Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Names for 2023

Updated on November 26th, 2023 by Brad Perniciaro
Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Football Team Names

Ezekiel Elliott has been a first-round fantasy player every year he’s been in the league. As the Cowboys’ workhorse, he’s amassed multiple pro bowls, over 1,000 fantasy points, and has won an uncountable number of both seasonal championships and DFS contests for his owners.

Zeke is the type of player on which to build (and possibly name) your team. Here are some brand-new Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football team names for 2023, plus some old classics that we’ve loved for years.

Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Lots of sites just recycle the same handful of stale player names, but we wouldn’t do that. Here are twenty original Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football team names.

Even Kiel

Let Your Zeke Flag Fly

EZ Does It

Zekey Stardust

And the Spiders from Arlington.

The Zeke Shall Inherit the Earth

Kielling It

Zeke Heil!

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Zeke Between the Sheets

You know what they say: she’s a Brady in the streets and a Zeke in the sheets. 


Is this referencing the playful aquatic mammals or the LGBTQI cultural sub-group? You decide.

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More Funny Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Names

I’m not going to lie to you, some of these references are going to be a little obscure. But you don’t have to like all the team names. Just have to find the right name for you.

You Elliotta be in Pictures

Any Rudy Vallee fans out there? Anyone? Anyone?

Keil’s Lotion

Dawson’s Zeke

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more Photoshop-ready name. Zeke’s head. Vanderbeek’s body. It’s almost too perfect.

EZ, Phone Home


Kiel Haul

E. E. Runnings

You could also try E.E. Comings and Goings, but regardless you’ll never make poetry popular again.


Turning carries into touchdowns with mechanical efficiency.

Elliott and the Ewoks

Try to convince me that these two aren’t related! Here is our complete list of Star Wars fantasy football names.

Zeke Fantasy Football Team Names

Zeke is a pretty great name. It’s short, distinctive, and it starts with a Z (the second coolest letter, behind only X). It’s also an excellent starter for a fantasy football team name.

Zike Chic

Eyebrows on Zeke

To be honest, I don’t understand this reference. That said, you can also do Zeke on Fleek if you like that better.

Sprung a Zeke

Zekey Deaky, Baby

Peak Zeke

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Classic Ezekial Elliott Fantasy Team Names

I’d never take credit for the work of other namesmiths. But here are ten of my favorite Ezekial Elliott team names that I found elsewhere on the web. Enjoy.

Zeke-a Virus

Zeke Out

Get Your Zeke On


In case the last name didn’t cure your thirst for early 2000’s rap references.

Zeke and Ye Shall Find

(The End Zone)

Book of Zekiel

Hide and Zeke

Ezekiel Bread

Probably your grandma’s second- or third-favorite bread.

Zeke of Nature

Let’s Get PhyZekiel

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More Ezekiel Elliott Team Names?

If you have more original Ezekiel Elliott team name ideas, tell me about them in the comments below. I’ll add the good ones to this article.

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