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Updated on March 23rd, 2024 by David Sharp
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I’ve spent nearly a decade hosting trivia nights. So when it comes to trivia names, I’ve seen it all. The best names for trivia teams are quick jokes or puns that express your team identity.

Are you subtle and witty? Crass and brash? Maybe you’re just a bunch of drunks?

Regardless of your team’s personality, you’ll get some inspiration from my collection of trivia team names for 2024. So let’s put on our thinking caps and establish your squad’s presence on the field of mental combat.

The Best Trivia Team Names

  1. Fact Of Contrition
  2. Daft Leopards
  3. Factsgiving
  4. Perennial Losers
  5. Zero Facts Given
  6. Question Everything
  7. What the Fact
  8. Fact Naturally
  9. Knowledgendary
  10. Thirstysomethings
  11. Trebek Forever
  12. YOLO Contenders
  13. The Ramones of Trivia
  14. Know Job Artists
  15. Sleazy Does It
  16. I Gotta Quiz
  17. Fact U
  18. Team #68
  19. Esoterotic
  20. Fact Sluts

Trivia Team Names From Readers

Fact Of Contrition

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Daft Leopards

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The Best Trivia Team Names for 2024

Is your trivia team a “same name every year” gang or a “new name every time” gang? Both approaches are valid, though one is harder to decide on, the other harder to remember.

Perennial Losers

Zero Facts Given

Question Everything

Trivia Name Idea - Question Everything

What the Fact

Fact Naturally



Trebek Forever

YOLO Contenders

The Ramones of Trivia

It doesn’t have to be the Ramones. It really can be any band. But let’s face it, the Ramones just feels right.

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Dirty & Offensive Trivia Names

Remember that no matter how gross or inappropriate your team name is, the host has to read it.

Know Job Artists

Sleazy Does It

I Gotta Quiz

You can go crazy with this dirty quiz team name:

  • Quiz in my Pants
  • Quiz On Your Face
  • Drink Your Own Quiz

Fact U

Team #68

You do us and we’ll owe you one.


Fact Sluts

Some other ideas for this NSFW trivia name:

  • Data Sluts
  • Info Sluts
  • Really, sluts of any kind

A Null Set’s Not Empty Sets

This team name for trivia might be the dirtiest, most obscure thing I’ve ever written. But I can’t fully explain it in good taste.

Let’s just say that this is true mathematically, as well as for a certain style of lovemaking.

Red Wingmen

I think Well Read Wingmen could be an even better filthy trivia name. But it isn’t for every room.

You have to be playing with folks smart enough to get the pun and raunchy enough to like it.

Playing for Peeps

Causal Sex

The dirty category wouldn’t be complete without some sex trivia team names. As far as the name goes, there’s nothing casual about it.

Cumming In First

Trivia Team Name Generator

Trivia Team Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Trivia Team Names

My trivia team naming tip of the day: Stay away from jokes that make sense on the page but are harder to get aloud. Whine and Dine may be a witty and apt description of your cool team name, but the room most likely won’t get it.

The Team of the Future of the Past

We used to be very promising.

And In First Place…

Or, of course, the more humble version of this trivia team name: And In Last Place…

Dumb Chumps


No Horseplay

Quiz You Is Or Quiz You Ain’t My Baby

Don’t Quiz on the Electric Fence

We’ve Got an Ask to Grind

This moniker is a funny trivia team name on a few levels.

Getting Our Answerve On

A hilarious trivia team name if you’re playing trivia in a bar.

Quizzards of Quaverly Place

Coronavirus and Quarantine Trivia Team Names

These trivia names are only for rooms that can handle the hilarity. That said, trivia nights (especially pub trivia nights) can have dark senses of humor.

Your Mom’s a Super Spreader


Bubble or Nothing

Fatten the Curves

The name is for your more zaftig of trivia teams. Or, it could be for those that gained the “quarantine fifteen”.

Vax Scenesters

We Test Positively

We tested positive…for fun!

Covid-21 and Up

Corona Nation

Bubble Boys

Impatient Zero

Unprecedented Teams

Sourdough Starters

Antisocial Distancing

Six feet is a good place to start.

Mask Me a Question

A great quarantine trivia name that will (hopefully) lose its relevance soon.

Mask and You Shall Receive

2020 is Hindsight

Stay at Homies

Zoom to the Top

Clever and Creative Trivia Names

Sometimes the person you most want to amuse is yourself (and maybe the other doofuses on your team).

