Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Amon Ra St Brown Fantasy Football Team Names

Coming off of a monster season, Amon-Ra St. Brown is poised to take another big step forward. He has consistently looked like the best player on the Lions’ offense, and his chemistry with quarterback Jared Goff is steadily improving.

Here are our best Amon-Ra St. Brown fantasy team names to pay tribute to a championship crowner.

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Names for 2023

While his talent is rare, a name like Amon-Ra St. Brown is God-tier – literally. Amon-Ra was the ancient Egyptian supreme deity, with a name meaning one-one or no second.

The only God that could rival him was Osiris (which happens to be the name of one of Amon-Ra St. Brown’s brothers). It also makes their older brother Equanimious seem pretty mediocre by comparison.

Amon a Roll

A Man Amon Men

This Amon-Ra St. Brown fantasy football name comes with a logo.

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Football Name - A Man Amon Men

Amon It

I Like it Ra

Amon Us



If you don’t know what this is, find your nearest French bakery and get one now. Then, thank me!

Ra Deal

The St. Brown Note

Brown to Clown

You can also be Down to Brown.

Amon Top of the World

In the Ra

The Amon-A Lisas

This is an excellent Amon-Ra St. Brown fantasy football name for a female fantasy owner. You can check out all of our girl fantasy football names here.

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Name - Amon-A Lisa

Ra Dog

If this Amon-Ra St. Brown fantasy name is not gross enough for you, how’s Ra Doggin’?

Saints and Soldiers

Saints Row

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Funny Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Team Names

Amon-Ra, Osiris, and Equanimious’ dad were named John Brown. Apparently, having one of the world’s most common names makes you want to go the other direction with your kids.

As for the Saint part? John just thought it would look better on the back of a jersey. And you have to admit, he’s not wrong.


Boondock St. Brown

Saint Misbehavin’

Highway Ra-bbery

Highway robbery – like any trade you made for Amon-Ra before week 12.

I’m No St. Brown

Ra-Ra Sis Boom Ba

Rolling Brown-Outs

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Football Name Generator

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Q-Amon ConspiRacy

Submitted by: Madpinto

Angels Amon Us

Submitted by: Josh

A God Amon Men

Submitted by: Tou P Yang

Amon top of the league

Submitted by: Super

can i get an amon

Monday Night Ra

Submitted by: Paul B

Amon-Ra Way Home

Submitted by: Robb Gunn

Amon Ra Rasputin

Submitted by: Braden

St. Brown City


Submitted by: Jack

Amon-Ra St. Brown Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

St. Brown not only took the league by surprise, he straight-up sucker-punched fantasy football team name writers. The Amon-Ra St. Brown fantasy names pool is woefully slim.

I promise you this, my friends: there will be way more out there for the [currentseason] season. Until then, I had to swipe some A.J. Brown fantasy team names to round out the field.

What Can St. Brown Do for You?

St. Brown Sugar

St. Brown Eyed Girl

In case you’re more of a Van Morrison fan than a Rolling Stones fan.

Lawrence of Amon-Rabia


Brownie Troop

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