New York Giants Fantasy Football Names – 2020 Team Name Ideas

Updated on March 31st, 2021 by David Sharp
Giants Fantasy Football Team Names

Let’s take a moment to reflect on Eli Manning’s career:

  • Four-time Pro-Bowler, but led the league in interceptions three times.
  • Two championships, but only .500 as a starter.
  • 7th in passing yards, but only the third-best quarterback in his own family.

Eli’s legacy is secure. But I have no idea what it is. Here are some new New York Giants fantasy football team names to celebrate the end of a mysterious era.

If you’re looking for Saquon Barkley fantasy football team names, then we’ve got you covered. Just click the link for a whole league’s worth of Saquon-specific names (and even a logo or two).

Daniel Jones Fantasy Football

The Daniel Jones era is officially underway! Now we’ll see if the Duke grad can play like a devil or a pile of Dukie.

DJ’s Jazzy Giants

A DJ Saved My Life

The Devil and Daniel Jones

You can also do The Blue Devil Daniel Jones as a nod to his Duke past.

Danny Dukie

Daniel Striped Tiger

The Jones-Foxborough Massacre

This Giants fantasy football name is pretty dark. It references a brutal historical tragedy, as well as that horrible cult.

Eli Manning Fantasy Football

Life without Eli is going to be different. For one thing, the main talking point isn’t going to be whether or not Eli should retire.

Eli’s Sports Bureau


Eli to Me

Manning Overboard

Manning Brothers Retirement Home

Golden Tate Fantasy Team Names

GT has flirted with 10-team relevance throughout his career. But when it comes to names, he’ll always be a first-rounder.

Tate Nothin’

Tate Golden, Pony Boy

Yukon Golden Tates

It’s a potato joke.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Tate

This Giants fantasy team name is for the conspiracy theory fans out there

Funny New York Giants Fantasy Football Team Names

The Giants are tied for the league lead in players that you expect more out of next season.

Sterling Performance

Codyak Bears

Core Player

We Slay Tons

This is Dari-Us

Or you can do The Story of Dari-Us if you’re more into 90’s tearjerker movies (instead of 20-teens tearjerker TV).

Feeling Good, Lewis

Giants Head Coach Fantasy Names

Joe Judge is the latest Pats’ assistant to get a head coaching job. The Giants are hoping for one of the successes, like Alabama’s Nick Saban (not a failure, like Miami’s Nick Saban).

Judge Dread

Judgement Day

Here Come the Judge

Judge Joe Blue

Ye Be Judged

I like this Giants fantasy football team name because, for whatever reason, it is funnier than Judge Not.


It was a mercy killing.

Historical Giants Fantasy Football Names

The Giants are tied with Washington for the second most Hall of Famers of any franchise. If recent success is any indicator, the G-Men won’t be sharing second place for long.

Carrying the Tiki Torch

This Giants fantasy name is relevant, assuming tiki torch references haven’t been ruined forever.

Taylor-Made Team

Simms League

Amani Roll

I give you this Amani Toomer fantasy football name because you deserve better than It’s Not a Toomer.

You Can’t Gifford It

Shockey Jockeys

Adopt a Strahan

Lionel Manuel-Miranda

I know receivers from the ’80s aren’t the most common choice. But this Giant fantasy football team name just too perfect to pass up.

Besides, this name makes for an excellent flex in leagues with folks that like to think they know the Giants.

New York Giants Fantasy Football Team Name - Lionel Miranda

MetLife Stadium Fantasy Football Team Names

How bad of a rap does New Jersey get? Well, neither Giants nor the Jets are willing to admit that they play there.

Rutherford Be-have

Say it like Austin Powers for extra silliness.

MetLife Sentence

MetLife Style

If you want to go longer, try MetLifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

How I MetLife Your Mother


This N.Y. Giants fantasy team name may not be a good choice for your work league.

Giants Fantasy Football Names from Around the Internet

The Giants don’t inspire the most fantasy football team names. But one thing is for sure, people have written more team names for the Giants than they have for the Jets.


Assuming you don’t mind using a real team nickname for your fake team’s nickname.

Keeping Up With the Jones

Game of Jones

Golden Taint

Not classy but a classic.

Golden Tate Warriors

Tate Misbehavin’

Straight Outta Coughlin

This Giants fantasy team name is objectively true. The Giants are currently out of Coughlins.

Playbook of Eli

Manning of Steel

Last Manning Standing

The league is Manning-less for the first time since 1998. Don’t get used to it, though, as Arch Manning is right around the corner.

Even More Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas for NFL Teams

The best fantasy names reflect your personality, sense of humor, and allegiances. If the Giants aren’t your primary team, here are some other ideas for fans of other teams.

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