Trump Fantasy Football Names – Political Team Name Ideas for 2021

Updated on April 29th, 2021 by Brad Perniciaro
Political Fantasy Football Names

In these divided times, it’s important that all Americans remember what truly matters: your fantasy football team. What better way to show your patriotism than through melding politics and football fandom in a thoughtful yet ridiculous pun?

These are some of the funniest original political fantasy football team names you can find. But will they change the world?

Yes. Yes, they probably will. 

Best Political Fantasy Football Team Names

With Donald Trump up for re-election, this is shaping up to be one of the most politically-charged years in history. In honor of our endlessly entertaining turmoil, here is my list of the best fantasy football political names for 2021.

Oval Offense

Zeker of the House

SpeakErtz of the House

Hail Mary to the Chief

Law of the Courtland

Michael Gallup Polls

Fitz More Years

Four Moore Years

The Brady Bill Gunslingers

This idea gets dark if you think about it too hard. This political team name is not for everyone.

Vladimir Putin’s Chatbots

2016 was the year that Putin won the championship in his Fantasy Election League.

Vladimir Putin Fantasy Team Name

Election Steelers

We dedicated an entire article to Steelers fantasy football names. If you’re a fan of the Steel Curtain, you have to check it out.

2020 Presidential Candidates Fantasy Football Team Names

Let us never forget this rag-tag gang of millionaires and multi-millionaires that bravely rose up to defend the common people from the billionaires.

Bear-nie Sanders

Feel the Bearn.

Bernie Sanders Political TeamName

Buttigieg Rush

If your opponents can pronounce Gieg Rush correctly, then you play in a smart league.

Ertzlizabeth Warren

Biden Our Time

Tennesee Bidens

Broadway Joe Biden

What do Joe Biden and Joe Namath have in common? Never mind, don’t answer that.

Odell Bloomberg Jr.


Yang Gang

If you were a gross person, you could even do Yang Gang Bang. But I’d never suggest anything as uncouth as that.

Donald Trump Fantasy Football Names

Love him or hate him, we can all agree that Donald Trump’s Twitter account is an endless source of political fantasy team names. So here are some funny patriotic team names for 2021.

Hamberder Bankwet

Unpresidented Presidents

Donald Trump’s “unpresidented” typo is an unprecedented self-burn.

Christian McCovfefe


The Covfephalanx is cocked and loaded, as they say.

The Bad Hombres

The Impish Mints

Trump University All-Americans

I assume the Trump University football team was just the children of former sitcom stars that paid for their roster spots.

Grab Her in the Pelosi

If you like dirty team names, check out our full collection of NSFW fantasy football names.

White House Fantasy Football Team Names

The Wentz House

D-Wats’ House

The James White House

The Tite House

At first, I thought about spelling that “Tit House.” I didn’t, because I don’t believe that would make anyone think about either the Titans or the White House.

MAGA Fantasy Football Team Names

Is it just me, or does MAGA sound like some kind of advanced metric? Like, McConnell leads the Senate in MAGA this season.

Make Fantasy Football Great Again

Bake America Great Again

Make Amari Great Again

Mike America Great Evans

Make America Gurley II

Get it? II instead of Again?

Mark America Great II

It’s never a good sign if you have to ask “get it?” afterward.

Fake News Fantasy Football Team Names

Bake News

Saq News

Fitz News

Fake ‘Shews

I hope Gardner Minshew II is fantasy- relevant for years to come. His combo of charisma and unique name is perfect for finding political fantasy team names.

Conservative Fantasy Football Team Names

Here are some conservative fantasy names that even the staunchest Trump supporterscould support.

Red Wave

Basket of Deplorables

Christian McConnell

Fitz McConnell

Breitbardener Minshnews

Liberal Fantasy Football Team Names

For our leftie, commie friends, I present political fantasy names that you can use without the fear of being triggered. For the intellectual elite among you, check out our list of political trivia team names.

Blue Wave

The Resistance

The Squad

Alexandria Ocasio Courtland

Both AOC and Courtland Sutton are solid breakout picks for next season.

Nancy PeloSeahawk



Ruth Beckham Ginsburg Jr.

Political Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Names

The last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl was three impeachments ago.

Chiefs Justice

Hail to the Chiefs

Commander in Chiefs

If the Chiefs are your tribe, you’ll love our K.C. Chiefs fantasy football names.

Tyreeker of the House

Tyreek Capitol Hill

Check out our full list of fantasy team name ideas for Tyreek Hill.

Mitch Mahomell

Political 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names


President Ford



This could also work for Gardner Minshew because, as mentioned, his name is perfect for this.

Funny Political Fantasy Football Team Names From Other Sites

These are some of the most poplar political fantasy football team names from around the web.

Yes We Cam

Lockett Her Up!

Trumpty Dance

Trump Train

Make America Gronk Again

For more Gronk-related team names, check out our 61+ Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names.

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