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Mahomes Fantasy Football Names
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Yes, in college Patrick Mahomes set the record for most total yards in a game. Yes, he won the MVP his first year as an NFL starter (and the Super Bowl the next year).

More impressive, though? He passed Tom Brady for the most popular jersey in the NFL!

Any time you can beat Tom Terrific, you know you’re doing something right. As a tribute to Mr. Everything, here is our list of Patrick Mahomes fantasy football team names for 2024.

The Best Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Names

  1. Patrick Macrotch
  2. Country Roads, Take Mahomes
  3. Sherlock Mahomes
  4. Win The Super Bowl Or Go Mahomes
  5. Kermit run
  6. St. Pat Trick Play
  7. Pat Tricky
  8. ET Phone Mahomes
  9. Down Pat
  10. PM Me
  11. Take Mahomes Tonight
  12. Better Mahomes and Gardens
  13. Mahomes Run
  14. Mahomes is Where the Heart Is
  15. Mahomes on the Hill
  16. Hat Trick Mahomes
  17. St. Patty
  18. Pat’s Tricks
  19. Better Mahomes and Miami Gardens
  20. Mahomes is Your Home

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Patrick Macrotch

Submitted by Chuck G
2 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Country Roads, Take Mahomes

Submitted by Isaac Drake
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Sherlock Mahomes

Submitted by Jermey
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Win The Super Bowl Or Go Mahomes

Submitted by PB
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Kermit run

Submitted by Lilchamps
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

St. Pat Trick Play

0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names for 2024

Another significant Mahomes accomplishment? He was on the cover of Madden, yet went on to have a great season.

The Chiefs & Mahomes beating the 49ers is easy compared to overcoming the Madden Curse.

Pat Tricky

ET Phone Mahomes

Down Pat

Down Pat is the ideal Patrick Mahomes fantasy name because it’s simple, confident without being cocky, a little slangy and a little old-timey all at once.


PM Me is a solid Mahomes fantasy name because (just like real life) you can pair it with another great player- and make the name even better.


  • PM me, Tyreek
  • PM me, Kelce.

Take Mahomes Tonight

This team name is… Money?

Better Mahomes and Gardens

Mahomes Run

Mahomes was a baseball player before dedicating himself to football full time. His dad even pitched in MLB.

I guess the fastball runs in the family?

Mahomes is Where the Heart Is

Mahomes on the Hill

If you’re lucky enough to have both Mahomes and Hill on your team, you might also enjoy these Tyreek Hill Fantasy Team Names.

Hat Trick Mahomes

St. Patty

This Chiefs fantasy team name is certainty applicable, as Mahomes has all but been sainted in KC.

Patrick Mahomes - Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Name

Pat’s Tricks

I also Like Tricky Pat, but I’m silly.

Better Mahomes and Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens, of course, being the site of his Super Bowl victory.

Mahomes is Your Home

PM Dawn

The subtle implication of this Mahomes fantasy team name is that, with as much as Mahomes has already done, he’s still just getting started.


This Mahomes fantasy name is weirdly similar to PM Dawn, if you think about it.

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Funny Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names

I’m going to level with you. There are a lot of Homes puns in this article and more than a few Homies puns.

It’s not my fault. His name is just too perfect for this.

I’m Drunk, Take Mahomes

Also Go Mahomes, _______, You’re Drunk. The blank can be:

  • Another player
  • A league mate
  • Even yourself.

Pour One out for Mahomies

Mahomes Alone

Another name that’s just begging for a photoshop.

Sherlock Mahomes

Another nice pairing: Sherlock Mahomes and Watkins.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Team Name - Sherlock Mahomes


Patrick. Mahomes. Superbowl.

Ain’t No Fun if Mahomies Can’t Have None

Obi-Won Mahomie

I know his name is Obi-wan, but let’s face it, all Mahomes does is win.

I Mahown You

Mahomies Figurines

Perfect Photoshop opportunity.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Name Idea

Our PM


Fat Mahomes

This Patrick Mahomes fantasy name is for fantasy players who are proud of their pulchritude.

Fatty Mahomes

The Patrick Mahomes fantasy football name is for fantasy players that are proud of their pot-itude.

Way Mahomer

No Plays Like Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Name Generator

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Other Mahomes Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

T-shirts, fan sites, my own fantasy leagues – I’ve sorted through all the Mahomes team names the internet has to offer. This is the best of it, and you probably never need to expose yourself to the worst of it.

Home or Homes Variants

  • Mahomes Field Advantage
  • Mahomes is Where the Heart Is
  • Take Mahomes, I’m Drunk
  • Mahomes on the Range
  • Mahomes Depot

My Homies Variants

  • Pour One Out For Mahomes
  • Rollin With Mahomes
  • Me and Mahomes
  • Mahomes Don’t Play That
  • Mahommie is my Jesus

Country Roads, Take Mahomes

Another good Tyreke Hill pairing: Huntry Roads, Take Mahomes. See? These two were made to be together.

Mahomes Depot

The Lights are On but No One’s Mahomes

Rollin With Mahomes

Mahomes Cookin’

KC Masterpiece

Mahoming Missile

One for Me, One for Mahomes

Or, as I’ve seen it spelled, One4Me, One4Mahomes.

On the Mahomes Front

Honey, I’m Mahomes

Mahomesword Bound

Mahomes Sweet Mahomes

What, you thought we were out of Home puns? Not hardly.

Little Mahomes On the Prairie

One Trick Mahonies

Mahomes is Where You Make It

Does anybody remember Joe Dirt?

Mahomes Don’t Play Dat

Does anybody remember the first In Living Color? Actually, a more appropriate question may be: did anyone know there was a second one?

Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Players

Mahomes is the queen mother of all fantasy football studs. But if you’re looking for a team name for other NFL QBs, you’ll love these ideas:

More Ideas for Patrick Mahomes Team Names?

Do you have an original idea for a Mahomes fantasy team name? If so, tell me about it in the comments below and I’ll add the good ones to our list.

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