Former Child Geniuses

Round Three is Odd

Yes, it is.

Factually Accurate

ErrAtta Boy

Fact of Contrition

Hero’s Question

The Spanish Quizition

I, the Host, am Wearing a Purple Thong

It doesn’t matter if it’s a purple thong or jockstrap, as long as it’s embarrassing. Remember: no matter how goofy or witty the trivia name, the host has to read your team name out loud.

A Round for the House

They have to read it out loud.

Political Trivia Team Names

Nobody’s saving the free world with a political trivia team name. So let’s all just relax and have some fun, okay?

If you’re into fantasy football, you’ll love our article dedicated entirely to political fantasy football names.

QAnon Anonymous

QAnon And On And On

I hope this political trivia team name doesn’t get me de-platformed!

Electoral Décolletage

Separatist Fact Shun

Alternative Fascists

Joe Biden Trivia Team names

Biden Our Time

Biden Off More Than You Can Chew

Sleepy Joe’s Sloppy Joes

A Case of Mistaken Bidentity


Kamala Harris Trivia Team Names

Kamal Out Of Ideas

Kamala’s First Gentlemen

Grande Kamala Macciato

That Good Harris

Conversing with Kamala

It’s pretty cool that I’m currently wearing the exact same shoes as our Vice President.

Donald Trump Quiz Team names

Bye, Don 2020

New Sedition

Very Stable Geniuses

Swamp Drainers

Rudy CAN Fail

If contemporary political quiz names are still a little too soon for you, I present some old-school possibilities.

  • The Slick Willies
  • Bob Dole Stole Our Pen
  • Don’t Kissinger and Tell
  • Jimmy Carter’s Nuts
  • FDR After Dark

Awesome, Cool, & Fun Trivia Names

Not every name has to be some pun or portmanteau. And if you don’t know what portmanteau means, you’re why your trivia team loses.

Known Commodities

Wonder Boys

Factcident of Nature

Vincent Price Is Right

Chill Communication

Hot Bots

How Many of These Pictures Have Street Lights in Them?

Bar & Pub Trivia Team Names

We say pub trivia because it sounds like more fun than facts for drunks. Actually, I take that back. Facts for Drunks is a fantastic name for any trivia night.

Smarty Pints

I Drink and I Know Things

My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem

The best pub trivia name ever.

Smarter When We Drink


A witty team name for dives, pubs, and speakeasys. But most of all, martini bars.


Good Eats Mob

Punk In Drublic

Ginned Up

Speed Data

Mr. Whiskers’ Whiskey Mixers

This bar trivia name gets better and better if you have an MC that enjoys a drink or two.

TV, Movies, and Entertainment Trivia Team Names

One of the best ways to connect with a room is a sweet, shared, cultural reference. You can also go too obscure and just fly right over everyone’s head, so choose wisely.

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

And proud we are of all of them.

The Rushmore Academy Beekeeper’s Club

Inglorious Basterds

I don’t know why it’s misspelled either, but who am I to question Tarrentino? Hey, speaking of which…

Question Tarantino

Winnith Paltrow

Esoterick and Morty

Globo Gym Purple Cobras

Last Faction Hero

The 99

The name isn’t as fun as the chant is. Every time the MC reads your team name, you get to do this:

The Office Trivia Team Names

It wouldn’t be a team name idea article without The Office trivia names. It’s the show that keeps on giving.

Schrute Farms Beet Buds

PB and J

Jim and Pam Stans

Threat Level Midnight

The Alliance

Schitt’s Creek Trivia Team Names

Ew, David

Wine and Roses

The Jazzagals

Bob’s Bagels

Schitt’s Creek Town Council

Roland With the Homies


Star Wars Trivia Team Names

Like The Office, Star Wars trivia names are a must. They span generations (and millennia).

Han Duo (or Trio)

All-Organa Diet

Wayne and Darth

Kylo Ren and Stimpy


Never Sarlacking for Confidence

Lando Lakes

R2-D2’s DJ RJ-D2

Seinfeld Trivia Team Names

Stay in Your Elaine

Jerry’s Kids

Fusilli Jerry

Kramer vs. Kramer’s Racism

Master of our Domains

The Summer of George

The Little Kicks

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Olivander’s Wand Handlers

The Fantastic Beasts

Diagon Fishin’

The Short Albus

It’s Not a Head Injury It’s a Wizard Mark

Disney Trivia Team Names

Trigger Warning: Some of these title could harbor white supremacism undertones!

Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Lady and the Tramps

The Facts and the Hound

Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls

Peter Pandemic

Jafar and Away

The Lion Kinks

80’s Trivia Team Names

Maybe you played pub trivia back when it was just called getting drunk and playing Trivial Pursuit. Or maybe, you’ve just seen those days on YouTube and want in.

Mullets Get It On

The Scrunchie Bunch

Fact Times at Quizmont High

Fact to the Future

GLOW Big or GLOW Home

For this trivia team name, I would also accept Day-Glo Big or Go Home.

Ronnie Reagan’s Jelly Bellies

We Shot J.R.

All About Dat DallAss


Valley Girls

If you enjoy this 80’s trivia team name, you may enjoy our article dedicated entirely to girl squad names.

Bosom Buddies

Facts of Seagulls

ET Would Like to Phone a Friend

Party Keytarters

8675-3 More Wines

Try singing this 80’s trivia name before making up your mind. It’s pretty fun.

Daft Leopards

Eddie Murphy’s Delirious Tremens

Mes Amis Vice

Sixties Candles

The math on this 80s trivia team name works out quite well.

Macchio Macchio Men

Martini McFly

Smarty McFly

The McFly Girls

Shall We Play a Game?

Nerdy Trivia Team Names

The way nerds fall in love is by making jokes that no one else understands. Then, when one person across the room laughs, you know you’ve found your soulmate.

Fact Toters


Proust’s Madelines

Full disclosure: this trivia team name idea is a repeat name idea from another list post.

Smarty Party

The Final Fact of the Play

Minutia Butter

Wait a Minutia

You Errata Be In Pictures

Holiday Trivia Team Names

I’ve always loved those trivia nights right before a holiday. No jokes here. Those are just truly fun nights.


Brainy Turkeys

Green Brains Casserole

A Benihana Christmas

I know, I already did The Office trivia team names, but I couldn’t help slipping just one more in. (That’s what she said.)

Merry Quizmas

Quizmas Carolers

The Fight Before Christmas

Ghosts of Christmas

This holiday trivia team name works best for a three-person team as you can be past, present, and future. If a fourth person shows up, then I guess they have to be Jacob Marley.

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Sexy Liches

Evil Geniuses

For this holiday trivia name, you could go with Reformed Evil Geniuses if you want to feel like the good guys.

Fifths of July

America the Trivial

LGBTQ+ Trivia Team Names

I guarantee you the best trivia night in your town happens at a gay bar.


Masc Me a Question

Kinsey Ales

This trivia name idea is a perfect LGBTQ+ name if you have a smart crowd that also enjoys a good pint. If you have a super-smart crowd you can kick it up another notch with Six on the Kinsey Ales.

We Otter Be in Pictures

Useful Fluidity

Lez B Friends

It’s Brainy Men

Hallelujia, It’s Brainy Men.

Exes and Allies

Grinder Tribe

Night GROWLs

Wide HorNets

Quizzo Team Names for 2024

Is Quizzo different than regular pub trivia? Hell yeah, it is.

How is it different? Um… Shut up and drink your beer, Jabroni.

Quizzo Fuckyaself

I’ll Quizzo You One

Or You Can Quizzo Me, whichever suits you better.

Always Money in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Fandom

Quizzo Juice

Double-Z Top

The One and Quizzonly

Dirty Jawns

Hines Quizty Seven

Now that’s a deep quizzo cut.

Let Johnny Goodtimes Roll

Now there’s an even deeper quizzo cut.

PubQuiz Team Names

Americans think that they invented trivia nights because, let’s face it, Americans think they invented everything.

Sick Burns and Porter Ales

Now there’s some trivia about trivia for you.

Union Jackpots


Marking Territory

Infinite Trouncing

Three Answer Sheets to the Wind

Publicly Housed


Classic Trivia Team Names from Around the Internet

These classic trivia team names have been around the circuit a time or two, but they never fail to get a chuckle.

Trivia Newton John

Let’s Get Quizzical and Let’s Get Trivial are also options for you ONJ stans.

John Trivialta

Quiz Pro Quo

Kids Who Can’t Read Good

Quizly Bears

Don Quizote

Sherlock Homies

Quizzness in the Front, Party in the Rear

Taking Care of Quizzness

E = MC Hammer

QuizTeama Aguilera

Star Trebek

More Ideas for Trivia Team Names?

Do you have an original idea for a trivia team name? Tell me about it in the comments below.

I’ll add the good ones to this list.

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