Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

Updated on March 13th, 2024 by Brad Perniciaro
Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Names
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People have always doubted Kyler Murray because of his height.

In college, he competed for jobs against 6’3” Kyle Allen and 6’2” Austin Kendall. Quick question: how many Heismans do those guys have again?

Before the draft, some analysts thought Arizona should take 6’5” Daniel Jones. Exactly zero analysts still believe that today.

Here are some Kyler Murray fantasy team names for all the true believers. Height-haters need not apply.

The Best Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Natural Born Kylers
  2. Kyler Instinct
  3. Cobra Ky
  4. Kyler Jenner
  5. Ky of the Beholder
  6. Kylord of the Flies
  7. Kyler Broflovski
  8. Kylord of War
  9. The Murray You Know
  10. K.C. Murrsterpiece
  11. Kylearning Curve
  12. Kylearning to Fly
  13. Kylord of the Rings
  14. Kylord Farquaad
  15. Kyler Ren
  16. Murray of Hope
  17. Kyler XY
  18. Kyler, the Creator
  19. Kylord and Taylor
  20. Kye for Talent

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Kyler Murray Fantasy Names for 2024

One team that wishes they didn’t draft Kyler Murray in the first round is the Oakland A’s. They used their ninth overall pick on the two-sport star, and gave him a $5M signing bonus.

Murray instead went back to college for another year, and the rest is history. In an alternate universe, I could be writing Kyler Murray fantasy baseball team names right now.

Natural Born Kylers

Kyler Instinct

Cobra Ky

Kyler Murray Fantasy Names - Cobra Ky

Kyler Jenner

As successful as Kyler Murray has been, he’s still several hundred million dollars short of making Kylie money.

Ky of the Beholder

Kylord of the Flies

Kyler Broflovski

For this Kyler Murray fantasy name idea, I also like the variation: Kyler, Stan and Cartman. The photoshop possibilities here are endless.

Kylord of War

The Murray You Know

K.C. Murrsterpiece

BHis full name is Kyler Cole Murray, and Murrsterpiece is just fun to say.

Kylearning Curve

Kylearning to Fly

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Funny Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Names

Funny thing about the Arizona Cardinals: they’re the oldest professional football team and yet they’ve never won a Super Bowl. If you’re a Cards fan, it’s probably not that funny.

The Cardinals have gotten better every year with Murray under center. Is it only a matter of time until Kyler does what Kurt Warner (and every other Cardinals QB ever) couldn’t?

Kylord of the Rings

Kylord Farquaad

Kyler Ren

Murray of Hope

Kyler XY

I’d say you could do Kyler XO, but people barely remember Kyle XY as it is.

Kyler, the Creator

Kylord and Taylor

Kye for Talent

Kye of the Storm



It’s like the Cards did a superhero-style reboot for the entire franchise.

Ky’s Guys

Kyler Ren

Read this Star Wars Fantasy Team Names article if you want more high-midichlorian team name ideas.

Tippecanoe and Kyler Too

This Cardinals fantasy football name is for the true history buffs out there.

Kylord of the Ring


This name is more aspirational. Someday, Kyler will get that hardware.

Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Kyler Murray Fantasy Team Names from Around the Web

I’ve got an eye for fantasy team names like Kliff Kingsbury has an eye for talented football players. Like he spotted Kyler Murray from afar, I saw these other great Kyler Murray fantasy names on other sites.

And just like Kyler now plays for Coach Kliff, these team names are now on my team.

There’s Something About Murray

Cold-Blooded Kylers

Kyler Bees

Kyler Whales

Kyler Elite

Eat, Drink, and Be Murray

Kyler Soze

Murray Up and Wait

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If you have a funny, original idea for a Kyler Murray fantasy team name, put it in the comments below. We’ll add the most amusing names to this list.

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