CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

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CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Team Names

CeeDee Lamb is ready to fill the No. 1 wide receiver role for the Cowboys in 2022. He’s improved with each passing year, but will he be able to handle the pressure of being the guy?

It’s his coveted 3rd year, and I believe he could finish in the top five fantasy wide receivers. To celebrate the owners who staked their fantasy WR corps on Cedarian, here are our best CeeDee Lamb fantasy football names.

CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Team Names for 2024

CeeDee spent all three college seasons running routes for Heisman Trophy finalists (and two eventual winners). So, did he make all those quarterbacks successful, or the other way around?

CeeDee said it best: “I’m a luck receiver”.

Speedy CeeDee Lambs

Silence of the Lamb

Cee Hate Me

This CeeDee Lamb fantasy name references an XFL legend.

The Battering Lambs

Lamb Chops

Cee Works Hard for the Money

I’m old enough to remember when this was a hit on the radio. Yikes.

Seedy Lambs

The Legs of Lamb

CeeDee Sundays

C.D. Phone Home

If there’s one thing we learned by watching the Cowboys draft Lamb at 17th overall, it’s that you don’t mess with the man’s phone. Ladies take notice!

And this is for those of you wondering about this cultural reference.

Lamb Dunks

CeeDee Gonzelez

Lamb Dancing

Violence of the Lambs


CeeDees Tds

This idea may be more appropriate if you’re looking for female fantasy football names.

Murder Cee Wrote

Here’s an explanation for those too young to get this pun. Yes, this picture is freightening.


Lamb, Bam, Thank you Ma’am

Lamb Sessions

Lamb of Gods

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Funny CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Names for 2024

The nickname CeeDee was coined by his first pee-wee football coach. When told his real name was Cedarian, his coach decided that a new nickname was in order.

As such, Cee Dee was born. But the spelling is still a mystery.

Lamb, I Wish I was Your Lover

I CeeDee Light!

CeeDeez Nuts

Speedy CeeDees

Lamb Roast

The Lamb and Tommy Tape

To celebrate pride month…

CeeDee Part of Town

Lambskin Larges

Uncle Lamb Wants You!

CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

1 if by lamb 2 if by ceedee

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Cee Deez Lamb Nutz

Submitted by Cole
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No silence of the lamb

Submitted by Jerry
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Ceedee Lamborghini

Submitted by Victor Azrak F.
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Submitted by Th
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CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

I admit that brainstorming team names for Mr. Lamb wasn’t the easiest. So I don’t mind admitting to borrowing a few other names from around the Internet.

Here are some of my favorites.

That’s What CeeDee Said

CeeDee Drives

Cee Dee Lamb Fantasy Football Name - Cee Dee Drives

Now you CeeDee, Now you Don’t

CeeDee Burner

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More CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Football Name Ideas

Do you have a funny idea for a DeeDee Lamb fantasy football name? Put it in the comments below. We’ll consider adding the best ones to this list.

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