of audacity.

And, it was a flip-phone!

Use Your ImaginaSean


Paying Bounties

Sean Payton is one of the most creative, innovative offensive minds in football. His defensive mind, on the other hand, might be a bit too creative.

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Super kamario

Submitted by: Brady

How Deep is Olave?

Submitted by: Robb Gunn

Saints Fantasy Team Names from Around the Internet

When it comes to Saints fantasy team names, the internet is a Bounty-full source.

Saints and Sinners

Easy Breesy

Easy. Breesy. Beautiful. Cover-2.

Breesy Like Sunday Morning

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Team Name - Breesy

Breesing By You

Nunya Breesnes

Mountain Drew

Drew the Drew.

Instant Kamara

Deez Lutz

Landry Day

Dirty Landry

Ingram Toenail

Andy Dalton’s Red Zone

Fantasy Team Names for Other NFL Teams

Looking for a fantasy team name for a different NFL team? Here’s our full list of team name ideas for every team in the league.

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