Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Team Names

So here’s a stat that says as much about the Bengals franchise as it does Joe Burrow’s success. After two seasons, Burrow is already tied for the most playoff wins in franchise history.

Let’s assume these Joe Burrow fantasy team names are in honor of the inevitable team leader in playoff wins. Then again, this is the Bengals. So maybe that’s a little preemptive?

Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Joe Burrow is Ohio through and through. Before he was drafted by the Bengals, he played both high school and college football in the Buckeye state.

His whole football career has been in Ohio. Well, other than that brief stopover in Louisiana. Ohioans think of that as his time abroad before coming home to claim his rightful throne.


Joe Dirty

This Joe Burrow fantasy team name comes with its own logo.


Joe’Marr and the Chase

If you love this duo, we’ve got plenty more fantasy team name ideas for Ja’Marr Chase.

The Joe Throwgan Experience


The Jobotic Knee

Joe Burrow’s lost rookie season was disappointing. But I think it’s safe to say he bounced back ok.

Indiana Joes

G.I. Joe Burrow

Yo, Joe Burrow!

The Burrowers Afield

This Jow Burrow fantasy name is for anyone else that remembers The Borrowers.

Burronly the Lonely

Bur-Rowing Machine


This Joe Burrow fantasy team name idea is a shoutout to our friends at FantasyPros. If you want to read more about their fantasy tools, check out our full latest FantasyPros review.

President Joe

We have another article dedicated to hilariously patriotic fantasy names.

Funny Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Team Names

The fashion, the attitude, the cigar – it’s undeniable that Joe Burrow’s got swagger. But I suppose you’d have swagger too if you’d won:

  • Gatorade High School Player of the Year
  • The Heisman
  • The CFP National Championship
  • Comeback Player of the Year
  • And your high school named their stadium after you

And you took The freakin’ Bengals to the Super Bowl your second year in the league? So yeah, he’s earned a little swagger.

Joe Mama

This is the list of funny Joe Burrow fantasy team names, not classy Joe Burrow fantasy team names.

The Joe of Arcs

Joe Burrow Fantasy Name - Joe of Arc

Bengal Burrow

Joe Burrow, Tiger King

Joe Exotic, Tiger King also works for the Joe Burrow team name idea.

MarlBurrow Smokes

MarlBurrow Man

Burrowing Down

Brother, Can I Burrow a Dime

Burrowed Time

Burrow Row Row Your Boat

If you’re cocky, you could go with Burrow Row Row the GOAT.

Dead and Burrowed

You the Heis-man, Joe


You probably don’t get this team name idea unless you live in Cincinnati. But if you do live in Cincinnati, then you might have just found the best Joe Burrow team name ever.


The Joek’s On You

If that Joek isn’t your sense of humor, here are some other options:

  • Practical Joekers
  • Just Joe King
  • Inside Joeks
  • Sick Joeks

Joe Burrow Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

I’ve done one of the most challenging things in football. I’ve picked off Joe Burrow.

Well, I’ve picked off some Joe Burrow fantasy names. That’s basically the same thing, right?

The More You Joe

Smokin’ Joe

Geaux Jeaux

The Joely Trinity


Burrowed Alive

Burrows Before Hoes

My Burrow is Thorough


Joe Six-Pack

Can I Burrow a Feeling?

This Joe Burrow team name is a deep Simpsons reference, and I love whoever thought of it.

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More Joe Burrow Fantasy Team Name Ideas

If you have a funny and original team name for Joe Burrow, tell me about it in the comments below. We’ll add the funniest ideas to this list.

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