Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names for 2024

Updated on March 4th, 2024 by David Sharp
Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names
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Sure, other quarterbacks have won Super Bowls and set records and all that fancy stuff. But Baker Mayfield did something even more impressive than that: he led the Browns back to respectability (even if it was short-lived).

So today, I present my list of Baker Mayfield fantasy names for your 2024 team. Call it a tribute to achieving the impossible.

The Best Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. The Fabulous Baker Boys
  2. Mischief Bakers
  3. Wake And Baker
  4. Record Baker
  5. The Bake on the Lake
  6. Code Bakers
  7. Baker’s Eleven
  8. Baker’s Dozen
  9. Catching Mayfeelings
  10. Hit the Bakes!
  11. Bake Up
  12. Take and Baker
  13. Slayfield
  14. Bake it Easy
  15. Bakes on a Plane
  16. Bend it Like Bakeham
  17. Mayfield Sweeper
  18. I Bake for Beckham
  19. Baker Maker’s Tiger-tastic Team
  20. Mayfields Good, Man

Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

The Fabulous Baker Boys

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Mischief Bakers

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Wake And Baker

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This Baker Mayfield team name is a much less subtle pot joke.

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Baker Mayfield Fantasy Team Names for 2024

These may be the best Baker Mayfield names, but I don’t think we’ve even seen the best Baker Mayfield. Is this the year he finally becomes a true force in 12-team fantasy leagues?

We can only hope.

Record Baker

The Bake on the Lake

Do people still call Cleveland the Mistake on the Lake, or are we better than that now?

Code Bakers

Baker’s Eleven

Baker’s Dozen

I think Baker’s Eleven is better. But this Baker Mayfield fantasy name is closer to the original (if that’s what matters to you).

Catching Mayfeelings

Full disclosure: I used this name before in our list of Cleveland Browns fantasy names. Check it out if you need even more options.

Hit the Bakes!

Bake Up

With this Baker Mayfield team name, you can even use the Arcade Fire for your team anthem:

Take and Baker

Take and Bake Pros: the pizza’s cheap and cooked exactly how you like it.
Take and Bake Cons: you have to leave the house to get it.


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Funny Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names

So here’s a funny story: The Browns only ended up with Mayfield because of a botched trade for A.J. McCarron. That does seem like a particularly Browns way to end up with your franchise QB.

Bake it Easy

This Baker Mayfield fantasy name could be an Eagles reference, or even a subtle pot joke if that’s your style.

Bakes on a Plane

Bend it Like Bakeham

Bakeham being the combo of Baker and Beckham, just in case that isn’t obvious.

Mayfield Sweeper

This Baker Mayfield fantasy football team name could be a noble reference to the brave people that work to clear the world of landmines. Or it could be a less-noble reference to a free PC game from the ’90s. Your call.

I Bake for Beckham

Baker Maker’s Tiger-tastic Team

This Baker Mayfield team name idea is for all the dads checking their fantasy team while the little ones watch Daniel Tiger.

Mayfields Good, Man

Baking Leaves

Bake’s in the Grass

My favorite puns are the ones that are also true. Say what you will about Baker Mayfield, but you can’t deny he spends an awful lot of time in the grass.

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Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Baker Mayfield Fantasy Names from Around the Web

The loyalty of Browns fans is incredible. No matter how badly they get hurt, they’re always ready to love again.

For their sake, I’m glad Mayfield worked out better than Kizer, Kessler, McCown, Hoyer, Campbell, Weeden…Ok, I’ll stop.

Mayfield of Dreams

I didn’t have to stop, though. Seriously, check out the franchise page and marvel at the mediocrity.

Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Name - Mayfield of Dreams

Half Baked

In the 15 years before Baker came along, the Browns had 13 different quarterbacks lead the team in passing.

Shake N Bake

Do you know who the last guy to lead the Browns in passing for at least three seasons in a row was? Tim Couch.

And remember, you can’t spell Couch without ouch.

Baker Me a Cake

So yeah, the Browns are happy to have Mayfield.

Mayfields of Gold

I didn’t even mention the Johnny Manziel disaster.

Butcher, Baker Touchdown Maker

Maybe mentioning Manziel is going a little too far. I’ll stop now.

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Baker

Having a Mayfield Day

Paddy Cakes Bakers Man

I Gotta BM

Because you’ve got a player named Baker Mayfield, and also because you’re a goon that enjoys potty humor.

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More Baker Mayfield Fantasy Names

Do you have a funny, original idea for a Baker Mayfield fantasy team name? If so, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best team names to this list.

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