Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Names

Travis Kelce has rewritten the record books for tight ends:

  • Most yards in a season
  • Most consecutive 1000-yard seasons
  • Most 100-yard games
  • Fastest to 9,000 yards

He’s also been the only TE you can trust for fantasy purposes for nearly a decade. Other TEs have had their moments, but Kelce is the only one you’ve been able to count on year-in and year-out.

And this is why we need more Travis Kelce fantasy team names.

Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Names for 2023

There is some debate over how to pronounce Kelce. These days, pretty much everyone says Kel-see, but his family pronounces it Kells, like or else.

His dad just got tired of correcting people and went with the Kell-see pronunciation. Also, once announcers start saying it one way on national TV, that tends to make it stick.

Truth and Kelcequences

See You In Kell

This Travis Kelce fantasy team name comes with a logo.

Kelce Fantasy Team Name - See you in Kell

Kelce Ya Later

Kells and Whistles

Ring the Kells

Keep the Kells Ringin’

Kelce You in the Finals

King of Kells

Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Name - See You in Kells

The Wide Open Kelce

Kelce Lately

Travis Strikes Again

I’m told this Kelce fantasy team name is a video game.

Catching Kelce

If you forgot (or never knew because you don’t watch E!), Kelce starred in his own reality show. Yeah, football players are different these days.

Have Gun, Will Travis


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Funny Travis Kelce Fantasy Names

Travis Kelce is a fun guy. He’s not one of those super uptight athletes who are afraid to enjoy life.

He’s a fashion designer, was on a bunch of TV shows (not just the dating one), and got suspended in college for smoking the reefer.

See? He’s a fun guy! So here are some fun Travis Kelce fantasy team names.

Hasta La Travista

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This Travis Kelce team name references his rumored relationship with Taylor Swift. Should they play in the NFL, here is what their future child would look like.

Travis Kelce Fantasy Team Name - KelSwift

Kelce What You Did There

Kells’ Milkshake

Damn right, it’s better than yours.

Vanilla Gorillas

Freaky TK, Baby

The Fibonacci Kelcequence



Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Name Generator

Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Travis Kelce Nickname-Based Fantasy Names

For those not in the know, Travis Kelce has a couple of different nicknames. Zeus is a nickname he earned from the way the fans cheer him on feverishly.

Kelce also earned the nickname Big Yeti from his pickup basketball days, where his luxurious body hair would be on full display when playing for the skins.

Zeus on the Loose

The Sweaty Yetis

Travis Kelce Fantasy Name - Sweaty Yetis

Zeus Juice

Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Chasing Kelce

Submitted by: Corey Jones


Machine Gun Kelce

Submitted by: K


Submitted by: Kristi F

Weekend @ Kelce’s

Touchdowns as far as the eye Kelce

Submitted by: Mike H

For whom the Kells toll

Submitted by: Austin Charity

Highway to Kell

Submitted by: Austin Charity

Machine Gun Kelce

Submitted by: Ali Abdul-hadi

O Say Can U Kelce

Submitted by: K Fiscus

Kelce Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

2021 was the first year in a long time that Travis Kelce wasn’t the number one fantasy TE. Personally, I hope TK reclaims that title soon.

I have nothing personal against Mark Andrews, but Travis Kelce fantasy names are way more fun to write. Mark Andrews is just a super dull name.

Kelce Grammar

As Far as the Eye Kelce

Sail the Open Kelces

Saved by the Kelce

I’ll Believe it When I Kelce It

Kelce Me Softly

Kell’s Bells

Alarm Kells

Oh Say Can You Kelce


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