Vikings Fantasy Football Names – 2023 Team Name Ideas for Minnesota Fans

Updated on September 4th, 2023 by Brad Perniciaro
Vikings Fantasy Football Fans

Minnesotans are a hearty bunch. They’ve been known to survive brutal cold stretches by being optimistic about the chances of brighter days ahead.

And in addition to the Vikings, they have to deal with the weather too. I’m kidding Vikings fans! Mostly!

Here are some piping hot Minnesota Vikings fantasy football names to keep you warm in 2023.

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Now that Washington has ditched their old nickname, could the Vikings be next? Could swarms of taciturn Scandinavian men descend on US Bank Stadium to politely protest being used as a mascot?

I’m guessing that’s not likely.

Viking Kong vs. Godzilla

Addison Wonderland

Check out more Jordan Addison fantasy names down below.

Vikings Fantasy Football Names - Addison Wonderland

Viking of Monsters

For a team image, you just put a Vikes helmet on Godzilla. Easy-peasy.

Justin the Name of Love

Justin Time

Mullen It Over

Hock Shop

Minneapolis Miracles

Rolling SKOL

The Captain Kirks

Remind me to write that article on Star Trek fantasy football names.

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Name Ideas - Captain Kirks


MinnesoTons of Fun

Vikings of Leon

Are the Kings of Leon even still relevant?

The Hock Itch

All athletes have to face the itch down at some point.

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Names - Hock Itch

Viking of the Road

King of the Road will always be relevant.

Baby, It’s SKOLd Outside

SKOLd Skool

I suppose you could spell this Vikings fantasy team name correctly. But where’s the fun in that?

Dippin’ SKOL

SKOL’ Grand-Dad

This Vikings fantasy football team name is for grandfathers or lovers of cheap whiskey.


Or Vikink Positive.

Your Purple Highness

Is it a coincidence that both Prince and the Vikings use purple as their signature color? Are some things just meant to be, or was Prince secretly a Vikes fan?

Walsh Wide Left

Tragedy + Time = funny Vikings fantasy team names?

Jared Allen’s Missing Mullet

There might have been better NFL players out there, but there were none swaggier.

Smoot’s Boats

When referencing the most shameful (and hilarious) incident in Vikings history, you have options:

  • Smoot Cruise
  • Fred Smoot’s Life Preservers
  • Smoot Operators
  • Freddy’s Love Boat

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J. Jefferson Fantasy Names

Is this the season Jefferson goes from one of the best to the best WRs in the game? Well, he certainly thinks so – and can you truly be a great NFL wide receiver without magically outsized confidence?

For our full list of ideas for 2023, check out Justin Jefferson fantasy football names.

Justin Case

JefferSon of a Gun

Or JefferSon of a… well, you know.

Fathers and Jeffersons

Jefferson’s Montecello

TBH, this is likely the Vikings fantasy team name that I would use. Probably no one else would, as it’s boring and weird. But I might.

JJ’s Dynamite

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Names

Kirk Cousins is one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL. Is he one of the worst of the best quarterbacks or one of the best of the worst quarterbacks?


You can mumble this Vikings team name with appreciation any time Cousins makes a nice throw. Kirk. F’n. Cousins. K. F. C.

Kirk Diggler

You’re a star.

Kirk Covids

Irked by Kirk

Not everyone’s a Cousins fan. Like our old buddy Mike Zimmer.

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Name Generator

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

T.J. Hockenson Fantasy Team Names

I’m thrilled to see Hockenson in the NFL for a couple of reasons:

  1. His ability to create separation from an overly-instinctive defender
  2. My ability to create a team name idea from his easily-malleable surname

Hock of Seagulls

Hock and Roll

Hocked and Loaded

The Hard Hock Hotel

My Pet Hock

Hockin’ the Hock

Jordan Addison Fantasy Football Name Ideas

Addison was one of the top wide receiver prospects in the NFL draft. He is expected to hit the ground running in the NFL with first-round draft capital and plenty of opportunities to shine.

If you took a chance on him this fantasy season, these Jordan Addison fantasy names are for you.

Addison through Subtraction

Addison Ignition

Air Jordans

Attrition through Addison

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

These are the best Vikings fantasy team names that I could find in the frigid wasteland of the internet.

Purple Reign

Magic Skol Bus

Skol-line Defense

This Nordic fantasy name is the perfect Viking rallying cry.

Hockenson Big Loogies

Vikings Booze Cruise

First Cousins

Battle of DunKirk

Fantasy Team Names for all NFL Teams

If the Vikings aren’t your team, fret not. We have a dedicated fantasy name article for every team in the NFL. Enjoy.

Ideas for Vikings Fantasy Football Names?

If you have an original idea for another Minnesota Vikings fantasy team name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.

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