Jalen Hurts Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

Updated on January 15th, 2024 by Brad Perniciaro
Jalen Hurts Fantasy Football Names

Jalen Hurts was a star last season, leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl and scoring tons of fantasy points with his arm and legs. He also snubbed Netflix’s “Quarterback” series, showing his commitment to his team.

With a new offensive coordinator who knows him well, Hurts is poised to repeat his success. If you draft Hurts, you’ll need a witty name for your team. Here are some of the best Jalen Hurts fantasy football names for 2023.

Jalen Hurts Fantasy Team Names for 2024

Hurts finished as the second-highest-scoring quarterback in most scoring formats. Let’s hope he continues playing at a high level (and building more material for team name ideas).

World of Hurts

The Hurt Attacks

Journey with Jalen

Van Jalen

This Hurts fantasy team name is both hilarious and accurate.

Gonna Hurts Your Feelings

Total Eclipse of the Hurts

I”m pretty sure that’s Jalen Hurts, and I’m pretty sure that’s an eclipse behind him. I’m not sure where Jalen is in this pic, but he probably needs to get his ass back to the clubhouse!

Hurts Like Hell

The Mega-Hurts

I Hurts Myself Today

Jalen Bait

So Good it Hurts

Jalen’s Juke Joint

Hurts of Darkness

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Jailbreak Jalen

Mexican Hurts Weed

Hurts and Soul

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Jalen Hurts Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Jalen Hurts Fantasy Football Names

Hurts is no strange to funny moments. And his name is a never-ending source of funny fantasy team name ideas.

Hurts Til’ it Squirts

This motto has been around since the ’60s.

It Hurts When I Pee

Jalen Jibe Jabbers

This Jalen Hurts fantasy name is what would happen if Mr. T and Jalen had a baby.

The King of Hurts

Bleeding Hurts

Hurts to be First

Jalen Hurts Fantasy Names From Around the Web

In much the same way that the Philadelphia Eagles stole Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft, I swiped these Jalen Hurts fantasy team names in the rookie year of this article.

The Hurts Locker

Herts Rental Car

Hit ‘Em Where it Hurta

Hurts to the Bone

Tell me Where it Hurts

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