Jaguars Fantasy Football Names – 2024 Team Name Ideas for Jacksonville Fans

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Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Names
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The Jaguars mascot name was chosen through a contest before their inaugural season in 1995. The other candidates were Stingrays and Sharks!

Whether Jacksonville would have had better franchise success as a sea animal, we’ll never know.

Let’s build on that new-found optimism to crank out more hilarious Jacksonville Jaguar fantasy team names for 2024.

The Best Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Names

  1. Sacksonville
  2. Lawrence and The Machine
  3. Jaggros
  4. Duvalwhoopyall
  5. Jaggressive Animals
  6. Catty Shack
  7. Jaguar King
  8. Jagoffs
  9. Ridley’s Believe it or Not
  10. T.E. Phone Home
  11. Trevor Lawrence’s Luxurious Hair
  12. Don’t Bet On It, Calvin
  13. You the McManus
  14. Long Arm of the Lawrence
  15. The Talented Mr. Ridley
  16. McManus About Town
  17. Captain Kirk’s Enterprise
  18. Christian Kirkland Signature
  19. Jaguar Sharks
  20. Friends and Etiennemies

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Names From Readers


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Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Names for 2024

Finally, it’s cool to use Jaguars fantasy team names again. Actually, you can probably strike the again from that last sentence.

Jaggressive Animals

Catty Shack

This Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy team name truly has it all.

  1. Your team is a house for Jaguars, aka cats.
  2. It’s a local Jacksonville legend.
  3. It’s one of the greatest comedies of all time.

Jaguar King

If you happen to be a Joe Exotic fan, check out our full list of Tiger King fantasy football names.


Ridley’s Believe it or Not

T.E. Phone Home

We’ve got several more Travis Etienne Jr. fantasy team names down below.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Name - T.E. Phone Home

Trevor Lawrence’s Luxurious Hair

Don’t Bet On It, Calvin

You the McManus

Long Arm of the Lawrence

Check below for more Trevor Lawrence fantasy football names.

The Talented Mr. Ridley

McManus About Town

Captain Kirk’s Enterprise

Christian Kirkland Signature

Jaguar Sharks

It’s pretty good.

Friends and Etiennemies

Chaisson Lounge

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Trevor Lawrence Fantasy Names

Look, I don’t want to put too much on Trevor Lawrence too early. That said, anything less than multiple Pro Bowls, an MVP, and the Jags’ first title will be a disappointment.

Hair Apparent

Teal TL

Or TL in Teal, Teal TL – you get it. His initials are the same as the team’s weird 90’s-tastic color scheme.

Trevaling Man

We Will Trevail

Lawr and Trevorder

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Name Generator

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Travis Etienne Jr. Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Travis Etienne holds the Clemson Tigers’ career record for yards per carry at an astonishing 8.1 yards! If he can get anywhere near that over his NFL career, then these Travis Etienne fantasy team names will be well-deserved.

Etienne the Zone

The Etienne Express

The Etienned of Days

The Etienned Zones

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Football Team Names

At least Calvin Ridley bet on his team to win, right?

Ridley or Not


Ridley Me This

Calvin and Quadrees

The Six Points of Calvinism

This may be the most obscure Falcons team name on this list.

James Robinson Fantasy Team Names

I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t see James Robinson coming. He played in the MVFC, he went undrafted, and he played for the league’s 30th-ranked offense.

Plus, he might have the most boring name in football – even more boring than Trevor Lawrence. That said, after his performance over the last couple years I see him now.

The Jimmy Robs

Cops and Robinsons

Batman and Robinson

J.R. Jags

Because James Robinson is the most accomplished player on this offense, and because the team is composed of junior Jaguars.

Historical Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Names

Their history isn’t particularly long, but there’s enough of it to get a few good historical Jaguars fantasy team names.


You Stupid Marrone

Hey, remember in 2017 when Doug Marrone took over a 3-13 team and lead them to the playoffs? Yeah after going a combined 12-36 over the next three seasons, I don’t either.

It’s Marrone Fault

Poppin’ Bortles

Champagne Bortles

You can adjust this Jaguars fantasy name to your poison of choice:

  • Whiskey Bortles
  • Beer Bortles
  • Win Bortles

McCardell is a Marcedes

James Stewart in Meester Smith Goes to Rasheanton

If you’re confused, this is a James Stewart, Brad Meester, Jimmy Smith, and Rashean Mathis reference all in one. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

Because you aren’t the only one out there that loves the Jags, even though sometimes it likely feels that way.

Blood, Sweat, and Teal

The Teal Curtain


The Constant Gardner

Driving a Lambo


Genie in a Bortles

WWJD: What Would Jones-Drew

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