Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

Updated on March 15th, 2024 by David Sharp
Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Names
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In 2021, Jonathan Taylor blew past every other running back by a huge margin. The last time anyone finished so far ahead of the #2 back was a guy named OJ Simpson in 1973.

Let’s hope that this is the last time we compare JT to OJ Simpson! Here are our best Jonathan Taylor fantasy team names in hopes that he keeps slaying in 2024.

The Best Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Long Gone John
  2. Taylor Trash
  3. Tay Slay
  4. John Colt-Train
  5. Jonathin Mints
  6. Swifties
  7. The Brave Little Taylor
  8. Taylored Suits
  9. Jonny Cash Money
  10. Swift Taylor
  11. Lords and Taylor
  12. Very Jonathinteresting
  13. Bespoke Taylor
  14. Jonathan Legend
  15. Wisconsathin Badglors
  16. 28 Plays Later
  17. Taylor Moon
  18. 28 Days Taylor
  19. Tractor Taylor
  20. Taylor Park

Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Long Gone John

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Taylor Trash

1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Tay Slay

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Taylor is the first player in Wisconsin history to finish in the top 10 in Heisman Trophy voting three times. That’s a fantastic accomplishment that has foreshadowed his budding NFL career.

John Colt-Train

Your more sophisticated fantasy football players will have a Love Supreme for this Jonathan Taylor fantasy name.

Jonathin Mints


Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Name - Jonathan Mints


The Brave Little Taylor

Taylored Suits

Jonny Cash Money

Swift Taylor

Swift Taylor is my favorite of the Jonathan Taylor-Taylor Swift fantasy team name options.

Lords and Taylor

Very Jonathinteresting

Bespoke Taylor

Jonathan Legend

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Funny Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Names

Off the field at Wisconsin, Taylor was a philosophy major who loved the writing of Emmanuel Kant. When he was on the field with the Badgers, he was “Emmanuel Kant tackle”.

A man you all can’t tackle? Please don’t hold your breath waiting for our 18th-century philosophers fantasy team names article.

Wisconsathin Badglors

28 Plays Later

Jonathan Taylor wears #28.

Taylor Moon

The photoshop of this would be terrifyingly hilarious.

28 Days Taylor

Tractor Taylor

Taylor Park

Put it all together, and you’ve got Taylor Park Trash.

Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Jonathan Taylor is an incredible running back with an incredibly dull name. I’m sorry, but it’s just a fact.

Look at how these lesser writers struggled to come up with anything amusing. These are the best Jonathan Taylor fantasy names that the entire Internet could muster.

Taylor Made


Jonathan Taylor Thomas

This Jonathan Taylor fantasy name works best if you also have Michael Thomas. And if you do, congrats my dude!

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

That’s how bereft of ideas the Internet is for Jonathan Taylor fantasy name ideas. Their best options are 90s tween heartthrobs and Gary Oldman movies nobody saw.

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More Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Team Names

Do you have a funny and original fantasy name idea for Jonathan Taylor? Put it in the comments below, and I’ll add the funniest ones to this list.

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