Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Names

If you didn’t see Cooper Kupp’s monster year coming, I forgive you. He’d been pretty good the previous couple of years, but not that good.

Is Matthew Stafford that great? Was Jared Goff that bad? Is the universe a chaotic and unpredictable place devoid of reason or consistency?

Frankly, I’m leaning toward that last one. Here are our best Cooper Kupp fantasy team names, because at least that’s one thing you can control.

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Names for 2023

In 2021, Cooper Kupp had the second-most receptions and receiving yards in NFL history. He needed seventeen games to do it, though,

So was it really that big of a deal?

Umm, yes – yes. It was a big deal. If you doubt me, ask anyone that drafted him. They’ll tell you exactly how big a deal it was.

Cooper Troopers

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Names - Cooper Troopers


Flip Kupp

The Cooper Bowl

After 2021, you can also use Cooper Bowl Bound and Cooper Bowl Champs.


Kupp in Smoke

Well cannabis is legal in California, so.

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Name - Kupp in Smoke

Kupps and Downs

Kupp and Running

Protective Kupp

Kupp On the Roof

If you know who The Drifters are, this Cooper Kupp fantasy name will make sense.

Red Solo Kupps

This is one of the more popular Cooper Kupp fantasy names, so I had to create a logo for this one.

Cooper D’Etat

Pimp Kupp

Loving Kupp

Gimmie a little taste.

Build Me Up, Butter Kupp

White Rice

Cooper Kupp nicknames are few and far between. But one X user did ordain Kupp with the official nickname: White Rice.

So, ultimately, I couldn’t help myself:

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Name - White Rice

Super Coopers

You’ll Never Get Me, Coopers

Kupp Jump the Boogie

If you want a Cooper Kupp name that’s a little more contemporary than either The Drifters or The Band. But not by that much.

Kupp On Cripple Creek

If you’re more into The Band than The Drifters, this Cooper Kupp fantasy football name is an option.

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Funny Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Names

Cooper Kupp is a third-generation NFL player. His dad Craig was a backup QB, and his Grandpa Jake was a Pro-Bowl offensive lineman.

I’m not saying that there’s any pressure on Cooper’s son. Cooper Jr. But if he doesn’t make it to the NFL, he’s a complete failure and traitor to the family legacy.


What’s Kuppdog? Not much, what’s Kupp with you?


Kupp, Kupp, and Away!

If the Rams are your team, be sure to check out our master list of Los Angeles Rams fantasy football names.

The Kuppside Down

Sure Kooper Cupp’s year was improbable. But hey, Stranger Things have happened.

In My Kupps

Flying the Coop

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Name - Flying the Coop


Cooper Scoopers

Coop Emojis

Buckle Up, Butter Kupp

Kupp the Creek Without a Paddle

There are way more Kupp-Up puns out there. Here are some more options:

  • Kupp and Comers
  • Kupp for Anything
  • Kupp to Date
  • Kuppbeat
  • Kupplifting
  • Kupp and At ‘Em

Kupp My Balls


This word has many, many meanings. Most of them are disgusting.

Kupp In the Air

Kupp Your Nose With a Rubber Hose

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Peanut butter kupp

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Build me up butter Kupp

Submitted by Caren
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2 girls 1 Kupp

Submitted by Pat Duquette
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One Flew Over the Cooper’s Nest

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My Kupp runneth over

Submitted by Annie
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Max 3 votes.

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

Cooper Kupp wasn’t highly recruited coming out of high school. He only ran a 4.6 forty-yard dash at the draft combine.

If anything, C.K. is living proof that you should never give up on your dreams. Lucky for you, my dream is to help you find your perfect Cooper Kupp fantasy name.

Kupp Check

My Kupp Runneth Over

I would also accept My Kupp Receiveth Over.

Coop’s On

Coop Doggy Dogg

This one has a little extra L.A. flavor, just like the Super Bowl LVI halftime show.

My Kupp of Tea

Cuppa would also work for our friends from across the pond.

Two Girls, One Kupp

Yes, this is still a thing. Unfortunately.

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

What’s my theme music?

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More Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Team Names

If you have a cool idea for a Cooper Kupp-based fantasy football name, put it in the comments. We’ll add the funnies ideas to this article.

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