Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Justin Hebert Fantasy Football Team Names

Chargers QB Justin Herbert is popular with the ladies for his long, blond hair. But I don’t trust him.

He looks like the villain in a movie about nerds defeating college bullies. A popular rumor even claims he spent his entire rookie signing bonus on conditioner.

These facts don’t have anything specific to do with Justin Herbert fantasy team names. But in this game, having an intimate understanding of a player’s psyche is invaluable.

Justin Herbert Fantasy Team Names for 2023

Poor Tyrod Taylor.

First, he gets cracked ribs in week one of the 2020 season. Then in week two, the team doctor punctures his lung while administering a pain killer.

To make matters worse, his backup was a high first-rounder that sets all the records. Justin Herbert took over, and everyone in Chargers nation is thrilled.

Well, everyone except Tyrod Taylor, the unluckiest man in NFL history.

The Blondish Bombers

Siskel and Herbert

Peaches and Herbert

Herban Outfitters

Herbert and Ernie

For this Justin Hebert fantasy team name variant, I also like Bert and Ekky. That is if you’re lucky enough to have Austin Eckler on your team.




Justin-N-Out is the perfect SoCal fantasy football team name for Justin Hebert.


The Pee-Wee Herberts

This Justin Herbert fantasy football team name is an homage to both Justin Herbert and the late Paul Rubens.

This Justin…

I think this Justin Herbert team name ideas is funnier with the ellipses.

Justin Herbert and the Tijuana Brass

Filthy and Herberted

Herman’s Herberts

Herbert Crabs

#10 Herbs and Spices

This fantasy team name idea for Justin Herbert is based on the KFC slogan but modified slightly to include his uniform number.

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Fantasy Names Based on Justin Herbert Nickname

Accounting to the Chargers, Justin Herbert wants his nickname to be Herb. Let’s use that nickname to inspire more unique fantasy name ideas.

Do You Really Want to Herb Me?

Herb Your Enthusiasm

Justin Herbert Fantasy Name - Herb Your Enthusiasm

Herb Stomped

His and Herbs


Funny Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Team Names

When Justin Herbert showed up to training camp in 2022 totally ripped, the Internet lost its collective mind. But remember, he’s a quarterback.

Tom Brady just put up some of the best numbers of his career with the daddest of dadbods. Better abs don’t always equal better accuracy.

Justin Time

Justin Case

No Justin, No Peace

Know Justin, know peace.

Justin the Wind

All we are is Justin the Wind.

Justin a Pinch

Justin a Nutshell

Justin a Minute

Herbert’s Dune

Maybe the nerdiest Justin Herbert fantasy name on this list. But hey, nerds play fantasy sports too.

Smokin’ Herb

If this type of pun is your bowl of tea, then here are a few more kushy Justin Herbert team names:

  • Bowl of Herb
  • Kind Herb
  • Dank Herb
  • Doin’ the Herb
  • Herbal Refreshment
  • Justoned

Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Bustin Herbutt

Submitted by: SDJ

Herbaceous, good gracious

Submitted by: Joe S

Herban Warfare

Submitted by: Joe S

Justin Herberlake


Trust in Herbert

Submitted by: Alex

Justin Herbert Fantasy Names from Around the Web

The rest of the Internet is Tyrod Taylor, and I’m Justin Herbert. I’m snatchin’ all your best Justin Herbert fantasy names, and I’m never giving them back.

Lemon Herbert

Or Strawberry Herbert, Rainbow Herbert – whatever your flavor of choice is.

Herbert Hancock

Herbert the Love Bug

Herbert’s Heroes

Justin Do It!

His and Herbs

Herb Garden

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More Ideas for Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Names?

Do you have a funny idea for a Justin Herbert fantasy team name? Put your best ones in the comments below.

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