Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Names for 2023

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Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Names

Justin Jefferson was a fantasy football superstar last season and is expected to continue his success in 2023. Easily one of the most exciting players in the league, he’s sure to fly off the draft boards early and often.

Let’s explore some of the best fantasy football names for Justin Jefferson that will make your league-mates jealous.

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Names for 2023

Jefferson is easily the top fantasy football wide receiver for the 2023 season. The question is: would you grab him with your 1st round pick?


I think we know the answer to this: at least 1400 yards and 7+ TDs.

Poetic Justin

Jefferson Airplane

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Names - Jefferson Airplane

Justin’s Game of Throws

Justin’s Junkyard Dogs

President Jefferson

If Jefferson replicates his 2022 campaign, he may be a write-in for the presidency in 2024.

Justin Jefferson Team Name - President Jefferson

Juke Joint Jeffersons

The Jefferson Juggernauts

Beanie & the Threats

This Justin Jefferson team name references his signature pre-game hat and his supporting wide receivers.

If you’re looking for some fantasy names based on other Viking players, be sure to check out our Vikings Fantasy Football Names article.

Just-in for the Win

Justin Time for the TD

JJ the Jet Plane

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Griddy Fantasy Football Name Ideas

The Griddy is a popular dance in which a person alternatingly taps their heel (either in place or while walking) while swinging their arms back and forth. Created by high school footballer Allen Davis in 2019, his dance went viral on TikTok in 2021.

Justin Jefferson popularized it in the NFL and started a new TD celebration craze.

Gettin’ Griddy Wit It

Grits & Griddy

Twin City Griddy Committee

Griddy Griddy Bang Bang

Griddler on the Roof

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Name Generator

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Names

In addition to being an incredible fantasy wideout, Jefferson also has one of the most unique blocking techniques in history. I fully expect the windmill block to be a staple in the league for years to come.

Bustin’ Justin Jefferson

Justin of the Peace

Justin’ Credible

And Justin for All

This Justin Jefferson fantasy name harkens back to the 1988 Metallica classic.

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Names - And Justin For All

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Griddy Woman

Submitted by: Eli W.

Griddy on his grave

Submitted by: Kash

Tig Ol Griddys

Submitted by: Joel W


Submitted by: cassidy

Justin Jefferson Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Much like Jefferson was the steal of the 2022 fantasy football draft, this section is a steal of 2023 Justin Jefferson team name articles.

Justin Awe

Purple Reign

Jefferson Starship

Justin Do It!

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