Justin Fields Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

Updated on January 15th, 2024 by Brad Perniciaro
Justin Fields Fantasy Football Team Names

Regardless of his “insane work ethic”, Justin Fields and the Bears could be in for a long season. Most pundits have the Bears winning 4-5 games, so they’re facing an uphill battle.

The upside? They’ll be leaning on Fields heavily to carry the team!

So in the spirit of playing from behind (and piling up the fantasy points), here are our best Justin Fields fantasy football team names.

Justin Fields Fantasy Names for 2024

FantasyPros thinks Fields is good for 4000 total yards and 20-ish TDs in 2022. That would put him right outside of the top ten quarterbacks.

Personally, I think by mid-season people will be leaning more heavily on the Georgia native. Then, you’ll be thrilled you have these!

The Magnetic Fields

Justin Fields Fantasy Name - The Magnetic Fields

Crop Justin’

The Just Brothers

If Justin Fields has a career like these guys, we’ll have to conclude that he was a huge success.

Just Causes

The Fields Generals

He can be my field general any day.

The Killing Fields

Not to be a complete downer, but I based this Justin Fields name on the 1982 biographical drama.

Field Trippin’

In Just we Trust

Strawberrry Fields Forever

Justin Fields Fantasy Football Name - Strawberry Fields Forever

Angel Just

Fields of Battle

Got a Just for Life

Fans of Iggy Pop will love this Justin Fields team name idea.

Pay the Fields

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Funny Justin Fields Fantasy Football Names

What does BEARS stand for? Been Enduring a Rebuilding Season.

Let’s hope this season doesn’t fall into that category.

The Sally Fields

All we are is Justin the Wind

Track and Fields

Check out our article dedicated entirely to Chicago Bears fantasy football names.

Just Around the Corner

Field Days

Fields Like the First Time

You Make me Fields Like a Natural Woman

Fields the Burn

Fields the Noise

Fields my Ubiquity

This is an uber-obscure Justin Fields fantasy name for Stern fans.

Fields so Good

Justin Fields Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Justin Fields Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Justin Fields Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Justin time to lose

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Cooking with Fields

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Fields like a win

Submitted by Charlie Diamond
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Submitted by Gio
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It Fields like Im gonna when

Submitted by Ali Smith
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Trustin Fields

Submitted by Daniel Hope
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Justin Fields Team Names From Around the Web

It turns out that Justin Fields is perfectly malleable when it comes to building fantasy team names. Still, I found a few other names around the web that are notable.

Fields of Dreams

Love is a Battlefield

Strawberry Fields Forever

Fields Like Making Love

Soldier Fields

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More Justin Fields Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Put your original Justin Fields fantasy football team names in the comments below. We’ll add the funniest ones to this article.

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