Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Names for 2024

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Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names
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In one sense, Tyreek Hill beat the odds:

  • Made the leap to the NFL from the University of West Alabama
  • Kicked off his first college team, where he’d never been a full-time receiver

In another sense, Hill was a favorite all along:

  • The NFL always has a place for dudes that run 4.29 40’s.

Here are some Tyreek Hill fantasy names to give your team some of that nasty cheetah speed in 2024.

The Best Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Reek is not at his Peak
  2. Give Em' Hill
  3. I Think Thy Reek
  4. The Hills have RAC
  5. Little Blue Hill
  6. Netflix and Hill
  7. Reeking of Success
  8. Cheetahs Always Win
  9. Cheetah Pack
  10. Cheetah Habitat
  11. Patreek Mahills
  12. Travie and Ty are Mahomies
  13. Mahomes on the Hill
  14. Winning Reek
  15. Running Hills
  16. We’re Going Tyreeking!
  17. Eight Days a Reek
  18. Hill of Beans
  19. Hill Communication
  20. SO HiLL

Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Reek is not at his Peak

Submitted by ryan berger
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Max 3 votes.

Give Em' Hill

Submitted by Deklan sullivan
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

I Think Thy Reek

Submitted by Jeff King
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

The Hills have RAC

Submitted by Cary Bach
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Little Blue Hill

Submitted by Nico k
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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Tyreek Hill Fantasy Names – My Favorite for 2024

You know you’re the king if usurpers keep trying to take your throne. Here’s a list of peasants that have all been put in their place by King Cheetah:

  • Terrell Owens
  • Mecole Hardman
  • Juan Thornhill
  • Damien Williams (kind of)
  • Usain Bolt (but not really)

Netflix and Hill

Reeking of Success

Cheetahs Always Win

Imagine how fast you have to be for other NFL players to nickname you cheetah. A bunch of super-fast guys all agreed that this is the guy that gets to be named after the world’s fastest animal.

Cheetah Pack

Cheetah Habitat

Patreek Mahills

This Tyreek Hill fantasy football team name is a merge of the Chiefs’ two stud fantasy players. Our Kansas City Chiefs fantasy team names article has even more team name ideas for 2024.

Travie and Ty are Mahomies

Mahomes on the Hill

Check out my full list of Patrick Mahomes fantasy team names.

Winning Reek

Running Hills

We’re Going Tyreeking!

Old School is old school now. Wild.

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Funny Tyreek Hill Fantasy Team Names

Want to hear a joke? Tyreek Hill was a 5th round pick. Every NFL GM passed on him at least four times.

Now that’s funny.

Eight Days a Reek

Hill of Beans

You could go with this Tyreek Hill fantasy name, or the more whimsical spelling, Hill O’Beans.

Hill Communication


The weird caps are to make this Tyreek Hill Fantasy team name idea more readable. The other alternatives would be So Hill, which also works for me, or So HIll, which does not.


Ty the D in Knots

All-Performance Tyres

Over the Hill

Reek and Destroy

At least this Tyreek Hill fantasy name gives you a kick-ass theme song:

A Hill to Die On

Reeking Out a Victory

Reeking of Success

Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Clever Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names

How do you know you’re good at football? If someone says you’re the first since Gayle Sayers to do anything, then you’re pretty good.

Tyreek Hill was the first player to score a touchdown rushing, receiving, and returning a kick (in the same game) since Gayle Sayers.

Cheetah King

Are Tiger King references still a thing that we’re doing?

What a dumb question! Here’s our latest Tiger King team names.

Hill Street Blues

Like this Tyreek Hill fantasy team name? You could also go with Hill Street Reds, if you’re confident enough in your league-mates.

Hill Street Blues did go off the air thirty-some-odd years ago, but that might also be yall’s style.

Win, Loose, or Tyreek

TH Balance

Cheetah Spots

Cheetah Coalition

A coalition is a word for a group of people working together. Plus, it’s the official name for a pack of cheetahs.

If you’re a team built around Hill (and maybe a few other burners) then it’s basically perfect.

Tyreeky Blinders

This fantasy team name idea for Tyreek Hill is for that unique soul found at the intersection of fantasy football and British period dramas.

The Haunting of Hill Taking it to the House

Ant Hill

Hill Killers

This Tyreek Hill team name is slang for ATVs and dirt bikes because they chew up rugged terrain.

Hill Kill Cult

Or My Life With the Hill Kill Cult if you want to go 90’s goth with your Tyreek Hill fantasy football team name.

Tyreeking Havoc

Tyreek Hill Team Names from Around the Internet

Want an utterly free ninja fantasy team naming tip? If you type your team name in italics, it looks faster.

Also, if your text function doesn’t allow for italics, you can try using this weird font tool.

Suit and Tyreek

One Tyreek Hill

King of the Hill

Hill Seeker

Hill Seeker. See? The italics thing works.

Get Your Reek On

Thrill Hill

Cash Money Hillionaires

The Tyreekoning

Ty Fast, Ty Furious

Tyreekasaurus Rekt

Run for the Hills

Other Team Names Based on NFL WRs

If you didn’t land Tyreek, you can still name your team after your top WR. Here’s our running list of wide receivers’ team name articles:

Have an Original Tyreek Hill Fantasy Name Idea?

Do you have a unique and funny idea for a Tyreek Hill fantasy name? Tell me about it in the comments and I’ll add it to our list.

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