Hilarious DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

Updated on March 21st, 2024 by David Sharp
Deandre Hopkins Fantasy Football Names
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The article intro is where I usually make fun of a player, take a snarky jab at their play or personal life, and generally be a jerk. Y’know, comedy!

But I honestly don’t know how to make fun of DeAndre Hopkins. He’s a rock-solid WR1 every NFL season and gives all touchdown catches to his mom.

Maybe I’m paranoid, but this domination can’t last much longer, right? Here’s a list of DeAndre Hopkins fantasy team names to use before the other shoe drops.

The Best DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Deandre The Giant
  3. Beats By Deandre
  4. DeAnthony Hopkins
  5. Hopkins, Skipkins, and Jumpkins
  6. Hopposites Attract
  7. Hard Nuk Life
  8. School of Hard Nuks
  9. Opportunity Nuks
  10. Tactical Nuk
  11. Nuk Juke’m
  12. Nuk It!
  13. Mother’s Dre
  14. Hopking of Hopkings
  15. Don’t PaNuk
  16. Nuk and Cranny
  17. Kith and Hopkins
  18. Kins Game
  19. Playing for Kins
  20. Brand Nuk Day

DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Deandre The Giant

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Beats By Deandre

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DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Team Names for 2024

Saying a player is un-mockable invites the universe to make you look silly. If you don’t believe me, remember that DeAndre used to catch his TDs from one Deshaun Watson.

And if you’re looking for some Deshaun Watson fantasy team names, we’ve got you covered.

DeAnthony Hopkins

If you’re a Photoshop guy, you just put A Cardinals helmet on Hannibal Lecter in a straightjacket. Instead of you’re welcome, let me just say fffth fffth fffth fffth.

DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Team Name - DeAnthony Hopkins

Hopkins, Skipkins, and Jumpkins

Hopposites Attract

Hard Nuk Life

Hopkins’ nickname is Nuk, which, I suppose, makes it his Nukname.

School of Hard Nuks

Opportunity Nuks

Tactical Nuk

Nuk Juke’m

Nuk It!

Mother’s Dre

It’s hard not to like a guy that loves his mom so much.

Hopking of Hopkings

Don’t PaNuk

Nuk and Cranny

Kith and Hopkins

Kins Game

Playing for Kins

Brand Nuk Day

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Funny DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Names

DeAndre’s Nukname came after a brand of pacifiers he loved as a baby. Sure, Nuk is cute. But if that were me, my nickname would have been Garbage Truck or Dad’s Keys.

DeAppetizers, DeAndre, DeSsert

Dis is DeAnd

My only frand, DeAnd.

The Hopkinsy Scale


Very Hopkinteresting

Nuk and a Hard Place

After all these Nuk puns, you may be wondering how to actually pronounce his nickname. The baby bottle company says it like nook, but the crowd says it like nuke.

Nuk Box Hero

Hopkinky Boots

This DeAndre Hopkins fantasy team name is the least kinky version of the Hopkinky pun.

Golden Nukket

Down DeAndrain

Nuk Yourself

I won’t spell out the word for which I’m substituting Nuk. But I bet you can figure it out. Here’s a hint: it happens to be one of the more versatile words in the English language. For example:

  • No Nuks Given
  • What the Nuk
  • Nuking Amazing
  • That Nuking Guy
  • Nuk Off
  • Nuk Yeah
  • Nuk This

Nuks of Hazzard

Maybe I have too much time and Internet on my hands, but hear me out. In my research, I discovered that Hopkins is from the same place where they filmed The Dukes of Hazzard.

Is that relevant? Probably not – but I did spend 15 minutes looking it up so it made the final cut.

DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Cardinals-Based DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Names

At the time, it seemed like going from Deshaun Watson to Kyler Murray was going to be a stat-killer for Hopkins. In retrospect, he may have gotten out when the getting was good.

We’ve got more Cardinals fantasy football team names where that came from.


DeAnJames HopConns

DeAndre Hopkins + James Connor = nightmares for defenses everywhere (health permitting).

Murray Hoppy Together

We also have a full article dedicated to fantasy team names for Kyler Murray.

MurRay of Hop

DeAndre Hopkins has had many great catches in some huge moments. For my money, his best catch is this one-handed, through the legs wonder that didn’t even count:

NukKyler Weapons

I’m happy with the NukKyler pairing, almost as happy as the Cardinals. I’ve made a few nuclear puns already, but here’s another round:

  • NukKyler Arms
  • NukKyler Treaties
  • NukKyler Warheads
  • NukKyler Bombs
  • NukKyler Test
  • Going NukKyler
  • NukKyler Option

DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Names from Around the Web

It turns out I’m not the only man on the web brainstorming DeAndre Hopkins fantasy football team names. Here are a few other team names I wish I had come up with first.

Hopkins in the Cadillac

Nuklear Explosion

I know, I know, I already had the whole Nuklear section. In all fairness, I didn’t think of this one first. I read it somewhere else.

It’s all about transparency.

My Winner with DeAndre


Fantasy Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Players

If Hopkins is only one of your many studs, you might want to name your team after another wide receiver:

More Ideas for DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Names?

If you have a funny idea for a DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Name, please tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.


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