Bears Fantasy Football Names – 2021 Team Name Ideas for Chicago Fans

Updated on August 20th, 2021 by Brad Perniciaro
Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Team Names

The only organization that has more history than the Bears is the Cardinals. Unless you’re only counting good history, in which case the Bears have the most by far.

To honor that history, here are 40+ original Chicago Bears fantasy football names (plus a few classics, just for fun). Who knows, they may even help you get past the Trubisky years.

Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Names for 2021

Here’s a trivia question for you: which NFL team has the most Hall of Famers? Answer: The Bears, of course.

It’d be weird if I was asking that question in a Bears article and the answer was some other team.

Daltons of Fun

The Millennium Dalton

Fields is Justin Time

Fields General

AR Goggles

That’s Allen Robinson + the future.

Monty’s Pythons

Cohen My Way?

There are a ton of good Cohen/Going names:

  • Cohen All the Way
  • Coming and Cohen
  • I’m Cohen Crazy
  • Cohen Out of Business
  • Cohen out of Style


We’re Going Tariking!

Old School is itself now old school. Crazy.

Decatur Staleys

Staley Starch Makers

These are what you call street cred team names. They show the rest of your league you know your history – or it forces them to learn it.

Truth Sayers

Moby Ditka

Buccing Bronkos

NagurSki Bums

Two things:

  1. This is an excellent fantasy football team name.
  2. Bronko Nagurski was a certified badass.

Bear Jordan

Not a football player, but no one in Chicago cares.

David Montgomery Fantasy Football Names

It always amazes me how many people miss on NFL-quality talent along the way. David Montgomery was barely recruited out of high school, then only drafted in the third round out of Iowa State.

And then, just two years later, DM is a top-ten back in the league. Did something change that made him that much better, or is the entire country full of idiots?

Hit Me In My DM’s

Run DM, See?

It helps if you say it in a threatening gangster voice.

The Montgomery Ward

Michelangelo’s David Montgomery

Monty’s Ball Problem

For those unfamiliar with the Monty Hall problem, here’s creepy Kevin Spacey to help explain it.

Allen Robinson II Fantasy Names

Most receivers that have been around as long as Allen Robinson II aren’t considered breakout candidates. Then again, most receivers haven’t had Mitch Trubisky as their primary QB, so maybe there’s even more in AR2’s tank.

Cops and Robinsons

II Much Robinson 4 U

Or just II Much if you are into the whole brevity thing.

Allen’s Wrenches

Swiss Family Robinson

Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

Classic Eddie Murphy.

Bears Defense Fantasy Names

There are few constants in this world, so it’s nice when you find something you can count on.

The sun rises in the East, sets in the West, and the Bears have a good defense. It’s almost soothing.

A Time to Khalil

Khalil Bill

Or Khalil Bhill if you want to go one step further.

Bilal About the Benjamins

Roquan Roll

Tell the Truf

Truf Hurts

Rip Cordarelle

Not a defensive player, but Coradrelle Patterson has been one of the best special teams players in the NFL for the last few seasons.

Cut the Cordarelle

Cut is what you have to do to Cordarelle if you don’t get points for individual special teams players.

Mitchell Trubisky Fantasy Football Team Names

Sure, Mitch Trubisky may be gone, but for Bears fans, the feelings remain.

Karma’s a Mitch

Season of the Mitch

Mitched Blessings

Too Good To Be Trubisky


Mitch, Please!

Tru Believers

Get Mitch or Die Tryin’

Little Mitch Can’t Be Wrong

Spin Doctors anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

The Best Bears Fantasy Team Names From Around the Web

Puns are like fruit, hanging on trees and ready to be grabbed. The fruit of these Bears fantasy team names was hanging a little too low, and other writers grabbed it first.

Andy Dalton’s Red Zone

Da Bear Necessities

Grin and Bear It

Bear Force One

Bear Goggles


Plus you’ve got a sweet theme song.

Loaded for Bear

Trubisky Business

Mitch Slapped

Baby Got Mack

Khalil or be Khaliled

License to Khalil

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